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Definition of canonical:

  • (adjective) appearing in a biblical canon;
  • (adjective) of or relating to or required by canon law
  • (adjective) reduced to the simplest and most significant form possible without loss of generality;
  • (adjective) conforming to orthodox or recognized rules; "the drinking of cocktails was as canonical a rite as the mixing"- Sinclair Lewis

Sentence Examples:

It serves as a sort of canonical example of awfulness.

For man and wife make but one right Canonical hermaphrodite.

That is not only canonical law, but Italian common law, too.'

If vasectomy causes canonical impotence, that fact adds a special moral quality.

He is a professor of canonical law and slated for a German bishopric.

There are two opinions among moralists as to the essence of canonical impotence.

There are different sorts of fasts; canonical, satisfactory, expiatory, votive, and supererogatory.

The canonical laws had long before this debarred them from filling offices.

This then is a period of transition from the Canonical to the Patristic literature.

In the Greek the additions form with the canonical text a consecutive history.

The canonical Gospels continue to the end anonymous documents of no evidential value for miracles.

Where these three conditions are fulfilled there is a benefice, true, real, and canonical.

A canonical form of the Corinthian capital did not exist in progressive Hellenic art.

Canonical name for an output routine that outputs whatever the local interpretation of 'splat' is.

This ornate ritualism is not authorized in any known canonical text, but it is thoroughly Indian.

The cassock, though part of the canonical costume of the clergy, is not a liturgical vestment.

And that this juridical and canonical sifting of poor ministers was not to edify and reform.

Leech draws the baronet awakened by his servant, but too late: the canonical hour has passed.

The antiphons he drew from existing sources, and of course the canonical hours were already in existence.

They pay unwearied attention to the canonical services, making no addition to them except for the defunct.

They pay unwearied attention to the canonical services, making no addition to them except for the defunct.

Nocturns and lauds (together called matins), with the six hours above-mentioned, make the seven canonical hours.

The Greek Canonical text gives a wrong meaning, or no meaning at all, through misunderstanding of the Aramaic.

The full vigor of the canonical laws against heresy and apostasy would then be exercised against them.

These books of the Canonical and Apocryphal writings do not cover the whole literature of the Hebrew nation.

This was too much for the observers of the canonical law, and they sentenced him to be impaled alive.

Regularly at the canonical hours he repeated the customary prayers in addition to prayers for the dead and other orisons.

On one side lie the canonical dead and on the other the laity, with bright marble tablets and gilt inscriptions.

The nuns must display absolute and passive submission to the prioress, and it is canonical subjection in all its self-denial.

Because, whether invented by Aeschylus or not, these signs were a canonical part of the story by the time Euripides wrote.

Do not italicize the books of the Bible (canonical or apocryphal) or titles of ancient manuscripts, or symbols used to designate manuscripts.

The cry of whole nations is already lifted up against these pretended canonical laws, dictated by ambition and by fanaticism.

Or to be planted upon a pannier, with a pair of geese or turkeys bobbing out their heads from under his canonical coat!

The papists urge canonical hours, whippings, penances, pilgrimages, voluntary poverty, abstinence from meats and marriage in their priests and votaries.

Though mutilated at the beginning, as well as the end, its testimony to the existence of the four canonical gospels is decisive.

They declared that he had not celebrated matins, nor observed the canonical hours, and that he did not cross himself.

Sometimes these same expressions of our poet betoken a convivial familiarity with his friend Gregory of Tours, which is not precisely canonical.

The Latin versions of the Gospels of Nicodemus vary in details from the Greek, but not more than do the four canonical.

If the Latins apparently looked upon the Greek as the original itself, the apocryphal books would soon get rank with the canonical.

Our Attic authorities certainly regarded the Homeric poems as canonical books, decisive for the culture of the first stage of Hellenic history.

Success is so powerful an argument that the biographers appear not to have perceived how determined Francis was to ignore the canonical laws.

And the historian goes on to tell us, that out of the canonical life established in the pontifical palace, there sprang a school.

Nevertheless, as this is not one of the five canonical colors, it is not employed for the decoration of churches or for ecclesiastical vestments.

The essence of the Breviary was the Psalter, which formed the groundwork of all the forms of devotion used at the Canonical Hours.

The theory of excommunication that is set out in the canonical literature of the Middle Ages has generally been carelessly studied and imperfectly understood.

The history of the apostles as read in this period is nearly all apocryphal except the few data taken from the canonical book of Acts.

Last of all come forth four priests, clad in their gorgeous canonical vestments, bearing the lid of the sarcophagus which is supported on brass rods.

The heretical sects of the second century furnish testimony to the genuineness of our canonical gospels which is of the most weighty and decisive character.

He blesses the graves of the dead, christens the living, and performs canonical marriages for those who desire, and can afford, the luxury.

The canonical Gospels all narrate the crucifixion of the two malefactors, but the various terms in which this is done must be given for comparison.

Grimm tells us that he does not know when broomsticks, spits, and similar utensils were first assumed to be the canonical instruments of this nocturnal equitation.

The quiet canonical houses gave me the sense of stately and pious repose; of secluded lives, cheered by the dignity of worship and the beauty of holiness.

Then the grim western tower, with its somber windows, the gabled roofs of the canonical houses, rise in picturesque masses over acres of white blossom.

The latter declared that no excuse could be alleged for the omission, and that whoever neglected the canonical Hours was to be considered as a schismatic.

The second important source of knowledge of the materials of the Hebrew mythology is accordingly the cycle of stories to be found in the canonical Book of Judges.

Monsignor Palma, a theologist expert in all canonical affairs, and a perfectly honest man in pecuniary matters, had met with a great misfortune in his life.

Every clergyman should, by canonical rule, feel a personal disinclination to a bishopric; but yet we do not believe that such personal disinclination is generally very strong.

His lithograph studies of trees and his landscape copies attained the importance of canonical value, and for whole decades remained in use as a medium of instruction in drawing.

In the Cuban fighting, for instance, it would have been folly for me to have taken my place in the rear of the regiment, the canonical text-book position.

In defining mutilation as a cause of canonical irregularity he contends that the weakening of a member so that it cannot perform its function is not a true mutilation canonically.

Of course, they believe they have it in a sacerdotal, canonical, and private way; but not one of them dare stand up and swear by his powers publicly.

One of the disciples of the boldest Arabian philosophy, Moses Maimonides, was able to become the oracle of the synagogue, because he was well versed in the canonical law.

On that day he condemns them as contumacious heretics, declares them deprived of all lands and honors, and subject to the canonical and civil penalties of heresy.

Moreover, canonical satisfactions do not belong to these punishments; as the adversaries say that by the power of the keys a part of the punishments is remitted.

After a novitiate of a year, during which life was made easy to him, he took his canonical vows; and soon began to repent of the step he had made.

Up to the seventh century the Breviaries which contained the prayers to be offered at the canonical hours had as matter to be sung only the words of Scripture.

The last of the seven canonical hours, originally said after the evening meal and before retiring to sleep, but in later medieval and modern usage following immediately on vespers.

If so, how got it into the canonical Book of Judges, which, with all its mythical and legendary material, seems yet to contain a large substratum of unquestionable history?

On the other hand, in the case of the Apocalypse mere references and quotations will be mentioned because they afford important data for arriving at a decision concerning its Canonical authority.

Among these abuses, however, there are two that we conceive it our duty to point out more particularly: the one consists in excommunications, the other in the refusal of canonical investiture.

Ecclesiastical practice, as well as their distribution amongst the canonical books of both Greek and Latin Bibles, told, as time went on, more and more in favor of their inclusion.

Further sums were exacted for pronouncing a dispensation in favor of those appointees whom youth or some other canonical impediment incapacitated for the acceptance and discharge of the requisite functions.

It can consequently never mean a pardon for sins to come, as is often ignorantly supposed, and is apparently a reminiscence of the ancient practice of canonical penances inflicted on penitents.

There are many persons named as royal chaplains; some, whose successive appointments to bishoprics appeared to our simple forefathers to encroach too much upon the proper and canonical mode of election.

The same remarks apply to the next passage, which is introduced as a distinct quotation, but which, like the rest, differs materially, linguistically and in order, from the canonical Gospels.

They appropriated the revenues during the vacancy of the diocese or abbey, prevented the canonical elections from being held, or refused to allow the prelates elect to exercise their functions.

In words of ambiguous sophistry, they proceeded to request, in effect, that people would be pleased to adopt the views of churches as to the complete inspiration of all the canonical books.

Commissioners of ecclesiastical causes were created by an act of the same session, "to adjudge heresy" according to the canonical scriptures, the first four general councils, and the laws of parliament.

To canonical were opposed apocryphal writings, i.e., heretical and fabricated ones; while an intermediate class consisted of those read in the churches, which were useful, but not decisive in matters of belief.

Before considering the general idea of the prophet that may be collected from the various notices in Chronicles, we may devote a little space to the chronicler's curious attitude towards our canonical prophets.

Priests and all other persons bound by a solemn pledge of celibacy in the approved canonical manner are forbidden to contract marriage, unless they have first received the necessary canonical dispensation.

Which, then, is the readiest way of confuting the enemies of our holy and only true religion, who do not scruple to affirm, that many books of canonical Scripture are in this predicament?

The Jurist received his Justinian on authority as the Theologian received the Canonical and Patristic writings, or the Philosopher his Aristotle, while he had the advantage of receiving it in the original language.

Among the questions which he discusses, is the following: "Is an ecclesiastical judge permitted to arrest and imprison laymen in a trial on canonical affairs, without the intervention of the royal judge?"

As the eighteenth century wore on, it would seem that the canonical penalty of relaxation came to be enforced only on the relapsed who were pertinacious, or refused to confess and beg for mercy.

In this case the second marriage would be a nullity and the first would recover its obligatory force, so that now two separations, it might be, would be demanded by canonical law

Supposing there were in Justin's hands a primitive work which supplied the passages, and that work was embodied in the canonical compilation, they can be truthfully said to be quotations from the latter.

If social evolution takes the right course, the practice of polygamy will be abolished; and the maintenance of its lawfulness in canonical works will mainly be a survival of a bygone phase of development.

Others, again, especially in the West, extended the number of canonical works to ten, though with varying members; but all these must be regarded as more or less local, temporary, and individual eccentricities.

The classics, unlike the canonical scriptures, have been subjected to the purifying process of rigid criticism, and the monkish corruptions which once perverted the meaning, are in a great measure eradicated from modern editions.

It would have afforded the keenest pleasure to Boniface if he could have witnessed the zeal with which his patron Pippin went forward with the task of reducing the Frankish clergy to canonical discipline.

Again the miracles at his death, the descent to hell, the resurrection and ascension, everything was covered with an abundance of miraculous narratives, partly enlargements, developments of the canonical accounts, partly mere fiction.

Your inhibition has placed us between the hammer and the anvil: if we disobey it, we violate our canonical obedience; if we obey, we infringe the constitutions of the realm and offend the King's majesty.

I accept no accusation, unless I be first invested with my bishopric, or unless it be awarded by a canonical judgment that I must be charged and make answer and be judged before such investiture.

True, the artistic value of these early attempts was but small, and would almost appear as an incompatibility, taking into consideration the fact that their authors were erudite in the subtleties of canonical device.

The invitation having been given and accepted, I felt some curiosity to witness the firmness with which he would face a large and enlightened audience, and, in the intellectual sense, grace his canonical robes.

Better formed capitals than this continued for some time to be made in Greek lands; but the type just shown, or rather something resembling it in the disagreeable feature noted, became canonical with Roman architects.

There was no precedent whatever for deposition, and Gregory is severely censured even by modern writers for not observing the canonical forms in his excommunication of Henry. Gregory at once prepared for war.

The style is that of simple, clear, and well-told narrative, with very little rhetorical embellishment about it, yet bearing somewhat of a dramatic cast, like much of the canonical book to which it is appended.

I told him I knew it was useless to contend with so high a canonical authority; personally I did not see the impiety of geography, but then, as he already knew, I was a confirmed latitudinarian.