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Affiliation Definition

A social or business relationship.
The act of becoming formally connected or joined.

Sentence Examples

My affiliations with various syndicates enabled me to draw the necessary deductions.

We all learned to respect and so to love one another more—indeed, lifelong friendships were developed and that irrespective of our hereditary credal affiliations.

The religious affiliations of the people follow very closely their ethnic differentiations.

With this difference, the complexities of the affiliation begin and end.

Just as the Eskimo graduate in the American Indian, so do they pass into the populations of North-eastern Asia—language being the instrument which the present writer has more especially employed in their affiliation.

Informative as the meetings were, of equal importance was the bond of friendship and professional affiliation which the farmer's clubs fostered.

The proposition has been placed before you as to whether or not you wish to continue our affiliation with the American Fruit Grower magazine.

Also, the affiliations and connections of his family in Maryland made his defection greatly to be desired.

I should again call attention to our affiliation with the American Horticultural Society.

Now the closest affiliation is with history, now with pastoral poetry, now with philosophy.

To me, however, this novelette finds its closest affiliation in another successor.

A careful study of these survivals or atrophied forms is not without value for the reconstruction of the earlier history of a language or for suggestive hints as to its remoter affiliations.

Similar affiliations were later made among other colleges, including the North Dakota Agricultural College, where the Wesley College buildings are now used for an interdenominational school of religion.

I didn't admire Paul's affiliations, but he had warned me—he had tried to save my life—and I wanted to thank him.

Washington thought this an ominous sign, as indeed it was, for since the moment when he joined the Revolution he threw off all local affiliation.

He knew what she meant to do—to tell her story to the police, to expose all the criminal acts and affiliations of the bona fide Rat, and to lead them to the Rat’s den, and expose the secrets that she had so often hinted were hidden there.

By the magic of political affiliations between attorney and magistrate, Irene was returned the ransom jewelry and her two prisoners were freed.

He had no intention of wasting his life, but he saw that he must have time and quiet to find his bearings and make those necessary affiliations with society without which a man is rootless driftage.

Naturally, individuals with different affiliations will be sensible of the pressure in different ways, and may differ widely in their conceptions of the obligations actually laid upon the individual by the will of the greater organism of which he is a part.

Most of the benefit societies are small local societies without national affiliation, often not observing good insurance principles and without the needed succession of young lives.

The judge takes the name, residence, party affiliation and citizenship, and may also inquire as to any other matter that would affect his or her right to vote at an election.

The way in which this affection is manifested and the goals it strives for will depend on the personal affiliations of the two parties involved.

And I say that such a man should be kicked out of all affiliation with the labor movement, here or elsewhere!

The instincts of youth spring to inhale it; youth feels affiliation with it, for art and poesy, like nature, are ever self-renewing and never grow old.

Likewise people who join the Faith must have the courage and conviction to leave their political affiliations behind.

Through these affiliations, they keep up to date with digital preservation developments.

This enthusiasm towards 'extra-curricular' activities sometimes translates into political affiliation.

Reactionary Affiliation is cosmopolitan.

Geography mirrored a tormented topography of mentalities, religious persuasions and political affiliations.

Race is such a transcendent parameter and so are gender, familial affiliation or contacts and influence.

Narrow casting replaces broadcasting, mass customisation replaces mass production, a network of shifting affiliations replaces the rigid owned-branch system.

It is known that these forces may be metamorphosed; for instance, nervous force may be converted into electricity, electricity into heat, and heat into motion, thus illustrating their affiliation and capability of transformation.