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Use blabber in a sentence

Blabber Definition

speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly

Sentence Examples

He is famous for blabbering wherever he goes.

Oh, that was just some science fiction blabber.

And how else could he get the news except from that blabbering old fool in the corner there when he was at his house.

Just as soon as a woman reads a book, she's got to talk highfalutin blabber.

Blabber some more.

I was nervous initially yet managed to blabber some stuff about me.

Stop being a blabbermouth!

Why do people blabber truth when drunk?...

She used to blabber on and on about what form of literature she would like to write and what kind of writer she would be.

What are you blabbering about?

She raged, but so violent was the current of their respectability, so persistent was Aunt Bessie in running to her with their blabber, that she was embarrassed when she took Hugh to play with Olaf.

People who blabber feel comfortable in the presence of people they're blabbering in front of.