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Use annoyance in a sentence

Annoyance Definition

The state of being irritated or annoyed
synonyms:botheration, irritation, vexation

Sentence Examples

The girl bit her lip in moderate annoyance.

Household matters sometimes gave serious annoyance.

Annoyances are overlooked.

Anger and annoyance were plainly visible on Gertrude's small chiselled features.

The tones shewed annoyance.

Don't let this annoyance keep you from using it.

Their annoyance went on and on.

He bore the annoyance with his usual calm temper.

A flicker of annoyance passed over her face, then went away.

During his ascent he gradually becomes inured to the annoyances which belong to a life of ambition.

In a misery of annoyance and mortification

It is every day in the power of a mischievous person to inflict innumerable annoyances.

annoyances, shifts, and inconveniences

These little annoyances were almost unbearable sometimes and Marcia had much ado to keep her sweetness of outward demeanor.

If unfortunate enough to be paired off with such a person, at least control your own annoyance.

It was therefore with annoyance that he looked up at the opening of the office door.

She threw the letter on the table with annoyance.

It meant nothing to him but an annoyance that he had to start out in the early winter, leave his business in other’s hands for an indefinite period, and go among strangers.

From the modern and enlightened point of view I do not in the least understand your standpoint, but in spite of that I honour you, and I will no longer be an annoyance to you.

The annoyance of standing there in a crowd without a seat became an ethereal essence of truth and beauty for him.

The officers continued talking in this way, and the count heard their criticisms with surprise and annoyance.

Parma himself was ill from annoyance and disappointment.

A couple of the babies were sniffling, and the one Tara had picked up now began crying outright, much to her annoyance.

Meantime there were petty annoyances connected with the details of the coronation.

Granville, who had just laid open his egg with great skill, experienced a moment’s natural annoyance at the interruption.

They sat there quite still except for an occasional turn of the head, which seemed to express surprise and annoyance at the clamour of their fellows.

They are very plentiful in the Himalayan terai, where they are a source of annoyance to the sportsman.

Theodora could only show her annoyance by impatience with her toilette.

She professed great annoyance, but one of the police told me it was privately paid by her own society.

Through all his own annoyance and disgust, Winnington was sympathetically conscious of what she too must be feeling.

Here they held out for three years, where they were a source of great annoyance to the Tutor and his followers.

She is anxious to learn his name, and she begs and beseeches him again and again to tell her, until in his annoyance he answers her: "Have I not already told you that I belong in King Arthur's realm?"

The importunity of these ruffians is a ludicrous annoyance to which a traveler must submit.

The counting of these small coins was a great annoyance to Mr. Stratton

They caused some annoyance to that portion of the audience in the back seats of the balcony, but the nuisance was felt by none in the parquet.

Barnum's widespread reputation for shrewdness was, in his present difficulties, destined to be the cause of considerable annoyance to him.

The respite from active life, and the annoyance attendant to his financial troubles was of the greatest benefit to Mr. Barnum, who spent the time shooting, fishing, and driving.

Pin worms or seat worms are usually found in children and sometime cause a great deal of annoyance to the child.

Growing and struggling power always gives more annoyance and is more unmanageable than established power.

It was a vague feeling of annoyance, that grew instinctively, stirred deep down in his heart, and hindered him from concentrating himself on the consideration of all that he had to do that night.

Thanks to the United States, it had received from an international tribunal the territory to which it was entitled, was free from disturbance at home or annoyance abroad, and was under a regular government sanctioned by its people.

Those honorable retreats from power which, in later days, parties have often made, with loss, but still in good order, in firm union, with unbroken spirit and formidable means of annoyance, were utterly unknown.

His powers soon began to give annoyance to the Government; and Walpole determined to make an example of the patriotic cornet.