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Use anecdotal in a sentence

Definition of anecdotal:

  • (adjective) having the character of an anecdote; "anecdotal evidence"
  • (adjective) characterized by or given to telling anecdotes; "anecdotal conversation";

Sentence Examples:

She was surprised to see him so unstudied, so uncritical, so humorously anecdotal.

Little anecdotal stories of a sprightly character, likewise made their appearance in Spanish literature at this period.

Information on the diets of other seabirds in the region is fragmentary and sometimes rather anecdotal.

This short anecdotal story would allow a certain scope for mimicry and a crude art of elocution.

He himself was a cordial man, mustached and anecdotal, who assumed rather more confidence than he actually felt.

"This is a magnificent production of his, abounding with fine pictures, beautifully reproduced, and teeming with fine descriptive touches and bright anecdotal matter."

He came into the room as chirpy and anecdotal as usual, in no way discountenanced or put about by the presence of his venerable and illustrious sitter.

It is, therefore, doubly reliable as a contribution to the antiquarian, topographical, anecdotal, pictorial, and descriptive history of an interesting locality, executed by a writer who is 'to the manner born.'

A dignitary, well known for his conversational and anecdotal powers, told me that he once heard a very flowery preacher exclaim, when alluding to the destruction of the Assyrian host.

He even pictured a future home, so peaceful, so lovingly home-like, that not even the tolerably frequent visits of Lambert in his gorgeous array and most anecdotal mood should disturb its delicious harmony!

This kind of social intercourse, with its intimate talk, the references to famous public characters, as though they were only human beings after all, the anecdotal interchange, was wholly novel to Sylvia.

In short, we will avoid the critical and the mystical in essays, and give them objective out-of-door essays like Wake-Robin, humorous anecdotal essays like Old China, eloquent oratorical essays like Gladstone's Kin Beyond Sea.

I shall, in this brief historical sketch, neglect entirely the anecdotal literature, since my own work is primarily experimental, and since its results should naturally be compared with those of other experimenters.

The clergyman waxed anecdotal, his grim face twitching with unexpected humor, as he related various sayings and doings of his brethren; the son insisted upon refilling the kettle, and superintending its second boiling.

Mary was becoming anecdotal, and threatening to address the audience at some length, so the violinist had to give up and make way for a vocalist with sufficient voice to drown these reminiscences of a former generation.

He glances, less frequently, at verses, chiefly quatrains, at columns of jokes, at popularized bits of history and science, at bits of anecdotal biography, and nowhere in all this medley does he come in contact with what is large and leisurely.

He began to write a play by borrowing the plot from somebody, and primarily all his pieces may be regarded as anecdotal, but, in the passage of the story through his mind to the pen, in some cases it became the vehicle for an idea, and, in all, the story grew to be of infinitely less importance than the characters.