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Use back-down in a sentence

Definition of back down:

  • (verb) move backwards from a certain position; "The bully had to back down"
  • (verb) remove oneself from an obligation | to take a less aggressive position in a conflict than one previously has or has planned to.

Sentence Examples:

Therefore, with the excuse that I was belated on my walk home, I turned back down the glen, and half an hour afterward entered the great well-lighted hall of the castle where the guests, ready dressed, were assembling prior to dinner.

I saw him some months back down at Sawyer's Forks, and by hokey!

The boy shall tell his story unhampered; you shall not crowd it back down his throat in private!

We had already changed our course, and were swinging round in a half-circle, preparatory to heading back down stream.

The enemy were rolled back down the hill, and at the same time with loud cries the ambuscade attacked them from behind.

She was keeping them back down one long bad slope which abounded in pitfalls, when to her horror she heard her father cry out, then saw him and his sledge disappear, shooting into a whirling smother of snow.

When all was fixed up I gave the order and off we started, plodding along back down the narrow, dreary road towards our resting-place.

Happening to look back down the stream, while the Indian was catching a few of the struggling fish, I saw a long spreading fan of light like the tail of a comet, which we thought must be made by some big strange animal that was pursuing us.

Miller rode back down the line with him until he met a man from his own camp, and the two changing horses, he hurried back to oversee personally the mounting of the beaters when the grove had been passed.

Then he watered William at the trampled spring, made himself a smoke, and went back down the gulch.

She climbed back down the pinnacle, watching nervously for snakes and lizards and horned toads and such denizens of the desert.

He went carefully back down the arroyo, keeping as much as possible in the shade.

It was asking her to back down abruptly from her old principles, which only the weak proselyte will do readily; and she was not a proselyte at all, to her conception.

Fire and Water, bowing low, backed down the path, beating tom-toms as they went, and left the savage and the Frenchman alone together.

He had acted too cavalierly in this Civic Club mess, he concluded, and yet he would not back down.

The two bears backed down to the ground and waddled across the clearing, the big one walking upright and carrying the pig in his arms.

The desperado did not like this arrangement, but having challenged Buffalo Bill to play, and given him the choice of the stakes, he dared not back down, and said: "All right, let us begin."

He turned and went out of the rooms, back down the stairs and out of the door, closed it noiselessly behind him, and found himself in a world which, although bright and sunny to all the rest of mankind, had turned dark, lonely, and cheerless to him.

And on turning back down the hill he had another swift vision, photographically distinct but unrelated to anything that had preceded or followed it.

"I've never seen you backed down by nobody," vouchsafed the admiring constable, anxious to shift his own responsibility and understanding pretty well how to do it.

He turned and started back down the gulch, and then stopped suddenly.

Toner start, and wriggle, and back down, and impart information confirmatory of that extorted the night before, and give large promises for the future.

Her emotions had been, as it were, thrust back down her own throat, and she was choked and sickened with them.

There was a universal shaking of heads, causing the lights to dance dizzily, forming weird shadows in the gloom, and the irritated foreman swore aloud, his eyes wandering back down the tunnel.

Lacy flung up his arms, and backed down out of view, but just beyond where he had stood, a gun barked from out the chaparral and a bullet crashed against the rock scarcely a foot from Brennan's head.

Buddy scaled the stalactite that served as the ladder up to the lofty nook where he slept and came back down holding his water bottle.

In fact, they had to hurry back down the beach to join the others when the space-ship appeared as a silvery gleam, high in the air, and then came swooping down with fierce flames underneath it to settle a quarter-mile inland.

They started hopping back down their tumbled sap towards the German rear.

He gave Tiger an unpleasant smile, and started back down the corridor as the count-down signal began to buzz.

Then the locomotive tooted, the bell rang, and the freight-train ran forward on the switch to the main track, and commenced backing down to where they stood.

He meant exactly what he had said, and a boy with any sand in his gizzard couldn't back down.

He turned and started back down the companionway, then stopped and whirled around to face them again.

We said nothing, but we could see that not one among them all but expected either a lawsuit or that we would be obliged to back down and pay for this foolhardy defiance of the despot out of our own pockets.

Ferguson watched them for half an hour, and then, convinced that he would gain nothing more by remaining there, he stealthily backed down the hillside to where his pony stood, mounted, and rode toward the river.

With a wave of his hat, the Mexican ran speedily back down the hillside, and dived into some bushes.

"It's a revenue cutter," bawled Tin-Back down the hatchway.

If one hadn't had hot and cold creeps in one's toes for fear the "good old girl" would slide back down hill and vault into space with us in her lap, one would have been struck dumb with admiration of its magnificence.

Already Thunder Hawk and Bear have run back down the slope to leap into saddle, for the earth begins to quiver and shake under the bounding hoofs, and with another moment all the valley will wake to the ringing battle-cry.

A switch engine, which was "picking up empties," as the railroad men call it, had backed down the track and had been fastened to several cars in addition to the one containing Bunny Brown and his sister Sue.

Then Betty tooted the horn triumphantly and began slowly to back down the drive.

The wind, keen and resinous from the wet Presidio woods, blew at their back down the short block of pavement, and buffeted them, broadside, as they waited on the corner for the slow-crawling little car.

Unfortunately, however, before a raft could be constructed to convey our troops across the river, the rebels recovered from their panic, backed down a railroad train, and gathered up most of their arms and camp equipage.

It all happened in a flash, and how David managed to get there first she never knew; but the next instant the two were rolling over and over in the snow with Miriam on top of them and a broken sled skidding on its back down the hillside.

Terry's answer was so long in coming that the trio of Americans who listened experienced something of the faint qualm which sickens a man when he witnesses another's backing-down.

He shouldered the saddlebags and made his way back down the alley, beginning to see the merit in the liveryman's suggestions.

Hastily inverting the tray above the escaping viands, she pushed them back down upon the table.

Ferguson sprinted back down the hill, the girl screaming pointlessly meanwhile.

Again the Horned Lizard gives a grunt, expressing satisfaction; after which the two scramble back down the cliff, to seek that repose which fighting and forced marching make necessary to man, be he savage or civilized.

He felt ready to stamp with vexation, but controlling himself he passed the word, and the boats backed down the stream, that in which the officer in command was seated naturally being the last of the three.

That a majority of conservatives refused to meet this issue until after the battle of Lexington, and many not until the Declaration of Independence "closed the last door of reconciliation," was largely due to the widespread belief that if the colonies took a bold, stand the English Government would once more back down.

Half circling a hill, she descended another arroyo that ran northwest, back down into the level desert.

Exerting all my force to prevent the door from swinging back by keeping my leg against it, I had just got the coffin into the cell and was going out, when I heard a shrill cry, and Clinton came tearing back down the passage.

Both being unknown to Doc's gang, and the position and odds forbidding hostilities, they represented themselves as campers hunting lost stock, and turned and rode back down the trail with the outlaws, alert for any play their leader might make.

She turned and started slowly back down the hill, not seeing the unicorn as she passed it, the bloody spear trailing disconsolately behind her and her head hanging in shame.

I looked back down the river, in the hope of being able to calculate the distance I had come, and by that means decide where I was; but my observation furnished no data by which I could determine my position.

Kate would not back down: "Why do they call him king of the rustlers?"

Comparison of the proportions of pupils deaf from the several diseases at different times may be made in two ways: by finding the respective proportions over a series of successive years from a certain time back down to the present, and by contrasting the proportions in two widely separated periods, one in the present and one in the past.

And he strongly advised us to lose no time in making our way back down the river again, as his soldiers were very angry at our presumption in invading his territory, and he could not answer for it that he would be able to restrain them should they take into their heads to actively resent our intrusion by attacking the ship.

Grandma cried, raising her arms up high and letting her hands fall back down on the bed covers and counterpane.

Drew pointed the gelding back down the road and booted the animal into a trot.

The coolie continued to stab him, and the captain started back down the steps until he slipped in the blood that covered them, and fell into the cabin, with a terrible wound in his side.

When the storm ceased, the dead were buried, the remaining boats repaired, and the forlorn band started back down the lake, unable to render any assistance to the besieged garrison at Detroit on account of the loss of their ammunition and arms.

They saw it was a camel that had disturbed their slumbers; that the animal had been on its way up the ravine, perhaps seeking shelter from the sandstorm, but what had caused it to return so suddenly back down the slope?

And then if they come out of that and get back down to ground safely, they uncross their fingers.

He had expected to have to fight the Japanese on his outward voyage, and he knew that there was a still greater chance of meeting them on his way back down the bay.

After ordering his carriers to start, to back down and postpone their departure, just to suit the convenience of his neighbors, would derogate from his own importance.

Then he seized a mottled, purplish crab that had been aimlessly scuttling to and fro across the bottom of the pot, and impaled him, back down, on the barb of the spear.

Then he half dropped, half flew, into the bushes, and sometimes seized the ripe morsel instantly, without alighting, but generally hung, back down, on a stalk which bent and swayed with his weight, while he deliberately gathered the fruit.

I started to open the door, when Little Jim said, "Wait a minute, I want to see something," and he swished around quick and went back down the path toward the spring, and turned around again and looked up toward the chimney of the old man's cabin.

Pop yelled back down to me, "and I've looked all over the haymow for it."

No, no answer to the cablegram had been received, and Perkins could hardly conceal his desire to roar with laughter, as the two turned and trailed their streams of water back down the stairs.

Does this not mean that by this a poor man, who has, with all of his willpower, worked his way up out of the abyss and has proven himself for forty years at its top, is cast back down with brutal force?

Leaving these perplexing conundrums unsolved, I turned slowly back down the walk, to resume my search.

He slipped from his mare and covered himself with her flanks, reaching for his holster, but she rared and backed down on him across the road and into the grass, where I got in another shot and fetched him.

We had just time for a second trip; and, flinging our first loads up to the table, we rushed back down the declivity.

Why hadn't he come back down the gulch yesterday and helped track the girl, as he was told to do?

Was bandied round and handed back down the line.

For a few minutes Rick tinkered with his camera equipment, then he went back down to the library and searched the shelves for something to read.

She walked to the bookstall, and after spending some minutes looking at the various magazines spread forth, bought a copy of Tit Bits, and strolled back down the platform reading it as she went, and smiling over the jokes.

When a long train was filled with them, a wildcat engine backed down from the station, coupled on to the waiting freight, and went lumbering away with its hungry, thirsty load, bound for a packing-house in a distant city.

Back down the hill she took the path, over the moor and up the lane to a little white cottage under the rosebushes.

It was blowing out when Parker reached the chair, and he was hurled back down, the slope three times before he acknowledged his defeat; it was blowing in when the three members of the English party were sucked down into the chasm.

Presently, when it was plain no further menace would come from that blasted temple, their rescuers led the trio back down those winding galleries, and through that long, straight tunnel to the smaller pyramid.

Wind back down and take one turn under the horsehair at the tail end, wind up to the head and tie off with the tying silk.

Now the bull-dog, being freed from his master's grasp, coupled into the climber's caboose and hauled him back down the ladder.

The big man beside Lenny leaned forward, over the back of the front seat, unhooked the receiver of the scrambler-equipped radiophone, and sat back down.

Haywire instruments jerked the machine back down and then side to side, then into a tree trunk, blindly.

Out of the worst of the wind, they skied easily back down towards the timberline.

It began to roll over immediately, hurtling back down the hill, its driver half in and half out of its turret at the beginning of the first roll.

He turned on his heel, and walked back down the avenue, with quick, swinging steps, without ever turning his head.

He saluted and remounting his horse sped back down the road.

He replaced his hat, turned about like a man blankly disconcerted and went back down the path, with the decisive tread of one who cannot take himself off too soon.

Then, frantically, he hauled himself back down to the control box, ignoring the stabbing pain in his stomach as he bent over again, one leg wrapped around the small pedestal that supported the control.

A few minutes after the launch was seen moving back down the river, being ignominiously towed by an old horse, the same gay craft that had proudly advanced up the stream only a few days before with the "Merry Maid" in her wake.

The riding lesson was an unqualified success, though for some reason, known only to herself, Polly signalized the event by promptly running away immediately her head was turned homeward, and coming back down the lane at a thundering gallop.

And sometimes I woke up just before daybreak and saw the great Bull backing down out of sight in the west, the mighty Hunter still brandishing his club, and his faithful Dogs following at his heels.

As soon as Smart, by peeping over or through the hedge, had satisfied himself that he was ahead of all the sheep, he would come coolly out of the hedge and bring them back down the lane so gently as not to cause them the least alarm.

She'll try to wheedle you into backing down from this position.

In digging new trenches and new dugouts, bodies and bits of bodies were unearthed, and put into sand-bags with the soil that was sent back down a line of men concealing their work from German eyes waiting for any new activity in our ditches.

He gave another look at the advancing braves, then he backed down into the gulch.