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Use call-it-quits in a sentence

Definition of call it quits:

  • (verb) stop doing what one is doing | To declare debts resolved to one another

Sentence Examples:

Settle the damages for the lost liquor, and I'll call it quits.

"Then why didn't you take the ten thousand and call it quits while the getting was good?"

If you like to call it quits now, I don't mind.

"I've brought along a horse; we can call it quits."

"We'll call it quits, and next time I tumble overboard I 'ope you won't be handy."

Let us call it quits; and now I will tell you what you wish.

I tried to shake hands with him yesterday and call it quits.

I called it quits for the day, and drove home alone with the truck only half-filled.

"I don't know but what we might as well call it quits."

The judge will be mighty glad to get him back, and call it quits.

You might think Pinckney would have called it quits then; but not him!

Let's call it quits right now.

Then you're free to call it quits for good, if you like.

We could, of course, simply call it quits and wait for them, but I'd rather fight it out.

"Well, I wouldn't be hard on you, an' we'd call it quits by the middle of November."

"Take it, Sarah," said he; "and we'll call it quits for now," as she left the office.

"I fell off my pony, then I fell on you, and we'll call it quits, eh, Ned?"

They agreed to call it quits, and resumed their study of the map.

We'll call it quits if you settle down with me and put in the time chinning about things.

Look here, Bluff, old man, you got your bear in spite of my playing that mean trick on you; are you going to call it quits, and be friends?

Yes, we'll call it quits, Jerry, only after this you might forget to sneer at a gun that happens to be different from yours.

"Well, if you'll save our property from the Tilbury gentlemen," I said, "we'll call it quits."

If Lady Ruth has observed enough to open her eyes with regard to the veteran soldier, John will call it quits.

Well, tell me this, Bob, if this last remote chance doesn't work out, will you call it quits and not start in on another last remote chance?

We've met up with you in about the queerest way ever heard of; and after getting you off that ledge up there, don't think we want to call it quits.

You announced you had to live your own life, and I was getting too emotionally involved in my work, and it would be better all around if we just shook hands and called it quits.

If you have to thank me for the one you have to thank me for the other, and we may call it quits.

Or what must I do, more than I've already done, to prove I ask nothing better than to call it quits for good with you?

Never mind the bit you owe me; you can pay Carter Paterson with it, and we'll call it quits.

I call it quite large, and I've put you one or two nice books to read, and I arranged the flowers myself.

Well, I guess, between us, we can learn to run her, but I guess we had better call it quits for to-day.

Bleary-eyed and exhausted after a long night at the computer, Par felt like calling it quits.

He said that further bloodshed this time would be horrible; his tender soul longed to get home safely, to call it quits, and to take a long breath and plan a new combination before the next bout.

The North Vietnamese finally called it quits and withdrew with those bodies which they could retrieve.

Well, you are taller than me and only a month or so younger, so we'll call it quits, as we say on the stage!

When that merely reinforced his overall gloom, however, I called it quits, located a consoling rawhide stick for him to gnaw, and poured a brandy.

We accept our allotted span of years and call it quits.

We'll call it quits if you'll promise that in the days to come you'll let me hang around your hymeneal shack once in a while.

And as I find he was tolerably successful, we will call it quits.

And, as I find he was tolerably successful in this, we will call it quits.

I tried to get the old reprobate to call it quits when I shipped him off the other day.

One afternoon, after twenty minutes of desperate efforts to annihilate each other according to set rules that did not permit kicking, striking below the belt, nor hitting when one was down, Cheese-Face, panting for breath and reeling, offered to call it quits.