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Use alter-ego in a sentence

Definition of alter ego:

  • (noun) a very close and trusted friend who seems almost a part of yourself | Somebody's alternate personality or persona; another self.

Sentence Examples:

His alter ego.

He is your alter ego.

George is my alter ego.

For use with Alter egos.

And now for the alter ego.

My alter ego laughed in my face.

Want to hear what your alter ego did?

My alter ego will not regret it.

Is that supposed to be a joke, alter ego?

She was her father's managing clerk and alter ego.

A man does not have a species as his alter ego.

There is the real Ego, and there is the Alter Ego.

And could he be an alter ego, even if I wished it?

Come, bring me my Memoirs, that alter ego whose confidant, idol and muse you are.

His wife became his alter ego for press relations, and important in her own right.

Once having established contact, it was as though I became the alter ego of this mysterious correspondent.

Instead, tell me whether you would be willing to part with your, shall I say alter ego?

Diplomacy was personal in that the ambassador was held to be an alter ego of the monarch.

She was his shadow, his alter ego, his servant, his anything he wanted her to be.

Ronnie was my alter ego till I was fourteen: so much so that I had no other friend.

Shakespeare simply could not find any valid reason why his alter ego, Brutus, should kill Caesar.

Your alter ego is on this very veranda more angry than it is well for a woman to be.

Playing the alter ego role requires some insight and skill, but it is highly effective when well done.

She'd have knowledge; she'd have the memory of her past few days of existence as his alter ego.

The argument was a good one, as the Ambassador is always regarded as the alter ego of his Sovereign.

Since she could not marry him, C?line wanted Mademoiselle to do so, for Mademoiselle was her alter ego.

The next thing, and you'll be declaring I have some rhetorical alter ego manufacturing my manuscripts for me!

How he is going to leave it to himself when his alter ego is not in existence, I don't know.

Navarre, for forty years the head gamekeeper of the domain, was his master's right hand, his alter ego.

Altogether, he is as miserable and forlorn a wretch as one would care to see, and his alter ego is hypocrisy.

Harley had connections with American millionaires; most of all, he was the alter ego of a powerful congressional figure.

Alter Ego of this city was killed by the explosion of a kerosene lamp while at work in his room.

Wills, who afterwards became his alter ego at the office of his own weekly journal and his intimate personal friend.

And, as he had insisted, she became automatically a pawn in his hand, his alter ego for destruction and misery.

From what I can gather from my alter ego, they checked Alex's brain and didn't like what they saw.

Our relations with a friend are much like those with our own selves; the true friend is a sort of alter ego.

Her tiny alter ego had dropped from those destructive jaws and was dragging itself slowly back to the dispatch.

A handle evolved into a name laden with innate meaning, though the personality reflected in it might well have been an alter ego.

There might be complicated crossings in love, wherein one would be jealous of his alter ego, and conflicting ambitions of exciting character.

The tower's reflection shimmered in the still dark waters of the canal like an alter ego extending deep into the liquid depths.

He usually made it of no great dimensions, as he did not believe that the alter ego, or soul, was of any great size.

She will represent me to the great world of society when I am hard at work; she will be my veritable Alter Ego.

He is thus a sort of confidential secretary to the general, preparing for him all important correspondence and serving as an alter ego.

His Excellency is no more than Jones, and the Representative or Alter Ego of Royalty mildly asks little favors of the junior clerks.

The worthy Mexican was the devoted friend, the alter ego, and moreover the lieutenant of Tom Mitchell, who wholly confided in him.

All we knew and all we seemed to care to know was that at last each had found the "alter ego" for which it pined.

There were differences of character in that royal family, and so the alter ego which dwells alongside of us may be virtuous or very much the reverse.

It is the love of an "alter ego," a second self, a twin soul, which more than anything else is able to heighten and deepen our consciousness of life.

The fellowship between them soon became peculiarly intimate, and it was the mother's joy to find her alter ego in the daughter who bore her name.

Identification of a Chinese alter ego enables Chambers to claim a kind of diplomatic immunity for both his enthusiasms and his judgments against the English style.

An interesting variant is to ask if another couple will volunteer to sit with the couple involved in dialogue, and to function as alter egos (Latin for "other selves").

How fortunate you are in having such a skilled colleague ; it must be a real comfort to you to have an entomological alter ego, and yet such a charming companion.

I see him often at Cartwright's, who is his alter ego; also I know and like Miss Ogle, who wrote that (I hear) exceedingly remarkable novel, "A Lost Love."

Why not challenge this alter ego, this mean and treacherous caricature of his manhood, and prove in the grapple that he was the master of his earthly self?

The unlimited vizier, often afterwards called the grand vizier, exercised full authority and was the alter ego of the caliph, to whom he was required only to report.

He kept, as all of us do who are good for anything, a certain alter ego, a higher voice, a purer sense, a vein which fashion cannot leech, or false shame tourniquet.

Punch begs to say that "the gentleman with knowledge of business" seems to be anxious to act as an alter ego to a serious (not a jocular) firm "capable of giving profits."

If she has to form a judgment upon documents submitted to her, there is no one so close to her and so independent of all other influences as to be truly an alter ego.

"Now," questioned his alter ego, "how do I determine how much of that money stays in the bank as profit, and how much has to be checked out right away for expenses?"

The alter ego on each side listens carefully to what is going on, and intervenes from time to time to verbalize deeper levels of communication and interaction that are not being expressed in words.

Nicholas Rubinstein alone, felt some secret, uncorroborated doubts about the character of the boy; but he was too doubtful of his perceptions not to abuse even his own alter ego for a pessimistic cynic.

"I don't know anything about alter ego, but I know I shall miss you dreadfully," said Bessie, throwing down her brush as the thought of Hugh's departure came into her mind with vivid distinctness.

Frenchwomen are superior to those of England or Germany, and, indeed, to any other women, in being able not only to assist man, but to become his companion, his friend, his partner, his alter ego.

She has a friend, an alter ego, whose kind of service to her is expressed by her first utterance in the story; and with this, which introduces her, we may leave her most fitly.

George certainly had every right to a charming wife, but he himself would never have imagined the important little woman in the aggressively Parisian dress the partner for life, the alter ego, of a man of letters.

A signet ring was valuable in itself, and, as far as an inanimate object could be, was an "alter ego" of the sovereign; it scarcely ever left his finger, and when it did, it carried with it the authority of its owner.

Time and time again he had watched its steady climb higher and higher in the western sky, its transient rule there as evening star, its progression toward the horizon, and loved it equally in its alter ego of morning star.

Any important accession to knowledge respecting the sun, for example, may be expected to cast a reflected light on the still obscure subject of terrestrial magnetism; while discoveries in magnetism or its alter ego electricity must profoundly affect solar inquiries.

Without so much as a farewell word to his Alter Ego, the gaseous and now ghastly gentleman was violently lifted from the perpendicular and suddenly bent in a curve corresponding to the arc of that electrical circle in which he revolved.

When he discovered that Deirdre had entered his mind he had been so utterly horrified over the prospect of her running into his depraved alter ego that he had unconsciously concealed her presence from himself by supplying her with a fictitious identity.

A voice of an alter ego that was fettered in a private chamber in the cellar of her mind shrieked stridently that this was no child of her own, and it had been for this reason that she had dropped him from her life suddenly.

There, I say it openly, I love her as the sweetest, most innocent girl I ever met; but instead of all going well, I am greeted as an impostor, and told that the young lady betrothed to me is engaged to another gentleman, my alter ego.

And, lastly, the habit of confuting your past self, and detecting the causes and occasions of your having mistaken or overlooked the truth, will give you both a quickness and a winning kindness, resulting from sympathy, in exposing the errors of others, as if you were an alter ego, of his mistake.

Nowhere in the "scenario" is the artist's pleasure in his work expressed more finely than in the passage in which Henry James describes his hero at the crisis of his experience, when the latter begins to feel that he is under the observation of his alter ego, and is being vaguely threatened.

The first work which can be included in the great period of Elizabethan literature is the "Shepherd's Calendar," where Spenser is still in a partly imitative stage; and it is Chaucer whom he imitates and extols in his poem, and whom his alter ego, the mysterious "E.K.," extols in preface and notes.

His own dream existence gave him seeming proof of the existence of an alter ego, a spiritual portion of himself that could dissever itself from his body and wander at will; his scientific inductions seemed to tell him of a world of invisible beings, capable of influencing him for good or ill.

How many of us can say of our most intimate alter ego, leaving alone friends of the outer circle, that he is the man we should have chosen, as embodying the net result after adding up all the points in human nature that we love, and principles we hold, and subtracting all that we hate?

Another bird that is occasionally borne to us on the crest of the cold waves from the frozen zone, and that is repeated on a smaller scale in a permanent resident, is the pine grosbeak; his alter ego, reduced in size, is the purple finch, which abounds in the higher latitudes of the temperate zone.

A spiritual or self-conscious being is one who can find himself, nay who can find himself only, in the life of others: and when he does so find himself, there is no natural desire which for itself he needs to renounce as impure; no natural desire which may not become the expression of the better self, which is ego and alter ego in one.

Well, what I want is that once he has the extraordinary experience (the experience within the experience) of his being under observation by his alter ego, once he has had it in an acute form and connected it wonderingly with some cause, he feels liable to it again if the same kind of cause shall recur; which by the time the phenomenon takes place has for him much more, as I have said above, a suggestion of menace than a suggestion of relief.