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Bolster Definition

A pillow that is often put across a bed underneath the regular pillows.
To support and strengthen.

Sentence Examples

Did Primus know what a bed was, or what a bolster was, or a candle?

The thought bolstered his courage.

It had heavy wooden posts and a big bolster.

We bolster the pillows by smacking an arm down the middle of each pillow when the clean slip is on it, folding it back over the arm.

She would be the one who would need bolstering.

It was my idea of a courage- bolstering indulgence.

This bolstered our morale more than our warehouses.

"Bolster" was there, too, but not in the same sense.

I will not attempt to bolster my position with authorities.

Everybody was one bolster the more between me and the concierge.

The two brothers sat up on their bolster, and stared into the darkness.

Scotch ticking was supplied for beds and bolsters, with wool to put therein.

He came with a huge bolster in a cab, as though out of the past and nowhere.

After the shock he'd received it would take liquid dynamite to bolster him up.

With such thoughts she bolstered up her courage and ran swiftly up the stairs.

And bless you, what they thought was Dessie turned out to be a feather bolster.

I wanted to lie down and rest in the bed, but the bolster made me uncomfortable.

Sometimes he was needed to bolster up the flagging energies of our man of all work.

For the next two years she devoted herself to bolstering the cause of the Loyalists.

With such assertions she bolstered her courage, but nevertheless she was trembling….

Now he was back beside me, trying to bolster up his own courage by making me afraid.

A reassuring bank account bolstered up my courage while the work was getting under way.

I awoke, and found myself rolling on the floor, embracing the bolster with all my might.

Bolstered by Dit’s encouragement, at one o’clock, Mimi knocked timidly on the door of Dr. Barnes’ private office.

Daniel reloaded his smoking revolver, bolstered it with a flip; faced me in turning away.

The Cubs were convinced that without Chips to bolster their team, they would be whitewashed.

She slipped under the bolster something she was holding in her left hand.

Seth Breidbart, a fellow Columbia Science Honors Program alumnus, offers bolstering testimony.

Every attempt to bolster up Confucianism in practice or theory was bound to fail and did fail.

This bag is mine interest of this year's usury; And this is of matters bolstered up with perjury.

Bubbles was lying straight down in bed, for, at her own request, the bolster had been taken away.

Flora was bolstered up in bed, and had on a dainty dressing-gown of pink muslin tied with white ribbons.

Bolstered by a short-sighted and panicky NATO, the KLA post-bellum is not what it used to be ante-bellum.

Deprived of my bolstering breath, you'll be mere dull thuds that litter immaculate slates of earthly calm.

The bed was empty except for that long feather bolster that strumpet had covered over lengthwise of the bed.

I never lay my head beside those curl rags of hers without anticipating a cobra-decapello under the bolster.

These were simply to bolster up the only real charge, that of exciting an insurrection against the Spaniards.

"I don't see how he could stand up on end to write for very long, even with such a magnificent philosophy to bolster him."

Although I bolstered the pillows faithfully, I never put the sheets on the beds in accordance with the rules.

We threw ourselves into a general scuffle, and the old-four-poster creaked and the bolster fell to the floor.

The strong point in your nature, is your determination, and this trait you may use to bolster up all the others.

The little model was lying on the dismantled bed, pressing her face into the blue and white ticking of the bolster.

These bolstered Shorty's growing opinion that the man had deliberately fired the chaparral from a spirit of revenge.

Attached to the bolster by a towel, under his father's bayonet and the oleograph depicting the Nativity, sat the baby.

So on this night of all nights the big fellow bolstered himself and concentrated his thoughts on the girl of his heart.

Casanova withdrew his kerchief filled with the gold pieces from beneath the bolster, and emptied the money on the table.

One bride we know included a twenty-yard bolster of uncut linen in her trousseau in addition to the items mentioned above.

Bolstered up by this treacherous conviction, he would come suddenly to life with a grotesque sense of magnitude in his mind.

Some of the statements would need to bolstered up by facts and "authorities" before they could be accepted as real arguments.

They called for a philosophy that would bolster up authority and rationalize their desire to impose a legal yoke upon society.

Transitions from one method of operation to the other, intermediary changes, sufficed to bolster up these sweeping assertions.

More reserves came dashing out from the side lines to help bolster a Grinnell forward wall which had taken plenty of punishment.

Six sheets and six pillow and bolster slips are allowed to each bed, and twelve towels, half of them bath towels, to each bedroom.

This done, they discussed his making another whirlwind trip through the remaining major dominions of the planet to bolster morale.

His refusal was bolstered by the alibi that first it was the duty of the sheriff of the county to attempt to capture the murderers.

The beds were of the usual two types—the bedstead with feather-bedding, bolster and pillows being the more elegant, while the less important folks were assigned flock beds.