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Use cauliflower-ear in a sentence

Definition of cauliflower ear:

  • (noun) an auricle deformed by injury; common among boxers

Sentence Examples:

Where did you get that cauliflower ear?

Gunboat shook his cauliflower ear in a little nod of comprehension.

A heavy person with a flattened nose and cauliflower ears stepped into the hall.

His jaw was firm, and a cauliflower ear overhung his collar like a fungus.

Interrupted the older man, in no way intimidated by the interloper with the cauliflower ear.

"I'd see a poker-faced lug with a cauliflower ear and the body of a stevedore," he reflected.

Well, she wasn't doing it for the fellow with a cauliflower ear who was standing beside him.

With a moistened cloth he polished the imperial nose, and he took pains to be gentle with the cauliflower ear.

His indignation, however, was diverted by the assurance that it was his enemy of the cauliflower ear who had brought about his fall.

When the youth with the cauliflower ear stepped back into the studio and closed the door he already seemed to have himself well in hand.

There was another man with him, a very large man with a broken nose and what is known among the sporting fraternity as a cauliflower ear.

This deaf man tells me that if he had really known to whom the cauliflower ear belonged he would have been the first man out of the car.

Be sure and paint his face first, Frieda, while the painting is still good, and before his nose is pushed askew, and he becomes adorned with cauliflower ears.

Pierce to where Doctor Barnes stood behind him, with his cauliflower ear and his pugilist's shoulders.

The prima donna, with her French, and her paint, and her pearls, and the prizefighter with his slang, and his cauliflower ear, and his diamonds, seemed creatures of another planet.

With their broken noses, low foreheads, and cauliflower ears, they are the very type of overspecialized brutal brawn which intellectuals in all ages have delighted to ridicule.