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Bloke Definition

a boy or man;
synonyms: gent, fellow, chap, feller, blighter, cuss, fella, lad

Sentence Examples

Bloke into unspeakable grief, and caused him to come up here at dead of night and stop our press to acquaint the world with the circumstance?

In trousers, these blokes would shoot you on sight.

"Seemed a grateful sort of bloke, didn't he?"

Yesterday, Amaryllis, I was some bloke, because I was useful to you.

It was other blokes.

A fellow-cockney near me murmured: "They're solemn-looking blokes, ain't they?"

The old bloke happened to be our host, who was always in dress-clothes in the evening, the only time we were at his house.

What damnable blokes!

He's really a comic bloke.

The recruiting bloke winked and so did I, and I was through.

Seems like a soldier bloke.

Here's a bloke going up.

"He's a likely looking young bloke."

"What did the bloke hit you for?"

"What else would the bloke do when you bashed his hat?"

Ninian's a discontented sort of bloke, and he's quite likely to make a mess of things unless we look after him.

If that ain't enough to mike a bloke swear, I dunno wot is.

"What I like is a bloke like ole Lewis, who was always chirpy."

Nice sort of bloke you are!

The very bloke to put me up to all the tricks!

As a precaution, the young hooligan asked: "The bloke snores?"

You’re a funny bloke.

That bloke over there hasn't been home for twenty-eight.

It combs our air and makes us good little blokes to be robbed and put upon.

She's got another bloke.

The new bloke has put your nose out of joint, Bill.

Trying to see what kind of a bloke this touted superman is, Stanton thought.

"And there the poor blokes are, rioting in favor of the product of those beer bottles."

That bloke is nobody's fool, even though he may look like one.

What a bloke that Colonel General is!

A blind bloke can see that it's for some very important reason.

And he needn't have done it, either, I wasn't going to hurt the bloke.

He replied rather gruffly that he supposed a bloke had to work for his living, and all work was work, whatever way you looked at it.

Bloke hangs his head.

I took to the pore bloke some'ow—I allus feels pertickler sorry fur wounded Fritzes, I dunno why.

Bloke had let the intoxicating bowl alone himself, he never would get into so much trouble about this exasperating imaginary accident.