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Use binge in a sentence

Definition of binge:

  • (noun) any act of immoderate indulgence; "an emotional binge";
  • (noun) an occasion for excessive eating or drinking
  • (verb) overeat or eat immodestly

Sentence Examples:

Don's just on a fun binge.

It binges me up when I feel blue.

Continue to binge and accept my blessing.

These country binges are all the same.

They gave us various binges at Agra before we left.

Here gather the reefer smokers for their "binge."

It was a binge of which he thoroughly approved.

His binges had been few and far between.

He wished he had never taken on this binge.

This time it will need the binge of my life.

In that lovely climate one doesn't want to binge up.

We've been waiting until you slept off your working binge.

You've had your binge, and now the trouble is starting.

We ought to be able to run some pretty useful binges here.

There were at least two things I got out of the binge.

I think I needed a little mustard just now to binge me up!

Goes on a binge, doesn't show up for work, so they fire him.

Valentine's deal in Chi'll look like a Sunday school binge after this one.

I have never in my binge-ridden life been as intoxicated as I am at this present moment.

Humanity had been whipped into a state of hysteria, an emotional binge, and humanity loved it.

About this particular binge, too, there seemed to me a lack of what you might call human interest.

When he said "payday" they both came back "binge," and when he said "man" they answered "woman!"

"When this binge is over ... when the rehearsal finishes, you know, how about a bite to eat?"

If you get out there right away, you'll catch them before the evening binge has developed fully.

His York Minster's West-Front opens; and like the gates of Milton's heaven, it turns on golden binges.

Goes for weeks without touching the stuff, then he goes out on a binge that lasts for a week sometimes.

"I thought we were going to discuss this binge and decide what to do and all that sort of thing."

The men clubbed together and there were great drinking bouts which ended in some of them being distinctly "binged."

There was less total damage done to the nerves than a good all-night binge would do to a normal human being.

I mean, I had told Jeeves that this binge would be fraught with interest, and it was fraught with interest.

Graves says that the world is off on a cock-eyed binge with this clan idea, and I'm quoting his words.

I also realize that some of this "buying binge" which I have been experiencing of late has to do with my sense of loss.

His face was no longer that of the carefree adventurer with whom I had tied on a fair binge less than a week ago.

It seems that having learned this, all sorts of things would happen, and there would be banging and bingeing to some tune.

And Marcia didn't mention the fact when I asked her if she'd care to ditch the binge and have supper just with me.

In some of these energies of theirs I blame them, in others I praise; but it is plainly evident that they know how to binge.

Like some great general forming his plan of campaign on the eve of battle, Archie had the whole binge neatly worked out inside a minute.

These cosmic degenerates had somehow gotten hold of it and were on a mad binge through the universe, destroying all the worlds they didn't like.

The sound of my own voice woke me up, and I found that a man next to me had hauled off and binged me one in his sleep.

Optimist as he was, he had to admit that, as far as could be ascertained with the naked eye, the jolly old binge might be said to have sprung a leak.

They watched the daily horoscopes intently for the Bad Days, realizing that what was bad for the normal people must be a field day for themselves, and they issued out of the sewers periodically on binges of robbery, kidnapping, and worse.