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Use bestow in a sentence

Definition of bestow:

  • (verb) present; "bestow an honor on someone"
  • (verb) give as a gift

Sentence Examples:

Let not a people who have so liberally bestowed their praise on those numbers in which their neighbors have been so sweetly harmonized, remain themselves unsung!

Possibly her blinded eyes might not recognize her old adorer, and she might even yet bestow upon me a few of her faithless smiles.

He was equal, indeed, to the greatest generals of antiquity; but the sounding titles bestowed upon him by his admirers did not elate him.

After half an hour, Elizabeth quite hated him; and he extended the same sentiment to her on her bestowing a meed of praise on his son.

Possibly these early flowers are destined to produce fruit for the admiration of living things upon which the gardener bestows anything but a welcome.

She suffered herself to vacillate between a sense of duty and the inclination to say a few words more, or bestow another parting kiss.

Enjoy that wealth, which can no where so well be bestowed; and those gratifications, which so obviously belong to that delicate and enchanting form.

The fawn was with her, and evinced the delight afforded by the occasional caress bestowed upon it, by frequently skipping sportively around her.

Many and deep were the curses bestowed upon him by the infuriated crews of those two ships, although he had certainly done them no harm.

The alleged fact, however, is well worthy of more accurate observance and explicit explanation than have yet been bestowed upon it by the Scandinavian naturalists.

To commiserate is sometimes more than to give; for money is external to a man's self, but he who bestows compassion communicates his own soul.

The aged king tottered to and fro on the stage as he declaimed: "On which one of my two sons shall I bestow the crown?"

Forthwith, not a whit disconcerted, he commenced another harangue, in which he lauded to the skies the excellent education she had bestowed on her son.

His hearers, swaying their bodies and performing all sorts of eccentric antics, cried aloud in confirmation of the benefits bestowed upon Mo by its queen.

If civilized men are poor now, it is because they have wasted Nature's gifts or because they live in a country upon which she has bestowed little.

Real strength never impairs beauty or harmony, but it often bestows it; and in everything imposingly beautiful, strength has much to do with the magic.

Or he might be accessible to pity, or the influence of such munificent rewards as he could bestow, if once more at liberty and master of himself.

This fraternal reception between murderer and murderer elevated the widow's son; the praises bestowed on the hereditary infamy of his family intoxicated him.

Still within earshot of angry speech, however, hurled after them by the triumphant Foresters, with many a taunt, many the vile epithet bestowed.

Winthrop unbent to the extent of grim smiles in response to the laudatory comments bestowed upon the pictured image of his idol, his beautiful daughter.

He bestowed on it lands to increase the endowment, and gave his baronial hall to the newly founded college of priests to be used as their residence.

You see that ruler of men could bestow maces as well as order his troopers to "take away that bauble" when the commonwealth required nursing.

The nun being pregnant by him was released from her vows, and the possessions of her ravisher bestowed on her and her son.

Subscriptions were also made in the different parishes, and great benefactions bestowed by the opulent, through which the calamities of the season were much mitigated.

And he, whom no one had ever accused of being softhearted, bestowed a hearty embrace upon his sons, who were greatly surprised by his emotion.

To some of these he gave a condescending bow of recognition, whilst to others he hardly deigned to bestow more than a dignified acknowledgment of their courtesy.

He was a spendthrift in kindness, giving not only money needed for himself and the children, but bestowing his time when he needed it himself.

Or he might be accessible to pity, or the influence of such munificent rewards as he could bestow if once more at liberty, and master of himself.

His buckskin suit, prettily fringed and embroidered with porcupine quills of the brightest colors, indicated the care bestowed upon him by fond parents.

This paternal reception from murderer to murderer exhilarated the widow's son, these praises bestowed on the hereditary perversity of his family intoxicated him.

It was there that hunger, and thirst, and disease, and all the contumely that cold-hearted cruelty could bestow, sharpened every pang of death.

The sounds that they heard were, he said, only some correction which was bestowed by his orders on certain disturbers of the public peace.

Peerages, sinecures and pensions were bestowed with a lavish hand; and every appointment, ecclesiastical or civil, was treated as a reward for political services.

Elsie gave it a hasty perusal, then, tossing it indignantly aside, took the young weeper in her arms, bestowing upon her tender caresses and soothing words.

Turkeys were the young lady's specialty, and on them alone of all the denizens of the poultry yard did she bestow her personal attention.

During my whole novitiate no amount of austerity could appease my desire for mortification, and several gifts in the way of prayer were bestowed on me.

And suiting the action to the word he bestowed one cuff and one kick on my unoffending person, each of which I acknowledged by a howl.

The dishonest trustee of laughter, on the other hand, robbing the world of wit bestowed upon him for public purposes, becomes a brilliant conversationalist.

Hence, in the plural, an honorary garland or crown bestowed as a prize for victory or excellence, anciently made or consisting of branches of the laurel.

Meyer had done to lessen his sufferings, and the loving care the German nurses, male and female, had bestowed on him and his comrades.

Decidedly, the more I think of this excellent man, the more I reproach myself for the sort of malediction I bestowed on him when I awoke.

John, who, though not usually an ungenerous fellow, is maddened by the expressions of affection, the tears and regretful looks bestowed upon his rival.

They have made me selfish, disobliging, and disagreeable, because I am too proud to act as if I would beg the love they are so careless of bestowing.

They are called by that most unmeaning term, "florist's flowers," and from the attention bestowed upon them, the cultivated varieties have been greatly improved.

Yet, too, there was a pleasant relaxation even in this, for, since the frigate was not liveable when careened over, all of us were bestowed ashore.

Again were the plaudits of the camp bestowed upon him, and the head chief ordered a war dance to be performed in honor of the exploit.

On hearing this announcement he became joyfully elated, bestowing upon both a fond recognition, as they were the daughters of a personal friend of former years.

Instead of showing herself so niggardly in bestowing happy moments, why did she not spare humanity the evils that render death a comparative release?

She looked at him ingenuously as she spoke, quite prepared for an outburst of rage, but he only bestowed upon her a smile of withering contempt.

Among them might be found conscientious and serious prelates, abounding both in faith and good works, living simply and bestowing their wealth in charity.

Prince Robin came unheralded and traversed the breadth of the continent without attracting more than the attention that is bestowed upon good-looking young men.

In the air and light it fades white, but the elegance of its pinnate branches will well repay any pains you may bestow upon it.

On occasion, to be sure, he in turn commended the latter, when they voted that funds from the public treasury be bestowed on the guardsmen.

The fear lest she should be plunged into vice led him to bestow such excessive bounty upon her; and the woman was an admirable dissembler.

Yet thus far their services are ignored and unrecognized, while distinctions have been bestowed upon those who have had the good fortune to command troops.

The daughter in an American farm home bestows liberally of her strength to make the housekeeping as nearly a success as under the circumstances it can be.

Born of an Italian father and an English mother, she had bestowed her hand on her paternal country, but her heart remained in her mother's.

We could not be lovers, because between us lay that great fortune of hers, which it would be improper to bestow upon the mate of a merchantman.

These, too, cut off the forelocks and spread the hair behind; they also, like the Chinese, bestow some attention upon the beauty of their eyebrows.

Instead of bestowing new favors upon the man who had yielded up his treasures so unsparingly, the Maharajah began to heap new indignities upon him.

He proceeded to unroll his papers, without bestowing any attention upon the new uniform, for he had noticed and commented upon it before school time.

The overcharged mind of the superstitious has ever found relief in expressing its troubles to the imaginary beings on whom it has bestowed superhuman attributes.

Then he set me to work copying letters referring to the purchase of the Swiss cows, which the generous magnate was bestowing on his dependents.

He bestowed a puzzled glance in his direction and saw that he was lolling in the chair with an appearance of the greatest ease and enjoyment.

The first of them was of a benignant temper, and bestowed upon the boy abundant beauty and ample store of favor in the eyes of men.

The walls were of wood, not of lath and plaster, so that there were no nooks and crannies in which he could have bestowed his hoard.

This inconvenient transfer of cargoes was remedied by the next Egyptian sovereign, who bestowed much care on the water connection between the two seas.

The aristocracy were eager to admit her to their circle, and the Austrian Empress named her court virtuoso, an honor never before bestowed on a foreigner.

The bear incautiously approached, carrying off the pieces, which she bestowed on her cubs, and, though evidently famished, taking but a small portion herself.

This, by the way, was Laurence's sobriquet among these people, bestowed upon him by reason of his skill and craft in stalking wild game.

After the inventions have been made, they are easily transferred to paper with parquetry, and so can be bestowed according to the will of the inventor.

One of the peculiarities of this tremendous and iconoclastic realist is the care with which he writes and the indefatigable polish he bestows upon his style.

Sullivan, who looked rather younger than most of the taller girls one sees coming out of the public schools, bestowed invaluable information in regard to teething.

William after actually prevailing on his inamorata to bestow a parting salute, buckled on his sword, loosened it in the scabbard, and felt himself a hero.

He laughed, evidently pleased, and said a few words to her in Italian, after which she bestowed a smaller cluster of the fragrant flowers upon him.

Why then does he persecute me, and attempt to wrest from me the just meed of praise and patronage which the public are willing to bestow?

It had been the most niggardly and scanty display that any affluent magic man could bestow, and it brought the renewal of their servitude.

Wisdom is better than riches, since Fortune is but a fickle goddess, who bereaves us one day of what she has bestowed on us the preceding.

His wreath of wax grapes he wore rakishly over one eye; he sat at a table with several thirsty dryads and bestowed impartial caresses and champagne.

We are conscious of having bestowed on this volume the most unmixed praises; and the censorious may ask us, what has become of our critical gall?

Was she really so demoralized, she asked herself, that she would have her father other than grateful for the care which had been bestowed?

I will contend with honor, and that shall be my pride, or I should be undeserving of that patronage which you so liberally bestowed upon me.

Montezuma regaled the Spaniards very well, not only feeding them and gilding them with presents, but bestowing upon each soldier a bevy of wives.

Grandpa lingered a moment to bestow a meed of praise on my work, then went off to the back corral to slaughter a beef for the shop.

He wore an expansive smile in addition to a blue serge suit, white Panama, and polished tan Oxfords, and he bestowed a hearty greeting upon Charlie Benton.

Perhaps, at the present moment, Prussia is, of all the countries in Europe, that which bestows the greatest attention, and most unwearied encouragement on science.

The commendation bestowed by Paul upon Timothy, was that "from a child" he enjoyed the "unfeigned faith" of his mother Eunice and his grandmother Lois.

Love now illuminates, not by enlarging sympathy and disclosing the hidden soul of good in error, but by suppressing sympathies too diffusely and expansively bestowed.

If the parish priest were a man of rank or education, he was too often a non-resident and a pluralist, bestowing little personal attention on his parishioners.

If she were capricious, ailing, or depressed, she would need the comforting overflow of ingenious affection, and I should not have a glance to bestow on her.

He formulated enduring systems of tilling the soil, and making sure the munificent reward of labor wisely bestowed upon this, the primal calling of man.

Think of the poor Nabob reading the announcement of the cross bestowed on Jenkins, and of the absurd populace mistaking him for the ungrateful Bey!

The king on hearing this was delighted, although his suspicions were not satisfied; and, having bestowed a robe of honor upon the lapidary, dismissed him.

A change had come over the Rajah since the evening when he had bestowed his confidence, and there was no doubt that he was failing.

The parting salute he bestowed on our steed, in the shape of an astounding crack of his huge whip, has put that refractory animal on his mettle.

This saving was, in fact, fatal to the success of Springer's proposal, since it meant the extinction of so many sinecures bestowed through congressional favor.

Ignoring the scowling glances bestowed upon him, he gave the customary evening salutation and, advancing directly to the fire, plucked a blazing fagot from it.

Jack, too, as he could tell by a quick glance, was also engaged with a German, but Tom had no time then to bestow on mere observation.

Many trivial matters were discussed, and trumpery gifts bestowed upon the Chief, when it came to the turn of the old man with the ivory.

He prepared for the crisis that must come at the death of Edward the Confessor by bestowing the governance of several earldoms upon his brothers.