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Use beige in a sentence

Definition of beige:

  • (noun) a very light brown
  • (adjective) of a light greyish-brown color

Sentence Examples:

Painted the furniture with beige enamel.

Sew an upturned nose with beige yarn.

Let us suppose we decide upon a tint of yellow or beige.

It fits into a red leather case with beige velvet lining.

The women wore a costume in gray, made of a stuff called beige.

It was empty, the bed rumpled and beige sheets on the floor.

The room was done in vivid color, not of the old vintage beige.

And her feathers, she saw in the mirror, had turned almost beige.

You might actually drive to his office in beige pants, a jacket, and a tie.

She wished she had worn another dress, her new beige and a pair of new boots.

She wore a regardless beige gown, with Paris written all over it, and beautifully put on over a lovely, small-hipped figure.

Kept going till she'd even doffed her little beige knickers, piling everything one piece at a time in a neat heap on the counter.

As she examined him, the gray temples and perfect tan, the beige sunglasses, she began to find his appearance a little incongruous.

Available in a variety of attractive color combinations, the number illustrated has a rich brown frame and ends, and is trimmed in beige moss fringe.

They run the gamut of shades and colors from white through eggshell, cream, straw, sand, beige, and yellow to tan and light brown.

We have two definite choices for a rug; it may be a greyed tone of red or wine color, or a greyed tone of yellow (beige or light brown).

The shower was wonderful, purging away the soot of the park, and I was wrapping my hair in a large beige towel when the phone jangled again.

The second time she had on a fresh crisp smock of faded yellow that was glorious with her hair; and high-heeled beige kid slippers, very smart.

Think of your dress in the days when you were allowed to dress, and we did not all wear frocks of gray beige, as if all women were exactly alike.

As if by magic, a white, cream, beige or gray room may be transformed into a smiling bower, teeming with personality, a room where wit and wisdom are spontaneously let loose.

One of the chairs, then, could be pink in the same tone as the small figure; the other chair would then be one of the yellow tones, and could be either beige, or brown.

Therefore, since their subjugation they all wear a gray beige frock, with a jacket of the same, and a flat gray cap, like the men's, under which they are made to gather up their hair.

The men were dressed in their blue flannels, with a flat cap of the same material; the women in their gray beige, short frock, the flat gray cap under which their hair was gathered, gray stockings, and heavy shoes.

She had a lot of mysterious beige foundation garments that were utterly inexplicable, and a little box of jewelry that I liked to taste, because the real gold tasted really rich when I sucked on it, and a stack of old cigarette tins full of frayed photos.