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Use abomination in a sentence

Abomination Definition

  • a person who is loathsome or disgusting
  • hate coupled with disgust
    synonyms:abhorrence, detestation, execration, odium, loathing
  • an action that is vicious or vile; an action that arouses disgust or abhorrence; "his treatment of the children is an abomination"

Sentence Examples

Abominably old!

It is abominable.

The world is abominable.

Ah, what abominations!

The weather was abominably wet.

The abominable impulse was gone.

They are an abomination to me.

Gross and unmeaning abomination!

These abominations of creditors!

This abomination must have an end.

She was abominable but she was not common.

If only his head didn't ache so abominably!

How dare you write such an abominable thing!

"What an abominable row you are kicking up!"

She has treated you abominably, my poor boy.

Will you never detect that abominable crime?

Really, it’s abominable to think such things!

'Let go of me directly, you abominable child!'

All this was frightful, abominable to her now.

My bedroom reeked of abominable disinfectants.

It is truly the Abomination of Desolation.

Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord.

Sawdust in a cat’s cage is an abomination.

Meat of any kind is an abomination to them.

The abomination changed into deliciousness.

The abominations of vice are not concealed.

His great height was a crowning abomination.

His life had been but a sin, an abomination.

How abominably ignorant you merchant marine men are!

In some houses washing day is an abomination.

Potatoes cooked in grease are an abomination.

Feminine tears are an abomination to most men.

Stuff gowns that do not wash are abominations.

You're an abomination in the eyes of the Lord!

"I have said my say, and you are behaving abominably."

The abomination of desolation reigns on every side.

I will not suffer this abomination to be practiced.

Have you seen such abominations with your own eyes?

We have still work to do to escape this abomination!

Every abomination is again reproduced upon the stage.

It is an abomination to every self-respecting person.

The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to him.

She was to be the outcast and the abomination at last.

To others, it seems the very abomination of desolation.

They would die rather than change these ordered abominations.

She was as true as she was unique in this age of abominations.

The abomination of coming desolation overwhelmed both of them.

Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord.

They pour the stench of their abomination on every wave of air.

Has she your sanction for this accursed abomination?

If this be not an abomination, I should be glad to know what is.

They took pleasure in all manner of wickedness and abominations.

Until you do that, your charities are abominations in his sight.

Abomination of desolation presides over nine-tenths of the place.

He calls their prayers a weariness, their incense an abomination.

I grant I do not profess chastity—but, yet I use not abomination.

To go about dissipating at nights was an abomination in his eyes.

He dropped cigars, and medical students, and similar abominations.

This is one of the abominations that we have seen since that time.