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Use bipartisan in a sentence

Definition of bipartisan:

  • (adjective) supported by both sides

Sentence Examples:

It must be bipartisan.

It has bipartisan support.

That should be a bipartisan effort.

Let a bipartisan group do it.

They must be made on a bipartisan basis.

I welcome the bipartisan enthusiasm for spending discipline.

That's why the bipartisan leadership has supported it.

It has bipartisan support, and I urge you to pass it now.

This is something we should be able to get done on a bipartisan basis.

The bipartisan fiscal commission I created last year made this crystal clear.

I've appointed a bipartisan panel to examine the tax code from top to bottom.

We, we rescued the system in 1983, and it's sound again, bipartisan arrangement.

He was also generally effective in gaining bipartisan support for his legislative undertakings.

Now, review this multibillion-dollar package that will not undercut our bipartisan budget agreement.

And this year, I'm eager to help advance the bipartisan effort in the Senate.

It began with the Monroe Doctrine in 1823 and continues our historic bipartisan American policy.

There is now broad bipartisan agreement that permanent deficit spending must come to an end.

Meeting these goals requires bipartisan effort - and two months ago, you showed the way.

In the past, the minimum wage has been a bipartisan issue and I think it should be again.

One of the greatest sources of our strength throughout the Cold War was a bipartisan foreign policy.

Bipartisan bills in both Houses could double the number of these hubs and the jobs they create.

I might add that the mandate from the Congress was given by an almost unanimous bipartisan vote.

With the bipartisan trade agreements we signed into law, we're on track to meet that goal ahead of schedule.

Let's pass bipartisan, comprehensive legislation that will improve public health, protect our tobacco farmers, and change the way tobacco companies do business forever.

I hope we can have a constructive bipartisan dialogue this year to build a consensus which will lead eventually to the ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

I asked them if they would designate congressional representatives to meet with representatives of the administration to try to reach prompt agreement on a bipartisan deficit reduction plan.

Thanks to bipartisan federal support for medical research, we are not on the verge of new treatments to prevent or delay diseases from Parkinson's to Alzheimer's to arthritis to cancer.

If this attention is balanced and constructive, it can only enhance the chances for ultimate success of our bipartisan commitment to the revolutionary and crucial "pay for performance" concept.

Pap's bipartisan equanimity as well as his developing sense of humor was reflected in a letter of recommendation on behalf of a young Republican who had the good sense to vote Democratic.

No legacy would make me more proud than leaving in place a bipartisan consensus for the cause of world freedom, a consensus that prevents a paralysis of American power from ever occurring again.

And one year from now, I will convene the leaders of Congress to craft historic bipartisan legislation to achieve a landmark for our generation, a Social Security system that is strong in the 21st century.

And the bipartisan Commission I appointed, chaired by my campaign lawyer and Governor Romney's campaign lawyer, came together and have offered reforms so that no one has to wait more than a half hour to vote.

As all of you know, I was just there with a bipartisan congressional group, and I was so proud not only of what our troops were doing, but of the pride they evidenced in what they were doing.

Among the various state administrative boards are the board of equalization of five members, the board of health of nine members, a board of control of state institutions with four members (bipartisan), and the railroad commission, the prison commission, the state election commission and the sinking fund commission of three members each.

At the start of his political career Norton had higher ideas of honor than guided his actions now that he had become a part of the political machine that controlled his native State of Mississippi, and of the bipartisan combination that dominated both houses of Congress in the interest of the great railway and industrial corporations.