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Use bigotry in a sentence

Definition of bigotry:

  • (noun) the intolerance and prejudice of a bigot

Sentence Examples:

"The man is a model of coarseness and intolerable bigotry."

It is saved from pettiness, from ignorance, and from bigotry.

It is superstition, bigotry, credulity, creed, sectarianism, that men detest.

Bigotry may be called the appalling frenzy of the indifferent.

There can be firmness and courage without bumptiousness and bigotry.

She repeatedly mixed up bigotry with bigamy, or with trigonometry.

I confess I was much scandalized at this unreasonable exhibition of bigotry.

Bigotry, intolerant bigotry, holds the kingdom of Spain in adamantine fetters.

Zealotry, bigotry, intolerance, fanaticism, were the natural products of such conditions.

There were no old prejudices to uproot, no antiquated bigotry to tear down.

There was no sectionalism in his caste, no bigotry in his creeds.

What an astounding complexity, and what a narrow bigotry are here presented!

Where in these instances is our "bigotry" or our hostility to Irish progress?

Bigotry, inherited from Spanish ancestors, showed itself in the Emperor now.

Out of this mistake come dogmatism, bigotry, and all their natural consequences.

Political restrictions and religious bigotry scared away the votaries of science and art.

The whole place bore the appearance of gloom, bigotry, dirtiness, and bad management.

These facts speak for themselves, with a voice louder than fanaticism and bigotry.

How distant are these generous feelings from the low grovelling prejudices of bigotry!

It is not always free from prejudice, from bigotry, from fanaticism, from superstition.

Neither optimism, nor ignorance, nor bigotry, nor deception can controvert these facts.

It is an open attack on the fanaticism, bigotry, intolerance, which degrade any religion.

Something was faulty with a movement which contained so much obscurantism and bigotry.

You have been the victim of the bigotry and superstition of a clannish, religious sect.

The instruction is scriptural, pointed and business-like, with no taint of bigotry or sectarianism.

Herrera's administration was noted for its illiberality toward foreigners, and for religious bigotry.

The House of Stuart always means in all generations cruelty and bigotry and sensuality.

It also shows his perfect freedom from bigotry, and the broadness of his creed.

He has affected neither the insipidity of neutrality, nor the bigotry of party zeal.

At length, bigotry was satisfied with imposing pecuniary fines and civil disabilities on schismatics.

Bigotry, the gibbet, the stake, by endeavoring to stifle it, have hurried it along.

Bigotry is narrow, fanaticism is fierce, superstition is ignorant, credulity is weak, intolerance is severe.

An Italian, not exempted from bigotry, discovered a new world for the emancipation of man.

I cannot understand him; I suppose that accursed religious bigotry is at the root of it.

A weakling whose brain's befogged with the ignorance and bigotry of women and priests.

I found that professional dignity was more often pomposity, sordid bigotry and gilded ignorance.

The civilized man rises far above the bigotry of one who has been "born again."

Dominic and the fanaticism of Torquemada playing upon the bigotry and acquisitiveness of the Sovereigns.

The silliness, bigotry, and ungenerous tone of this manifesto excited a simultaneous movement in the population.

The bigotry of Mary regarded not the ties of consanguinity, of natural affection, of national succession.

Bigotry and acquisitiveness were again joining forces, and, united, they must prove, as ever, irresistible.

It is time the words religious and pious were redeemed from the base uses of sectarianism and bigotry.

It was the offspring of the religious bigotry, fanaticism, and jealousy, of a barbarous but heroic age.

The leaden mace of bigotry had struck and shivered the exquisitely tempered steel of Greek philosophy.

He unites somewhat of the fanaticism and bigotry of the cloister with its penances and privations.

One of the forms of prejudice which afflict the world of mankind is religious bigotry and fanaticism.

Look at England herself, vacillating between the game of conciliation and the perils of her unlimited bigotry.

Let us not despoil the occasion of its greatness by exhibiting a narrow bigotry in one direction!

This was a most severe and witty allegory, against the dogmas and bigotry of old Calvinism.

When Thomas Paine was dying he was infested by fanatics, by the snaky spies of bigotry.

To charge Baptists with bigotry because they abide by the logical consequences of their system is absurd.

He was followed by the dispensary doctor, who also began by declaring his freedom from bigotry.

Bigotry and tyranny had overshot the mark and the English people had determined to dethrone James.

I may say this can be felt without the slightest degree of bigotry, or any view of proselytism.

Shall the bigotry of sect, and creed, and profession, drive its condemnatory stake into his grave?

Yet, his severity proceeded not from the superstition and bigotry of a weak mind or misanthropic feeling.

I was assailed both by the malignity of the corrupt, and by the bigotry of the misguided.

This was a great achievement in a region hitherto noted for intolerance, bigotry, poverty, fanaticism, and superstition.

The type of civilization is now changed, and we see things moving in the iron groove of Spanish bigotry.

He had no patience with fanaticism; on the other hand, he had little patience with bigotry and intolerance.

This plan was afterwards abandoned, but her irritability, capriciousness, and bigotry reduced her household to desperation.

A writer in the Quarterly quotes Tennyson as having said, "You must choose in religion between bigotry and flabbiness."

Although an unvarying conservative throughout his life, he was incapable of bigotry, or of narrow and illiberal views.

English influence was then so powerful at Constantinople that all difficulties due to Turkish bigotry were quickly removed.

They can cast off the prejudice, selfishness, bigotry, and sensuality that prevent them from receiving truth.

Why shouldn't she want life's fullness instead of life's meagerness and its breadth instead of its bigotries?

We have already adverted to the gloomy bigotry of a certain section of the Scottish clergy of this period.

These simple peons would do, under the impulsion of blind bigotry, what they would hesitate to do otherwise.

For the typical Spaniard of the sixteenth century was not in strictness a fanatic; he was bigotry incarnate.

Bigotry, fanaticism, and superstition are perversions of the religious sentiment; credulity and intolerance often accompany skepticism or atheism.

This angered him very much, and made him declaim against what he considered to be bigotry and intolerance.

The pristine enthusiasm was succeeded by fanaticism, and out of fanaticism, in its turn, issued formalism, bigotry, stagnation.

The bigotry and heathenish lust of his Southern blood shone in the brilliant cruel gaze of his eyes.

This particularly appeared in the dogmatism and bigotry of these same reformers, who often prohibited further inquiries, or emendations!

Doubtless it seemed to him that the French Canadians, like the Irish, were victims of Anglo-Saxon tyranny and bigotry.

His rhetoric expressed the feeling of a generation who knew by experience the evils of religious bigotry and fanaticism.

The God-Christ-Holy-Ghost idea has ever been a source of greed, selfishness, intolerance, bigotry, quarrel, hatred, licentiousness, cruelty, and crime.

In them was duplicity, revenge, bigotry, heathenish cruelty; but these were not all the qualities the inventory discovered.

Holding these views about heretics, it is natural that Franklin should at times have stigmatized religious bigotry as it deserved.

This distinction is one of immense importance; because, being properly apprehended, it would, by destroying dogmatism, destroy bigotry also.

Show me anyone, not actuated by pure bigotry, who would deliberately and maliciously wish to demolish such a government!

There is another chapel in this Cathedral which preaches forever its silent condemnation of Spanish bigotry to deaf ears.

Such mingled bigotry and conceit, shrinking from just criticism, would fetter all progress, but fortunately it is rare.

A failure to observe and guard one's self against these tendencies results in bigotry, intolerance, narrowness, and intellectual astigmatism.

All the grace and irreproachable womanliness of the crinoline period were there, but without any of its narrow-minded bigotry.

By recurring to the bigotry and fanaticism of that period we can readily learn why such a course was pursued.

The Dutch colonists were deeply religious, with no more bigotry than was inseparable from the ideas of the seventeenth century.

Shall the patriots of the state again be left subject to the sway of a conceited bigotry and blind fanaticism?

It is not bigotry on the part of Baptists to confine their communion to those whom they consider the baptized.

And yet these very qualities, when abused, often degenerated into idleness, pride, ignorance, bigotry, and even the grossest sensuality.

With his eyes wide open he hails the banner of bigotry, no matter what may be the scutcheon which it bears.

The dark half of the picture is formed by pride, bigotry, irreligion, greed of gain, immorality, and prodigal ostentation.

Alas, for the degradation to which political bigotry and a disregard of law, reduces a people, it is only too true.

May they unite their respective energies in one common cause, while bigotry retires abashed from the glory of such a scene!

And it is my opinion that bigotry is the most implacable, unreasonable, unmerciful feeling that can possess the human soul.

Superstition was the feature of the age, and the Spanish general, as we have seen, had a full measure of its bigotry.

Every advantage was pursued with the unsparing ferocity which was possible only to religious bigotry fired to a white heat.

These were to be extirpated, to make room for fanaticism, bigotry, and superstition of another kind; those of equality, reason, and philosophy.

His bigotry and vanity render him most indifferent to the seductive coquetry of the females, much less to human imitators.

For a third of a century the bigotry of a lot of water moccasins had been the supreme law of this land.