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Asinine Definition

devoid of intelligence
synonyms:inane, fatuous, mindless, vacuous

Sentence Examples

An asinine statement like that isn't even worth listening to!

His answer was just as asinine as the rest.

It was the first time I had presented myself at a strange hotel without my asinine credentials.

As you are asinine and crass, So do we treat you—as an ass.

That's what I am—an undeserving, ungrateful, irresponsible, and asinine pup!

Of all the asinine, vacant, vapid lot of people I ever saw commend me to the polyglot mob one meets at the average Saturday to Monday gathering.

These equine and asinine glories have passed away, extinguished by the rail.

It was so asinine.

Lester realized that this was an asinine attempt to sugar-coat the true story and it made him angry.

It was too asinine for words, and I told him so.

Really, when you came to think of it, it was an asinine sort of proposition.

Johnny refused to heed such asinine remarks and stood on his dignity.

Clever people don't do asinine things.

He was so funny about his cousin, the promoter; so absolutely unconscious of his own asinine position.

His claim on fair young Rose's love had grown in the short while so prodigiously asinine that it was a minor matter to constitute himself an old eccentric's puppet.

Katherine Liddell is a little soft too, but she is by no means so asinine as the others I have had.

The Master, hearing the glad racket, did a thoroughly asinine thing.

Why can not you keep quiet, instead of making your asinine remarks?

The first of the widely advertised series was such a foolish and asinine thing as to be unworthy of notice, and I desired to see how much further the second would go.

It would be too asinine!

Without delay, I began the preparations for the asinine journey.

She said she saw lots of donkeys shopping, and began to distribute to a stableful of equine and asinine gossips such a lot of scandal that I was ashamed of her.

While a guest at the Tithing House, I found it well stored with asinine and equine luxuries.

He, resurrected from his prolonged lethargy, hunted up a dust-covered tool-chest, and followed me impetuously to his asinine patient.

Personages of enormous importance used to drop in—and reveal themselves as rather asinine.

There is something asinine about our writing....

I knew the warrior's secret now; I knew the hollow vanity of his rusty trumpery, and despised his asinine complacency.

That one considers his Government as weak and capricious, while this one believes it to be both tyrannical and asinine.

The asinine confidence of the immense majority no more diminishes the crime than the foolishness of the dupe excuses the cheater.

Most of these parties are composed of females, who have only exclamations to make instead of intelligent comment, and who possess an unbounded capacity for asking utterly asinine questions.

When I listen to your asinine philosophy, I'd like to skin you for more than a paltry hundred francs—for two hundred—for a thousand.

If you don't take that asinine grin off your ugly face, I'll knock it off!

"What an asinine thing that was, on my part," laughed Donald.

If I'm not mistaken, the author of that asinine exhibition is rated as one of the ablest directors in the business.

There is no room for discussion after this asinine performance of yours!

I'm through with this asinine fooling around.

If you had an idea that I am the type of man to use as the butt for a silly, asinine jest, I'll teach you to think differently.

This asinine cry lurks ever in the back of the human throat, ready and eager to spring into life at the slightest provocation.

Yes, in every crowd there is a voice ready to raise that asinine and murderously cruel shout.

Morsfield, entirely objecting to asinine harness with him, mocked at his invocation and intonation of the name of Jove.

We come to wear one cut of face and figure, and acquire by degrees the gentlest asinine expression.

You made an utterly asinine statement when you declared that 99 per cent of your readers have already read these classics.

"Don't be asinine, my good fool."

That she has done primarily through framing the loosest and most asinine of immigration laws, easily beatable; and secondarily, and again in and out of prison, through extracting near to the last sting of consequence from the commission of crime.

Which, of course, was a manifestly asinine way for a grown man to talk.

Gates seems minded to claim all the glory, and that asinine congress still allows him to throw dust into their half shut eyes.

This is Ellis's town, and we're not going to let a dod-blinged mugwump like your asinine daddy ruin it.

Finally, I took my leave, conscious that I had been asinine in my remarks and had made a deplorable impression.

I'm afraid this mess we're all in shows that we did an asinine thing in coming down here after the doubloons.

"That asinine tune you're whistling?"

Unless a man knows people ashore, and is prepared to put on his 'superfine suitings' and pay asinine calls when he might be playing golf or cricket, where else is he to speak to a woman all the days of his life?