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Use barrage in a sentence

Definition of barrage:

  • (noun) onslaught, outpouring, bombardment
  • (verb) address with continuously or persistently | bombard

Sentence Examples:

The irises made a drive and the forsythia sent up its barrage.

With the raising of the frontal barrage, the German raiders advanced.

German barrage there was none; only some desultory and ineffective shelling.

After that they raised their guns for the barrage, but pouf!

The second followed at twenty-five yards' interval to avoid the German barrage.

Promptly at that hour the wonderfully heavy artillery barrage multiplied one hundredfold.

There is quite a difference between a demoralizing barrage and a protecting barrage.

The barrage lifted again behind the German trench; still he gave no sign.

Presently this barrage merged into the standing barrage along the German trench.

This duty was particularly dangerous as the Turkish barrage was generally late.

They had gone in and scuppered the Turk before the barrage had lifted.

Once more the heavy Greek infantry broke through the Persian barrage of arrows.

At the same time down came the German artillery barrage on the assembly trenches.

Then from all sides a deafening roar burst forth and the barrage began.

The French replied to the German counter-attacks with bayonet charges or barrage fire.

About one minute after, a barrage was laid by the Germans on our support lines.

The barrage at the outskirts of the village there, had not yet gone up.

To the most hardened troops a barrage directed against crowded breastworks was never pleasant.

Barrage after barrage had marked the earth with the deep scarred pocks of war.

Their own barrage, directed by aviators hovering above the contending armies, was working well.

I watched him from my dug-out for three-quarters of an hour after the barrage started.

Whenever our barrage fell upon his trenches, his garrisons promptly took cover in these dug-outs.

It is said that altogether twenty-three German submarines met their doom in the great mine barrage.

We had suffered severe casualties in consequence of the barrage, leaving some German machine guns untouched.

For some time before zero the Allied artillery kept up an incessant barrage on the German lines.

Some of them are set up in rows, or so-called barrages, across the habitual paths of hailstorms.

On the morning of September 5, Federal cannoneers commenced a devastating barrage against that work.

On the morning of September 5, Federal cannoneers began a devastating barrage against Battery Wagner.

All riflemen and those grenadiers not employed in forming barrages are reserved to make a counterattack.

The young staff officer handed me some barrage maps and a quantity of type-written operation orders.

Two Germans were ahead of the rest and the barrage landed right in back of them.

The German barrage seemed to follow the Battalion as it advanced, but without ever reaching it.

A demoralizing barrage is just what its name signifies, a demoralizing rain of shells upon the enemy.

Then our barrage lifted to the German support trench, which was called the Fringe Trench.

Then the barrage will lift on to the next line, and we shall toddle forward again.

When the German barrage opened, men, animals, and motor vehicles broke into their best speed.

After some hours the German barrage subsided, and we were left in undisputed possession of our capture.

Three of the interceptors went down in that barrage before their own force shields went up.

Just at daybreak a box barrage was put on a part of the German line on our front.

Showers of bombs from the airplanes created a barrage, and entire companies of German infantry were annihilated.

Behind them the German barrage fire, beating time methodically, entirely hid from view the attacking columns.

The great ham sandwich barrage against the encroaching sainthood of Saint Harvey of River-bank had begun.

As we were coming down the duckboard track after being relieved Jerry started to put over a barrage.

Thirty machine-guns played a barrage-fire on his lines where German soldiers tried to escape across the shell-craters.

It was a clean sweep, that barrage that prepared for the bayonet charge of the Canadian Brigade.

The Anti-Aircraft discussed the advisability of withdrawing immediately or waiting to see what the barrage would do.

Next afternoon it gave heavy response to a German barrage, and continued with a concentration fire all evening.

Three companies of trained shock troops were sent to take the American trenches under a heavy German barrage.

The German artillery at once directed a barrage on them with considerable accuracy, causing a number of casualties.

Shells were exploding close to them, kicking dirt over them, and the barrage was swinging toward them.

We thought the German raid had come off, but except for the heavy barrage nothing further happened.

Our artillery was to lay a barrage on the first line of presumed German trenches at the same moment.

The barrage had already passed the Green Line and the machine guns in the blockhouses were active.

Over their heads the German gunners flung a frightful barrage, plowing gaps in the ranks of our men.

The enemy guns replied, and at one time the spectacle was witnessed of a double barrage of appalling intensity.

On the 10th Second Lieutenant de Geijer and twenty other ranks raided a German post under an artillery barrage.

The German commander's idea was to keep his men in the shelter of the dug-outs until our barrage lifted.

Sheer amazement of the pillbox-dwellers must have kept them alive so far; every moment he expected a murderous barrage.

Batteries were already overcharged, and the voltage regulators snapped on and off like a crackling barrage of distant heat-guns.

Meantime American barrage fire swept no-man's-land, catching many running Germans who had turned tail from fighting at close quarters.

When the barrage ceased, and it was possible to take stock of the result, appalling scenes were often disclosed.

All was quiet, when suddenly our barrage began, followed by the German one, and soon the noise was terrific.

On through the barrage the Americans went into the German positions, attacking fiercely the machine-gun and infantry detachments.

Behind that cloud of gas the German troops advanced, protected by a heavy barrage and intense machine-gun fire.

The third and most important cause lay in the cunning skill with which the German barrage was used.

The efficacy of the barrage is borne out by the fact that no German machine-gun fired for forty minutes.

As we advanced with our barrage, a German barrage of machine gun bullets played around us as well as their shells.

Our artillery from the rear laid down a barrage with a terrific deafening roar like locomotives traveling the air above us.

Any second you expected to see the first shell-burst of the answering German barrage break in the midst of them.

It was preceded by the heaviest German barrage ever seen by these Scots, who have had many experiences of barrage-fire.

More important, perhaps, was the American plan for laying a mine barrage from the Scotch coast across to Norwegian waters.

They gained entrance, after a brief resistance, and found the place full of German dead, the harvest of our barrage.

And then there is the gas shell, who goes over gurgling gluttonously, probably in big herds, putting down a barrage.

The day on which the barrage comes into the hands of the Egyptian Government is known to two persons only.

We could not tell from the direction of the sound which was the German barrage and which was ours.

They were a demoralized crowd and after the artillery barrage which was put up it is not to be wondered at.

German planes were raiding the beach at that moment, and shrapnel from the antiaircraft barrage rained down on the rafts.

We decided to push on down the canal, but a little barrage drove the inhabitants of the canal into their dug-outs.

Owing to the mud and the German barrage no supplies could be brought up, and it was impossible to light braziers.

The barrage that fell on them as they were moving forward to their assembly positions might well have disorganized the attack.

The German artillery could lay down no barrage, and line after line of trenches had been captured before they got into action.

At a steady lope the runner went over the back of the trench, into the barrage of German shrapnel and high explosive.

Against them the German guns put over a heavy barrage, but that line of explosives failed to stop or check the assault.

He therefore telephoned to his own battery, and turned a section of howitzers from firing on the barrage on to the machine-gun.

If wound stripes were given to soldiers on becoming casualties to Cupid's archery barrage, Ronnie Morgan's sleeve would be stiff with gilt embroidery.

The German barrage fire in the rear of our front lines is so frightful that one must not dream of going through it.

Ever the incredible projectiles flashed and flew as though from some inexhaustible store; ever uprose that prodigious barrage against the smiting rays.

As his staff paused for a conference in a supposedly enfiladed location, a Communist mortar barrage hit the group by complete surprise.

At five o'clock nine tanks moved forward behind a crashing stationary barrage, and the infantry followed eagerly through a weak German fire.

Forward they rushed while the American guns lifted the barrage to protect them, and the German cannon crashed out their answer.

Under this barrage of applause he unbent somewhat, showing more warmth, more geniality, than he had shown anywhere for a good long while.

This trench had previously suffered very little from the German barrage, and it was expected that casualties there would be slight.

Lessons in streamlining gained from building and flying blimps became useful when barrage balloons came into the picture as a new defense weapon.

The firing in his direction became so heavy that it formed a barrage through which the German aircraft were totally unable to penetrate.

No unusual movements must be made in the trenches, and there must be no indication of the impending assault until the barrage is dropped.

Many of the Germans on the opening of the barrage had left their arms in the trenches and run into the dug-outs.

This was met by the French with a deadly barrage, so that the Germans were unable to debouch from their own positions.

The rapidity with which his barrage started, the partly wired trenches, empty dug-outs and absence of garrison all pointed to this.

Beyond the Alley the ground rose again, and here the Irish were first checked by some machine-gun fire that had escaped our barrages.

Yet the speed of the American landing and the toughness with which assault units withstood the withering barrages astounded the Japanese defenders.