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Use adios in a sentence

Definition of adios:

  • (noun) a farewell remark

Sentence Examples:

Stranger, adios!'

For the present, adios.

I have come to say 'adios.'

They bade us adios, and asked us to come again.

We have already said our adios, my dear young friend.

And now for a brief time I bid you adios.

If you want to come along, all right; if not adios!

How came Juanita to leave for home without bidding him adios?

On the veranda Juanita stood alone and waved an adios to him.

"Good luck," he whispered, "and if my plans fail, adios forever."

It's "adios" to liberty an' peace an' safety from that time.'

The adios was soon said, and I started for the street again.

"Will say adios to you; and Mexico's freedom may take care of itself."

And as the young folks rode away she waved them a pleasant adios.

I will now bid you adios, and thank you for having received me.

Well, adios; I'll say this much, you've been the jolliest party this season.

What's more, if word of the Beta gets out, we can kiss the buyout adios.

The sun had crossed the noonday meridian when the final adios was given.

When we waved our pious monitor adios and resumed our journey, it was still early morning.

He quieted her by pointing at the sun as an indication that it was time to say adios.

Horses were ready in the corral, and saying adios to the fat family, we galloped, away.

We saluted them graciously, by hoisting the American ensign over the Mexican, and thus bid them adios.

We bade each other many adios, and I went on my way, soon catching up with the little party.

Shaking hands, and bidding us a very earnest adios, he put spurs to his horse and galloped away.

In accordance with this resolution, at an early hour we bade adios to our hosts and set out up the river.

Bidding my worthy friend a kindly "adios," I mounted the mule and pursued my journey toward San Luis.

As the boat drew out the two rejected men bade the Americans an ironical "adios," and one spat in the stream.

Two of the men at once gathered in the lines of the spare horses, waved an adios, and went north at a gallop.

After writing him a good reference, I paid him off, and, with a last adios left the poor boy alone in his dismal cell.

They filled the forward decks, and gay and lively was their company as they waved their adios to their shouting friends ashore.

When the voice trailed into a mournful, minor "Adios, adios," a robin down in the orchard added a brief, throaty note of his own.

Without doubt one of the approaching party was the same Mexican who had so airily bidden our friends "adios," on the occasion of his first visit.

"Adios, adios," he exclaims and hops on like a frog amid the bare brown feet of the Indians and the polished boots of Mexicans and Americans.

For a while, the schooner was held by a hawser till we saw the flames spread from stern to cut-water, and then, with a cheer, adios!

The invalid gazed at the window for some minutes, expecting the return of the beautiful apparition, then as if he had given up all hope, he called out a "gracias-adios!"

When we were all in line, and marching to the ship, he waved me an adios with a beer towel from his doorway, and reminded me not to forget what he had said.

I see him dying, two score and three years ago, with his honest homely face illuminated, as he smiles his "adios" to all about him and sinks gently into his last, long, dreamless sleep.

However, I paid him a dollar to have them caught, and upon bidding adios I gave him a souvenir from the thick lash of my riding-whip, which was no doubt serviceable to other travelers who have succeeded me.

We, however, insisted upon her receiving a dollar from each of us (dos pesos), which she finally accepted; and after shaking us cordially by the hand she bade us an affectionate adios, and we proceeded on our journey.

When the engine whistled, and his comrades, who had come to see him off, standing on the platform, waved their adios, he went and sat in a corner of the carriage, wrapped up in his cloak, feigning to sleep, in order better to abandon himself to his painful, gloomy thoughts.

Monterey, before the war, contained about five hundred people, but on our advent there was scarcely a native to be seen: all the men had gone to join their belligerent friends in the southern provinces, leaving their property and dwellings to be guarded by their wives and dogs; even their ladies bore us no good will, and our salutations were returned by a surly adios, extorted from closed teeth and scowling faces.