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Anecdote Definition

short account of an incident (especially a biographical one)

Sentence Examples

Anecdote may refer to a story which attempts to prove a specific point.

An anecdote may sometimes involve exaggeration to prove a point.

Her mind was a store-house of innocuous anecdote

The real life anecdotes.

An anecdote can be used to entertain, inform, persuade and caution.

A heart-warming anecdote.

The goal of an anecdote can be merely to entertain.

A personal anecdote.

Is this anecdote true?

I never made a note of a fact, of an impression or of an anecdote in my life.

It reminds me of an anecdote

Many anecdotes are told of this kind, in which it was his delight to reward merit and relieve distress.

This anecdote will serve to show, better than pages of description, the kind of man that Paez was.

Never was work more amusing than this, interspersed with debates between the two friends, with their droll counter versions of each other's anecdotes.

These anecdotes illustrate the character and principles of Mr. Adams.

I will at least relate one short anecdote of what actually took place.

Many awkward and sometimes amusing anecdotes are told in connection with the inopportune visit.

Apart from that he seemed as completely devoid of military anecdotes as though he had hardly ever seen a soldier in his life.

To yawn while listening to anyone; to show lack of interest in a story or anecdote that is being told, or let the attention wander, is marked impoliteness.

Another favorite maternal anecdote dates back to the early 1960s, shortly after the puzzle incident.

Such anecdotes offer early evidence of the intensity that would become Stallman's chief trademark throughout life.

No anecdotes are preserved, of Caesar's childhood.

The way was beguiled by anecdotes, that had been passed down from mouth to mouth, of the last Welsh war.

It is a moralizing tract, but contains some interesting anecdotes about contemporaries.

Walton illustrates Herbertís kindness to the poor by many touching anecdotes, but he had not been three years in Bemerton when he succumbed to consumption.

He queried suddenly, at the end of an instructive anecdote bearing upon a point of stowage.

Equally at home in novels and in good books, he gave to the spinsters a list of innocent works in either; while for Lady Chillingly he sparkled with anecdotes of fashionable life, the newest bons mots, the latest scandals.

While hearing the anecdote of the battle of Inkerman, Catherine Carmichael once more resolved to make every effort to bring about a reconciliation between her uncles.

anecdote and reminiscence

Without hesitation or mistake, he could pour forth a stream of facts, dates, names, places, accompanied with narrations, anecdotes, reflections and arguments, until the matter was thoroughly sifted and laid bare in all its parts and properties, to the understanding of the most casual observer.

A bone is never taken in the fingers, the historic anecdote about Queen Victoria to the contrary notwithstanding.

The story is rendered attractive by complimentary anecdotes of persons; while details of the character and customs of an unknown and remarkable people show the attention which Caesar was always at leisure to bestow on anything which was worthy of interest, even when he was surrounded with danger and difficulty.

Apart from the unedifying confessions of the hero, the book contains curious anecdotes concerning prominent contemporaries, and the episodical stories are told with great spirit; the style is extremely correct, though somewhat diffuse.