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Absolutism Definition

A form of government system in which the ruler is an absolute dictator. The belief of an absolute being.
Dominance through threat of punishment and violence.
synonyms: tyranny, monocracy, despotism, totalism, totalitarianism.

Sentence Examples

People turned against economic absolutism.

Twenty years of absolutism cannot suddenly be replaced by the democratic way of holding counsel.

Absolutism was no longer a thing of law.

His one object was unlimited absolutism.

Had absolutism been firmly rooted in Virginia, the Stuart Kings might have tried to set it up in all the colonies.

It is obvious that the method of police absolutism is open to very great abuse.

On July 14, 1789, the Bastille, an old royal prison, symbol of the king's absolutism, was stormed by a Paris crowd and destroyed.

Roman civilization under the Caesars was a centralized absolutism with a large measure of peripheral deviation and autonomy.

Reason had again triumphed over absolutism.

Nor could they deny that Absolutism was an obstacle to the development both of capitalist industry and of Socialism.

After 1278, however, the personal influence of the emperors grew further towards absolutism and in times became pure despotism.

The law of economic evolution was inexorable and inescapable; the capitalist system could not grow within the narrow confines of Absolutism.

In many ways the later years of his reign were marked with all the signs of absolutism.

In short, it was a testimony for constitutional government in opposition to absolutism.

Not only was the Romanov dynasty ended, but equally so was monarchical Absolutism itself.

It was a government combining the theory of absolutism with the practice of public responsibility.

Had absolutism won in England, its victory in the colony would have been certain.

It knows you are planning a world federation of states, based on the principles of absolutism and aristocracy.

The result of these councils was merely to confirm the absolutism of papal authority.

The king and the church combined fought this new literature, because it had a tendency to endanger absolutism.

It taught that absolutism of any class, if unchecked, must lead sooner or later to the destruction of all authority.

One of the characteristics of this cult was the belief that the monarch was the incarnation of the divine spirit, a belief which gave a moral justification to absolutism.

Louis XV held strongly to absolutism, but lacked the power to render it attractive and magnificent.

The severe blow given to absolutism and exclusive privilege in church and state settled forever the theory of the divine right of kings and prelates to govern.

All parties in Russia united against absolutism.

It had been so long taught, by theocratic absolutism, that it must not think or reason for itself, that it had lost the power of reasoning on the great problems of life.

To this, in large measure, may be attributed the sufferings through which Spain has passed in the transition from absolutism to modern conditions.

The war in Manchuria makes an end of absolutism in Russia, whoever has got to perish from the shock behind a rampart of dead ukases, manifestoes, and rescripts.

In conformity with the undisguised absolutism of his rule, Diocletian assumed the divine title of Jovius, and that of Herculius was bestowed upon Maximian.

And we must level it up, not down; for although a form of democracy may exist temporarily among individuals equally ignorant or degraded, the advent of a single person more advanced in the scale of ability, quickly transforms it into absolutism.

The serf, in the period of serfdom, raised himself to membership in the commune, just as the petty bourgeois, under the yoke of feudal absolutism, managed to develop into a bourgeois.

To revert to the illustration used in connection with the discussion of Absolutism, to lie in order to save a life would, on this basis, be construed as good rather than evil.

Surely not and surely, too, the remedy for absolutism lies in calling these same minorities to council.

And still Dewey finds the medieval Absolutism in many respects more merciful than the Absolutism of modern philosophy.

A Constituent Assembly was to be held and that was bound to intensify the differences which had been temporarily composed during the struggle to overthrow the system of Absolutism.

Absolutism was dying hard, clinging to its powers with remarkable tenacity.

Absolutism as a legal institution was dead.

Absolutism was illegal now.

This civic freedom Absolutism had sanctioned.

In the Manifesto all the old arrogance of Absolutism reappeared.

Rome entered the picture when the forces of political absolutism based upon an agriculture operated by serfs and slaves had fought themselves to a standstill and exhausted their historical usefulness.

The resulting absolutism with its immense structure of wealth production and its well-organized military arm, imposes conformity to its decrees, servility, peonage and even slavery on the working masses.

They had only a worldly object in view, seeking to gloss over the prevailing rottenness by transferring the papal power to the high ecclesiastics, substituting the rule of an aristocratic hierarchy for papal absolutism.

It was said that the third Ivan had been a crafty opportunist but also a wise man who, although he did nothing to abolish absolutism, effected a bloody reformation in which the hair-splitting Marxist dogmatics had been purged.

The absolutism of the Great King of Persia is the model for minor courts of viceroys and their queens who demand of their subjects and captives the obeisance that they must render to their Super-Ruler.

Let us admit that the great revolution of the eighteenth century, which by measures of merciless terror destroyed the rule of absolutism, of feudalism, and of clericalism, really prepared the way for more peaceful and milder solutions of social problems.