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Use abrasive in a sentence

Abrasive Definition

  • (noun) a substance that abrades or wears down
  • (adjective) causing abrasion

Sentence Examples

He was abrasive, nasty, and didn’t know what he was doing.

An austenitic case is not necessarily file hard, but has a very great resistance to abrasive wear.

It is harder than emery, and is used as an abrasive.

The abrasive trade in general uses low-silica high-iron bauxites.

The commemoration of their national ancestor’s exile had absolutely doubled their existing abrasiveness.

A healthy animal eating such food with very slight bruises or abrasions of the mouth will contract the disease very readily.

A wearing off or abrasion of the skin.

Alumina is the principal constituent of bauxite, the ore of aluminum, and of the natural abrasives, emery and corundum.

Carborundum is used as an abrasive, that is, as a material for grinding and polishing very hard substances.

Extreme care should be taken that no abrasive substance gets into the cylinders or valve guides.

Frequent lifting of the stopper is necessary during grinding, in order to allow fresh supplies of abrasive material to reach the contacts.

From the witch hazel plant was made a mild alcoholic astringent, which was probably used to clean cuts and sooth abrasions.

Great quantities are used as a flux in smelting, as abrasives, and in the manufacture of glass and porcelain.

His abrasive voice matched his heavy features and rotund body.

I also gathered many pumice fragments, worn by abrasion into balls and egg-shaped masses.

I felt a huge bump, but the abrasion of the skin was, I discovered, only slight.

If this estimate was correct, it would show an abrasion equivalent to nearly one foot of the whole surface of the Canadian Fall.

In addition to these, it is supposed that there have been unobserved abrasions by piecemeal that equaled all the others.

It is not easily decontaminated by abrasive techniques.

No amount of the hardest known abrasive will even roughen its surface.

No doubt its only use was as an abrasive, after being pounded fine.

Rubbing Stones This class includes small flat cobbles, showing abrasive wear on one or both faces.

She disguised her bruised cheek as best she could, dabbed a little powder on the abrasion on her chin, and tramped militantly down the stairs.

Some toxic materials are readily removed with no more than slight abrasion or brushing.

Superficial-contused wounds may be an abrasion to the skin or mucous surface.

The abrasive generally used is a paste made of medium or fine emery and lard oil or kerosene.

The biggest criticism that I have received is that I am at times abrasive.

The efficiency of ice in this process is greatly increased by the presence of rock fragments which act as abrasives.

The inner walls are lined with hard abrasive surfaces.

The most efficient scourer is that which frees the wheat from the greatest amount of impurity with a minimum of abrasion.

The spot on the back of the head, she found, was a mere abrasion, as he had said.

The sudden arrest of his motion, the abrasion of one of his hands on the gravel, restored him, and he wept with delight.

The use of improper abrasive material is a fertile cause of failure to obtain a satisfactory seating.

The wall showed an abrasion, but, as the investigator expected, no bullet hole.

They show the powerful abrasive action of the wind.

Use a quick cutting, dry, abrasive wheel.

“Where is the abrasion or the swelling?”