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Benign Definition

not dangerous to health; pleasant and beneficial in nature or influence; kindness of disposition or manner;

Sentence Examples

What might these men have been had they not been under the benign influence of music?

His eyes flashed from benign to demanding to benign in an instant.

Under its benign influence my recovery was very rapid.

If the benign law of civilization could be relied upon always to govern, then all would be well.

benign and hopeful

The benign look of a father

Clinically, tumors are divided into the benign and the malignant.

A benign tumor is usually composed of tissues, resembling those in which it originates.

He came across as a very friendly person with a benign face covered with a lot of hair, mostly black; a very hearty laugh and a penchant for practical jokes.

He extended his hand in a benign gesture.

This idea, however benign sounding, encountered grave opposition from right and left alike.

Indeed, the predicament of the nation-state is such that going back may be the only benign way of going forward.

"Well," he said, his voice disarmingly benign, "I suppose I must beg to differ."

He walked over—eyes benign and caring—and lifted my wrist, absently taking my pulse while he inserted a digital thermometer in my ear.

It seems to improve her self-esteem, a kind of benign therapy, her own natural path toward centering.

Was this a feint in our game of cat-and-mouse, just to lull me into believing everything here was safe and benign?

As he grinds his thighs against mine, he emits growls, low in his throat, then nips lightly and lovingly at my cheek, his pale fangs benign and delicious.

Holding out her kind arms, as she sat, Come kiss me, my dear, said she, with a smile like a sun-beam breaking through the cloud that overshadowed her naturally benign aspect—Why flutters my jewel so?

It is a benign, connective-tissue new growth, with concomitant or subsequent, but usually partial, fatty degeneration.

It pursues, as a rule, a comparatively rapid and benign course.

It appears, as a rule, within the first year, and generally runs a benign course.

This had been his lie, his benign artifice, to connect with her somehow, although the benign contained its own acerbity.

Loving, laughing, singing, benign.

I must first describe how you Babies who dwell in households should behave at meals, and be ready with lovely and benign words when you are spoken to.

Religion, freed from the fetters which enthralled her in Europe, has shed her benign influence on every portion of our country.

The tension is gone; we are in contact with a great, sunny, benign human being who pours a flood of life out before us and floats us as the sea floats a chip.

In this broader sphere art, especially music, will be newly commissioned and her benign powers utilized with ever-increasing intelligence.

For a few moments she listened to them, feeling elderly and benign.

It was a great, inexhaustible larder, provided by a benign Providence who had foreseen that men would rather hunt than work.

He spread his hands and smiled at Dan like a benign old Chips to a third-form schoolboy.

At three-thirty, the door to my room opened and in came Scholar Phelps, complete with his benign smile and his hearty air.

He seemed infinitely benign as he raised his hands and his deep voice.

Their attitude toward extending their standards of equal treatment and opportunity to local communities implied a benign neutrality on their part in racial disputes involving servicemen.

Incidentally, the most benign and intelligent of dogs is often some middle-aged hound of doubtful lineage who can tell your blue ribbon winner how to get about in the canine circles of the countryside.

The corners of his mouth drew upward in a benign smile.

There were flowers everywhere, and a benign, small old man with a snowy beard and hair, sat at a desk as if chatting of amiable trivialities with the frock-coated men who stood about him.

He was constantly petting children, and appeared very benign.

His snowy beard gave him an aspect singularly benign.

It was that benign spirit which comes from the household in more modern life, giving strength and permanence to character.

No doubt the angels of heaven were there, and the Holy Spirit was present to exert his benign influence toward the salvation of that family.

This is the splendid temple of Jove, Supreme and Most Benign.

There are, according to this theory, in the unseen world—wherever and whatever that may be—an order of beings akin to ourselves, either less or more highly developed, mischievous or benign.

The latter, serene, benign, elegant, was entering at the gateway beneath the swinging sign which proclaimed to the other world that within the Harbor all was peace.

It could not have been called emotion: it was a benign, comprehensive pity, a ready sympathy for weakness and misfortune, and no deep disturbance of personal feeling.

The clock's face, benign and bland, would have deceived him.

Sometimes the ruler was benign.

Here that lady's father relaxed the aloofness of his manner, and permitted himself a look of benign, though not eager, approval.

Each of them had arrived filled with a sense of high purpose and benign power.

When Archy was in that benign mood incidental to his return from a souse, there was nothing in the world to prevent him walking on water or ascending into the air, should he deem it a dignified thing to do.

She never supplicated, evoking a benign pity for her pathetic and regretted womanhood.

Clean and starched and prim had they issued from their homes, but they had grown hilarious under William’s benign influence.

She was very grave and benign; but she wasn’t an imposing bride and the wreath of orange-blossoms aged her.

She had seen slavery in its benign aspect, and she was impatient with any criticism of the institution.

All are children of the same Father, all to be judged and rewarded or punished by the same unerring justice, with the same interposition of benign mercy.

He had to be content with burying his father near the tomb of the famous saint, whose benign influence might be expected to serve him in good stead on the Day of the Resurrection.

His brown, unlined, black-bearded face, shadowed in the hood of his creamy burnoose, remained serene, benign, urbanely attendant.

It was the benign influence of your favorable planets that saved you from death.

Whether the hues of sunrise are angry or benign, gorgeous or sinister, we shall always have the same sky over our heads.

No better psychoses could be chosen for a preliminary effort than benign stupors.

We can say at the outset that it is seen in the purest form in benign cases, hence they make up the material of this book.

Benign stupor can be defined as a recoverable psychosis characterized by these four symptoms.

When we approach the study of benign stupors, however, difficult problems appear.

It is not impossible that resemblances to benign stupor are due to functional elements appearing in the reduced physical state as additions to the organic symptoms.

The coincident thinking disorder is quite similar, both in epileptic dementia and the torpor following seizures and in these benign stupors.

If benign stupors belong to this group, then we should be able to find some specific psychology for this type of reaction.

In most benign cases such a condition is accompanied by perplexity or a dreamy, dazed expression.

Such frank incest ideas are never found in benign psychosis in our experience.

At the beginning, however, the condition was superficially similar to that of a benign stupor, it being only on careful observation that other symptoms were noted.

So far the description of this reaction is that of a benign stupor.

A number of her replies were of the type to be expected in a benign stupor.

As has frequently been stated, symptoms of benign stupor are closely interrelated.

In a benign psychosis false ideas do not appear with an equable mood unless the stupor reaction has already begun.

More important than this, although in benign stupors there may be a reduction or an insufficient affect, it is never inappropriate.

It should be noted, however, that inappropriateness of affect is never observed in a true benign stupor.

Physical symptoms are more common than in any other benign psychosis.

We need only answer this question in so far as it concerns the clinical states resembling benign stupors.

Finally, from a practical standpoint, an important peculiarity of benign stupor is the tendency for response to stimulation in amelioration of the process.

In the arduous struggle by which it was attained, they were distinguished by multiplied tokens of his benign interposition.