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Cacophony Definition

a loud harsh noise.

Sentence Examples

Consult your own ear, to avoid cacophony, and, what is very near as bad, monotony.

The cacophony of boys playing football irritated him because he was envious of it.

The cacophony grew louder and more vexing as he neared the computer lab.

The cacophony of protest continued.

Many an affront was given to the taste and intelligence of the audiences, and dreadful was the choral cacophony which filled some of the evenings.

The result was a curious cacophony.

The result he obtained was a fearful cacophony.

And even that gunfire was only a part of the cacophony.

No cacophony of rifle fire.

And then a new sound was added to the hideous cacophony.

Then it was cacophony, a thousand different shouting voices.

William shouted with raised palms, his voice barely audible in the angry cacophony.

Insects there were: a regular cacophony of buzzings, chirpings and monotonous mutterings.

They are introduced apropos to the cacophony of the names of the places which he visited.

He turned to the headlines of the Bangkok Post glancing at the cacophony of human relations.

Consequently they have sacrificed their Italian birthright of melody for all kinds of cacophony.

There was a cacophony of hisses in her toothless mouth, enough to make all the dogs in Paris howl.

The ghastly cacophony that I had experienced in the same room some months previously was as nothing.

If you strike four or five adjacent notes on the piano at once, you produce an intolerable cacophony.

He slid the broad warehouse door closed behind him with a cacophony of dry screeches and padlocked it.

Men to me were a sort of musical instrument from which I could evoke any harmony or cacophony I chose.

I have had them out in a meadow for hours, baked and drenched, to get them rid of their native cacophony.

Horizontal listening becomes, beneath the murderous cacophony of that battle section, simply supine listening.

Save for some very special purpose, we should consider such repetition a jingle at best, a cacophony at worst: they think it a beauty.

The cacophony of human fears climbed and fell back, rising now as if engulfed in flame, then chilled, despairing.

Scholars were sociable creatures who needed meaningless action and cacophony even when it adulterated their aims.

They begin slowly and with some method; they proceed to a deafening cacophony, tolerable only when one is far distant.

As Schoenberg has decided both in his teaching and practice that there are no unrelated harmonies, cacophony was not absent.

Strauss's music gives a new reading to Wilde; it is a caricature in which cacophony reigns supreme under the guise of polyphony.

Expect caprices, surprises, stupefying, bewildering things, the most unexpected combinations of words, the most fearless cacophony?

Even in its present stage of development it offends the sensitive ear; but in its early days it was an instrument of torturing cacophony.

At the same time the band rewarded tireless hand-clapping by again breaking loose in blasts of delirious cacophony, and Lucinda pushed back her chair.

And since none had ever seen him laugh they would not suspect merriment in this dreadful cacophony, this laryngeal uproar, which had so suddenly assailed him.

These torturing words, particularly the latter, remind us so strongly of the odious cacophony of the Nurse and Child, that they really are not to be tolerated.

The shooting continued spasmodically, and not too far away came the outlandish cacophony of shrieks and shouts that meant a hunting party was staging a deer drive.

Along either side, patched-together taverns and brothels spilled their cacophony of songs, curses, and raucous fiddle music into the muddy paths that were streets.

Many a sympathetic talk they had together; one can see him now, his eyes burning gentle fire, head nodding, hands waving, as he denounced what seemed to him wanton cacophony.

Seated at a panel, their backs toward him, the two creatures were busily manipulating little spots of brilliant color, and one was creating a weird but soft cacophony with its mouth.

The makers of symphonies tend to forget beauty altogether; their one effort is to put all their own petty trials and tribulations, their empty theories and speculations into cacophony.

The most curious thing of all was his marvelous new awareness of being alive; he was adrift in a new realm of the spirit, untroubled by the cacophony of musket discharges from all sides.

Still another circle might go away disappointed if they could not hear something of the ultra modern writers, such as Strauss, Debussy or even that freak of musical cacophony, Schoenberg.

There, indeed, you will find cacophony supreme, the rattle of incongruous consonants only relieved by the jaw-breaking hiatus, and whole phrases not to be articulated by the powers of man.

Not nuns this time around, but rather New Age acolytes whose tastes ran more to secular music than to religious chants, as witness the cacophony of sounds that wafted out from several of the cells.

A concealed battery of robotics ground out a brassy blare of music, integrating random pitches—selected by electronic servo-computers—into the jarring minor cacophony that had become the latest rage.

The same perverse public, which in spite of the Spectator's remonstrances, preferred Rinaldo to translated Racine, persisted in admiring Handel's music, and in paying no heed whatever to the cacophony of Clayton.

If I flee to the further side of the steamer and stop my ears from the cacophony, my face is tickled by the foliage of huge nosegays thrust up on the ends of poles from a boat so low in the water that I cannot see it.

He pulled back his shoulders and resolutely faced west toward the river, but stopped short in horror as he heard the sudden cacophony of barks, yelps and howls of a pack of bloodhounds that senses the beginning of the end.

His sympathy with the working classes was no passing sentiment; it was the lasting keynote of his plea for social justice which is clearly heard through the cacophony of some of his later outbursts against the social order.

She gave his arm another little caress, and they proceeded immediately to the dining room, where the string orchestra and the small talk of two hundred and fifty guests strove vainly for the ascendancy in one maddening cacophony.

Proof of this is to be found in the confession of linguists, that there are no truly phonetic laws of the hiatus, of cacophony, of diaeresis, of synaeresis, but merely laws of taste and convenience; that is to say, aesthetic laws.

A sharp, high scratching responded, as painful as a pin dragging over the ear drum, a meaningless cacophony of sounds that gradually resolved into a thin, incredibly metallic melody which appeared, mercifully, to come from a distance.

As she opened her mouth to say something brilliantly witty, to show she was no ordinary female but a creature of spirit and fire and intelligence, a sudden cacophony of shrill cries and explosions arose, accompanied by bursts of light.

There was no hint even of a poetical or musical idea in the hideous cacophony with which he had deluged their ears; the first principles of harmony, the most elementary rules of composition, were absolutely alien to this chaotic structure.