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Archetype Definition

Something (or someone) that serves as a model.

Sentence Examples

The archetypes of masculinity.

The white goddess archetype.

An archetype, specifically Jungian archetypes, is essentially a symbol but a bit deeper such that the symbol has deep psychological or mythic meaning.

Some archetypes are abstract.

An action movie hero archetype.

The Biblical archetypes.

That character is the best example of an archetype.

In both cases an embryological archetype becomes a hypothetical ancestral form.

He has served as the archetype of intellectual statesmanship in Chinese legend.

It always existed as pure archetype before it ever existed as historic fact.

It is the archetype of our material world.

It wasn't a physiological specimen; rather it was the archetype of the most sentimental of symbols, the balanced, cushiony, brilliant red valentine heart.

Delacroix, on the other hand, was the archetype of the highly cultured and educated man.

The Tagalog versions of the story differ considerably from this archetype.

Immortalized in the pages of Don Quixote, he remains for all time the archetype of the Spanish magician of the sixteenth century.

Every bad ballad has its archetype in a good one, and all ballads of whatsoever quality, can be pigeonholed under subjects, whether of content or of treatment.

It is the archetype of things, for certain objects are only possible through an Idea.

Jennie is no mere individual; she is a type of the national character, almost the archetype of the muddled, aspiring, tragic, fate-flogged mass.

Sherman, not because his pompous syllogisms have any plausibility in fact or logic, but simply because he may well stand as archetype of the booming, indignant corrupter of criteria, the moralist turned critic.

The famous Disney archetypes.

The Archetype of the Vertebrate Skeleton.

Since in the archetype every vertebra has its appendage, more than two pairs of locomotory limbs might have been developed.

Not all the bones of the vertebrate skeleton are included in the archetype as constituents of the vertebræ.

The limb-skeleton, corresponding as it does to a single bone of the archetype, is the typical example of a teleologically compound bone.

Such adaptations are, so to speak, grafted on the archetype.

He could not deny that the archetype was better shown in the embryo than in the adult.

Since archetypes are supposed to produce certain psychic forms, we must discuss how and where one can get hold of the material demonstrating these forms.

Because those old Greek stories do represent the Deities as the archetypes, the kinsmen, the teachers, the friends, the inspirers of men.

They are transcripts, types—the archetypes are in us, and eternal.

The errors which occur are not sufficient to warrant any conclusion as to the script of the archetype.

In Lepidosiren, whose skeleton resembles the archetype in many ways, the pectoral girdle is likewise attached to the occipital segment.

For they give us a fresh glimpse of the archetype of their forms.