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Use acuity in a sentence

Definition of acuity:

  • (noun) sharp-sightedness | keenness, acuteness, sharpness | keenness, acuteness, sharpness

Sentence Examples:

In either case the acuteness of hearing of the applicant is measured by the ability to promptly and correctly report sounds at various known ranges, the acuity of the normal ear under precisely similar conditions having been previously determined.

In glaucoma simplex, which is largely devoid of marked congestive periods (acute attacks), a surprisingly high degree of acuity of vision may exist with a deep excavation and pale nerve.

An animal which preserves its existence by successful avoidance of its enemies would not be greatly benefited by a more transparent crystalline lens if the vitreous humor of its eye were slightly opaque; and even if all the parts of the eye were perfectly co-ordinated, increased acuity of vision would not greatly help it if its limbs were not able to respond all the more quickly to the more acute sensation.