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Use ad-hoc in a sentence

Definition of ad hoc:

  • (adjective) For a particular purpose.
  • (adverb) for one specific case; "they were appointed ad hoc"

Sentence Examples:

The analysis is strictly ad hoc.

Large prints are necessarily developed in a fumigating box made ad hoc.

No elaboration of statute law can forestall variant cases and the need of interpretation ad hoc.

The justice in the peace was criminal justice, justice ad hoc rather than impartial equity.

The President reviewed the ad hoc committee's findings and approved the recommendations for Federal action.

The witnesses against him were two forgers, released ad hoc from prison, his own witnesses were hundreds.

On the fourth day, a provisional committee, appointed ad hoc, met in the Yard about the middle of the afternoon.

As in the case of Bismarck, I propose to exclude as far as possible anything written ad hoc, or since the war.

Only I want to be able to keep reading ad hoc all winter, as it seems about all I shall be fit for.

And a cargo derrick is very much like a crane; but a crane devised ad hoc would be infinitely easier to work.

Some training conferences are convened ad hoc in a promising area; others continue from year to year under the government or related organizations.

And here, very properly, the skeptic steps in and riddles the ad hoc metaphysic of the dogmatist with unanswerable objections.

It is like driving off a fly during sleep, we awake ad hoc, and when we resume our sleep we have removed the disturbance.

He wanted to win, to be told that he'd win, and to have all the rules altered ad hoc to assure his winning.

The only difference would be that their army or their police force would be ad hoc, instead of being permanent and professional.

This ad hoc collection of operatives he had brought along was going to start getting edgy, more so as the hours ticked by.

To establish an international court ad hoc, in the middle of the war, and ask it to settle the new questions as they arise?

Parallel to the standard experience, there is also a deviant practice of sports (nonstandard), in forms of individual rules, ad hoc conventions, private competition.

The temperance party, although on the whole preferring ad hoc Boards, would gladly have accepted the proposals, but for the compensation clauses.

Now follows an explanation, theoretically constructed and correct ad hoc, the hollowness of which is, however, characteristic of all similar attempts at explanation.

For instance, he institutionalized the assize for a specific function in judicial proceedings, whereas before it had been an ad hoc body used for various purposes.

A new experience, significant in itself at formal levels corresponding to the constitution of ad hoc languages and their consumption in the act, becomes possible.

A law officer of the Crown, appointed ad hoc, attends every meeting of the local Diet, and can veto debate upon questions beyond its legislative sphere.

During the summer of 1980, the participants in this review prepared working papers on relevant issues and problem areas for the consideration of the ad hoc committee.

Shortly after my arrival and most kindly reception by the old gentleman, who had come up from the country expressly ad hoc, dinner was served.

Webb would have been throwing away much of her available resources if she had not used the device of a new organization to agitate for the Minority Report ad hoc.

I had an intuitive grasp on how to wield the ad hoc power, but I did not grasp that it was the power which was actually wielding me.

It sometimes happens that a combination of circumstances throws the need of the disinherited into sharp relief, and the ensuing ferment creates the leader ad hoc, as it were.

According to him, the monarchical Episcopate sprang from the officials who were appointed ad hoc and for a time, for the purpose of promoting intercourse with other churches.

This latter operation is performed, kneeling, by means of a stone ad hoc, and damp cloths that are dipped in a pail of water and wrung out with the hands.

They created ad hoc bodies to deal with education, simply because government was then so undeveloped in this country that there was no other body to which it could be entrusted.

No advice, properly so-called, can be given on these points, because they depend on the special circumstances of every eclipse, and must be ascertained ad hoc from the Nautical Almanac.

Society, or else some new body appointed ad hoc, before I do anything for any one place, as, in all probability, I shall not, myself, work in so much detail for any.

Here we are, all eyes, like potatoes in the cooking pot aforesaid, trying to peep through a slit where the lid is raised a few inches, ad hoc, as these blasted politicians like to say.

By saying that the moral training of the school is formal, I mean that the moral habits currently emphasized by the school are habits which are created, as it were, ad hoc.

I wrote a few months ago in the book kept at the hotel, ad hoc that I had climbed the Castle Rock more than sixty years ago, and had now repeated the feat.

One of the reasons we are here today is due to a succession of events that since the introduction of the computer have shaped an ad hoc anarchism, a laissez-faire attitude toward privacy and security.

It is not unknown for government officials to shift their rivalries from the conference room to the press, and to provide on-the-record or off-the-record materials which are in effect ad hoc propaganda campaigns.

Both were "engineered" on grounds shamelessly manufactured ad hoc by interested parties; in the one case by a coterie of dynastic statesmen, in the other by a junta of commercial adventurers and imperialistic politicians.

An ad hoc authority by its very nature is necessarily weaker than an authority entrusted not merely with the care of a single interest but with the care of the public interests as a whole.

For the reasons explained, we find in many countries that the relief of destitution and child-protection are associated throughout extensive areas, and even that special ad hoc local authorities exist to deal with these matters.

If evidence came up that would tend to show that one of his pet theories was utter hogwash, he'd come up with an ad hoc explanation which showed that this particular bit of evidence was an exception.

In my own particular division, a body organized ad hoc is moving heaven and earth to get the seven seats filled by seven gentlemen, four of whom are good Churchmen, and three no less good Dissenters.

Of the members so nominated not more than two-thirds should be officials, and the elected element should be elected ad hoc by the elected members of the council on the system of the transferable vote.

It is one of the very many attempts, so curiously characteristic of these speculative and impatient times of ours, to discount the future; to make a place, ad hoc, instead of letting it gradually develop, in response to requirements.

When every corner of the house had been allocated, and still more people whose claims could not be ignored had to be got in somehow, three or four empty bedrooms at the Vicarage were commandeered, and furnished ad hoc.

There is of course nothing in essence which an intellect postulated ad hoc would not be able to apprehend; but the kind of intellect we know of and possess is an expression of vital adjustments, and is tethered to nature.

Schopenhauer no doubt possessed a very keen sense for music, but his theoretical education was of the slightest, and his further remarks make the impression of his having read up ad hoc some theoretical writer of his time.

Of this liberty we can never be deprived even by a veto of authors ad hoc, and, as already stated, the free exercise of it is a far more important constituent in the manufacture of literary opinion than printed notices of books.

In the evening, a lamp placed on a support ad hoc, in the center of the apparatus, suffices to light it up very clearly, and a number of persons may conveniently assemble round it, and witness the effects produced.

Just what institutions we find in any particular country will naturally depend upon how in that country the individual executive and administrative functions are allotted to the various municipal authorities, district councils, and such ad hoc authorities as may exist.

All potions and amatory concoctions, therefore, either alluded to or described in greater detail in this present conspectus, are treated from an academic or historical or solely informative viewpoint, not as ad hoc specifics for any physiologically amatory condition whatever.

In great measure the glory had departed from the house-boats, every one poured into the town by train or car, and the growth of ad hoc riverside clubs had reduced the number of punts and canoes on the river itself.

It is an advantage that he should be able to represent himself as a 'local candidate,' but his local character should be ad hoc, and should consist in the hiring of a large house each year in which he lives a life of carefully dramatized hospitality.

The first of these was Brougham's valuable bill constituting a permanent "judicial committee of the privy council," and transferring to it the judicial functions theoretically belonging to "the king in council," but practically exercised by committees selected ad hoc on each occasion.

The course of study in any subject consists in the scholar getting up a textbook written ad hoc by the professor of that subject, in which alone he is examined for his certificate or diploma, and outside of which he is not expected to travel.

Just as you camouflage your real guns and expose dummy guns, so you would obliterate from the Press all trace of your real elections and offer to view, at the times that best suited, dummy elections, ad hoc elections, complete in all their parts.

And if it is seriously contended that a body ought to be specially elected to deal with education alone, because the issues at a general municipal election may be confused, why not carry the principle further and have ad hoc bodies for each branch of local activity?

Suppose they should be both invited for the purpose of settling the dispute to become members ad hoc, and one of them accepted the invitation and the other refused, would the dispute then be considered as being a dispute between a Member and a non-Member?

At the same time, the essence of eclecticism is the refusal to follow blindly one set of formulae and conventions, coupled with a determination to recognize and select from all sources those elements which are good or true in the abstract, or in practical affairs most useful ad hoc.

The education of juvenile criminals differs but little from the education of the children cared for by the Poor Law authorities; and thus the question arises whether the care of juvenile criminals necessitates the existence of ad hoc boards to administer this special department of the criminal law.

Whitehead, in his book Science and the Modern World, where, in view of the contradictory nature of modern physical theories, he insists that 'if science is not to degenerate into a medley of ad hoc hypotheses, it must become philosophical and enter upon a thorough criticism of its own foundations'.

The skill and the amusement consisted in following the labyrinthine windings of these, which are exceedingly numerous on the chalk downs, in such sort as to capture the inmate and her brood without injuring her, and carry her home in triumph to be kept in cages provided ad hoc.

Thomas, and others, convinces me that the extreme artificiality of the class system is due partly to a want of understanding of the entire facts, and partly to the ad hoc adoption by the natives themselves of new plans to meet difficulties which must arise out of a too close adhesion to their rules.

I may remark here that many of the most vocal and active among us, and especially the Germans, have been overmuch disposed to study science ad hoc, for its commercial and military value, though here, as elsewhere one must be tolerant and each follow his own taste, seeking light, more light.

It must remain an open question whether such a council was permanent, its members being chosen for life, or whether it was such an assembly as might be called together, ad hoc, from time to time, whether the number of its members was fixed, and on what conditions and by whom they were appointed.

With the competent dexterity of an old money changer she fingers them, turns them over, throws them on the floor, and armed with a little mallet ad hoc, rings them vigorously against her ear, singing the while I know not what little pensive, birdlike song, which I dare say she improvises as she goes along.

In considering these literate definitions, we can see that they apply to the situation of the current traditional family as well, in which father and mother both work, in which a child may live with and be cared for by a parent's second or third spouse, in which distance from or lack of blood relations calls for ad hoc relatives.

I know that some members of the government were very averse to this disposal of the library: they thought, and strongly represented, that a royal residence should, not be without a library; and that this particular collection, made especially ad hoc, should not have been, on any pretence, and above all on one so occasional and trivial, diverted from its original destination.

The experience of the Victorian peace is almost as pointed in its suggestion on this head as if it had been an experiment made ad hoc; but with the reservation that the scale of economic life, after all, was small in the Victorian era, and its pace was slack, compared with what the twentieth century should have to offer under suitable conditions of peace and pecuniary security.

One feature which rendered this exposure peculiarly distressing was the necessity of ratification, when all the foul or incriminating matter was rehearsed in the presence of two more men and, as much of this testimony was taken on the spot, by commissioners and notaries appointed ad hoc, in small places where everything was known, such revelations would only be made under the severest pressure.

An independent chairman usually has a casting vote, which practically makes him an umpire in case of equal voting, but where there is no outside chairman there is often provision for reference of cases on which the board cannot agree to an umpire, who may either be a permanent officer of the board elected for a period of time (as in the case of several of the boards in the boot and shoe trade), or selected ad hoc by the board or appointed by some outside person or body.