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Bludgeon Definition

A club used as a weapon.
To hit with a bludgeon.

Sentence Examples

He had been bludgeoned in the most brutal manner imaginable.

The other whirled a flat bludgeon and hit him on the jaw.

Spitting in his hand and taking firm grip of his bludgeon.

"I rarely go on vacations with ladies who bludgeon me with iron frying pans."

His bludgeon slipped from his grasp and his eyes became dim.

She's been bludgeoning you.

He carried a great bludgeon.

"Don't bludgeon me, please."

In her case a bludgeon was used.

Fred struck out at him with his bludgeon.

Flinging the bludgeon down, he hurries up the embankment and so on into town.

His gold-headed cane was almost a bludgeon.

I do not think we have passed the bludgeon stage.

The stiletto does quicker work than the bludgeon.

It was the hand of the man; that hand was a bludgeon.

The crowd accepted this bludgeoning in excellent part.

The persuader is a short, heavy bludgeon with a nail-studded head.

They had their work cut out, and used their bludgeons with a will.

He was to bludgeon any man who should dare to approach it with intent.

Certainly sleep descending on the tropical traveler is armed with a bludgeon.

A burly ruffian was approaching him with arm uplifted and whirling a bludgeon.

He tried to hold his bludgeon aloft, but his hands shook so that it nearly fell.

Some of those moments with March down-stairs had been like blows from a bludgeon.

And then there are the bludgeoned stars fallen into the eyes of my farmhouse scene.

They use them as bludgeons for preventing the free expression of Beauty in new forms.

And I must lead them nearer, day by day, To the foul beast of war that bludgeons life.

He seemed to be very hard hit that night, savagely bludgeoned by his doom of banishment.

We must be better, braver, and purer men than we are before we come to the bludgeon stage.

Granted, if you will, that half the nation is at heart against the stupidity and the bludgeon.

The handle of one warrior's lethal bludgeon snapped and the attacker stared at it in amazement.

Jerry slipped under the raised bludgeoning copper weapon to plunge the knife into a white throat.

She came uncertainly toward him, as though he had been some not implacable knave with a bludgeon.

Everything that he does is done on principle, but he uses his principles to bludgeon other people.

The bludgeon which reduced the cities of Europe to mere shells must surely destroy this new invader.

Meanwhile, he wanted her, and his hard and savage passion beat down opposition as if with a bludgeon.

He dealt the bludgeon blows of one who seemed to boast that he was not clever but tried to be honest.

He was minded to use his great wealth as a bludgeon with which to stun all competition at the start.

Fierce winds and somber tempests come And bludgeon heavily All our vibrating timbers... drum Most passionately.

As he spake the narrow doorway was darkened and two rough fellows entered, and each bore a formidable bludgeon.

From the other side of the door the chief engineer stepped out and wagged his bludgeon under the fireman's nose.

He plied the medium with questions, bludgeoned her with requests for evidence that she was not deluded or deluding.

Bludgeoned by obvious hints the stranger excused himself, and as soon as he was gone my companion leaned towards me.

The torches and the lanterns were being borne by servants, each of whom was armed with a bludgeon or a sharpened stave.

He picked four of the largest and found, also, a wooden-handled, lead-tipped bludgeon, used evidently for cracking ice.

First, this matter of the bludgeon left, as her husband declared, leaning against the old oak in the bottom of the ravine.

In my imagination I saw Fellows being driven into a corner by Bulder's bludgeon, his rapier beaten down and his defenses gone.

High hopes were once formed of democracy; but democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people.

The nearer of the two mechanics went down like lead, the second, seeing his companion bludgeoned out of the air, turned and ran.

Nearer and nearer it came till the quivering metal lay close against his ear and the iron tongue of the bell smote him like a bludgeon.

And those Donatist ruffians are with him to a man, if he can but scrape together wherewith to change their bludgeons into good steel.

He wanted to keep himself from being bludgeoned with the sledgehammer of his brother's fist or beaten with the leather skin of his slaps.

The besiegers with all sorts of sticks, stones and bludgeons began at once to bombard the building that stood dark and seemingly impregnable.

He made a last, terrible effort to lift his bludgeon; but Every child darted forward with the speed of lightning, holding his sword before him.

A continuous booming noise as of a bittern calling to its young was varied with heavy grunts and occasional blows of a heavy bludgeon on metal.

He heard the blow, and the oath that went with it, and she saw him run forward to wrench the bludgeon from the bully's hands and fling it afar.

We were tyros in the art of conversing, and our promising ideas born of long mental struggles were stilled with bludgeons of assent and dissent.

She struggled to prevent his entrance, but he struck her with a bludgeon and rendered her insensible, whereupon he entered the house and robbed it.

Blustering facts that bludgeon and bombard the senses, often provoke us, by the very violence of their self-announcement, to suspect them as illusory.

The bludgeon hit the earth with a force which splintered it into a dozen pieces, and Buck wheeled more than half around, for my fist had found his ribs.

The only novel thing about the whole case is that the old party was shot with a pistol and not bludgeoned, as is usually the case in affairs of this kind.

Again I overtook the coyote as he struggled through hindering bush, and, reaching forward, swung my bludgeon with all my might and fell headlong upon him!

However, the young man had heard rumors of what the bludgeoning methods of the Comas had accomplished; he surveyed Craig resolutely through the pipe smoke.

Again the next day, when I was on my way to visit the Treasurer's sons, they rushed at me with bludgeons from all directions and attacked me with horrible cries.

Bull-terriers, bludgeons, fighting of all kinds were associated with him; riots of all kinds were as the breath of his nostrils, more especially theatrical tumults.

The boys armed themselves each with a hardwood bludgeon; then they ensconced themselves in the thickets where they could see the reaches of the river below—and waited.

The bludgeon of the would-be assassin had not impaired his memory, and four years of enforced leisure enabled him to fulfill his highest ideals of perfect oratorical form.