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Use bandwagon in a sentence

Definition of bandwagon:

  • (noun) a popular trend that attracts growing support | a large ornate wagon for carrying a musical band

Sentence Examples:

Here comes the bandwagon.

Others will climb on the bandwagon.

"Everybody trying to climb onto the bandwagon?"

Yes, she always grabs a front seat in the bandwagon.

Every neutral in the world will jump on the bandwagon.

Listen, Weyburn, and I'll show you how you can climb into the bandwagon.

Indeed, Welch caught the rear of the bandwagon on that issue just in time.

I think you'd be wise to get on the bandwagon while there's still time.

Her eyes were set on the bias, and she was painted more colors than a bandwagon.

They were simply out of step, she insisted, her own little feet always marching to the bandwagon without question.

Should he jump on the bandwagon of advancement to the stars, hoping to catch the imagination of the voters by it?

Secretary of War Towne and Secretary of Drugs Isaacson; and each of them putting a heavy shoulder behind the political bandwagon.

There are here, in proportion to a vote, more people whose sole principle is the bandwagon, than in any other town between the oceans.

Some of these painted walls reminded me somewhat of the tall van, plastered with fanciful bills and posters, that follows the bandwagon of a circus about a country village.

Non-commercial entities jumped on the bandwagon and started sewing these networks together (an activity fully subsidized by government funds).

Unfortunately, I failed to realize the speed with which every professional in our category would jump upon the bandwagon and secure gliders for himself.

Generations of riding in the bandwagon has made it almost impossible for a man like that to plan intelligently and work hard merely for the satisfaction of his needs.

Which to the rural mind, from the most remote period, has been associated with the gorgeous, gilded bandwagon, spangles, and sawdust.

Of course, my advertised salary is phony, just like the rubies and the wrecked throne and that gilded bandwagon with the poodles and the stuffed supers on the box.