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Use cauterize in a sentence

Definition of cauterize:

  • (verb) burn, sear, or freeze (tissue) using a hot iron or electric current or a caustic agent; "The surgeon cauterized the wart"
  • (verb) make insensitive or callous; deaden feelings or morals

Sentence Examples:

The prostatic portion of the urethra was cauterized, but without success.

Such tumors are practically incurable, returning after having been amputated and cauterized.

The cautery should be laid aside as soon as the tissue cauterized ceases to burn white.

By cauterizing these small heads a cicatrix is formed, which prevents the effusion of blood.

The roots should then be cauterized with tincture of iron, glacial acetic acid, or lunar caustic.

He explained that Konrad had bought all the eyes, cauterizing the lie with scalding coffee.

For instance, in the treatment of polyps he says that they should be incised and cauterized.

They may also be cut off with scissors and the roots cauterized with nitrate of silver.

If it is neither decayed nor loose, but still painful, it is necessary to desiccate it by cauterizing.

Such as have not been cauterized must be treated with those medicines, that powerfully corrode the flesh.

When the zany in the pantomime hides the red-hot poker in his pocket, he cauterizes his person.

It would be supererogation to expose at length those vices and stage tricks which have already been freely cauterized.

He ordered his servants to cauterize his gouty limbs with red-hot irons, and passed into a dangerous condition.

An additional advantage is that the beam, being of such high intensity, can also sterilize or cauterize tissue as it cuts.

For a time there was enthusiastic cutting of septal spurs and burning of redundant mucosa and cauterizing of sensitive areas.

Suck the wound and cauterize with caustic or white-hot iron at once, or cut out adjoining parts with a sharp knife.

These duds are very hot, and this one cauterized the wounds and the man did not bleed to death at once.

Remove the clot with a curette, cauterize the vessel and pack the cavity with gauze to prevent bleeding and to secure drainage.

Lenses of rock crystal were used to concentrate the rays of the sun for cauterizing wounds and also to light fires, especially sacrificial ones.

The clitoris, by some, is supposed to be the seat of irritation, and has been amputated or cauterized, but without generally effecting any relief.

Their skins are scarified, and their sores blistered, lanced, cauterized, and sometimes burned away with a knob of red-hot iron, called 'the button.'

The smell of the crisping flesh sickened him, but he doggedly stuck to his task until he judged the wound was sufficiently cauterized.

As they formed, the peasant opened them, and cauterized the parts with a red-hot needle; after which the patients gargled with the same decoction.

His plan is to restore the stability of the respiratory center, by cauterizing the septal mucous membrane, and combining with this general hygienic measures.

If the gums are ulcerated, Galen recommends them to be cauterized with boiling oil, using for the purpose a little wool wrapped around a probe or toothpick.

In cases of dental fistulas, it is necessary to cauterize the fistulous tract, to extract the diseased tooth, and if the bone be also affected, to scrape it.

Do not apply tar to the abraded surface, as, from its cauterizing effects, the wound will be enlarged, and a repetition of the visit speedily ensured.

If the idea of cauterizing the vessels is disagreeable to the patients, the vessels of the clitoris might be tied, as are those of the penis after amputation.

The application of a cauterizing solution by means of a cotton swab wrapped round the end of a sound may be of service in patients who refuse the actual cautery.

This done, the operator applies the broad portion of the iron over the entire surface of the stump of the spermatic cord, and cauterizes (or sears) the part thoroughly.

She was rejoiced when he uttered a sarcasm or an opinion that shocked her, for she hoped that his irony would cauterize what she considered a cancerous spot in her heart.

All the diseased secreting surface should be carefully scraped with a thin hot iron, fungoid growths excised and cauterized, and, indeed, every particle of cankered tissue should, if possible, be eradicated.

The better plan is to begin with those situated on the inner surface, first cutting them away, then cauterizing, and finally when they are cicatrized proceeding to the treatment of the others.

A bite from a man in his condition is no laughing matter and the doctors took no chances; every man who was bitten had the wound immediately and thoroughly cauterized and was inoculated.

While the irons were hot, I cauterized their sore feet, and applying tar and turpentine, wrapped them up in gunny sacks and turned them away from the herd to graze along the creek.

And, like a skillful physician, who at one time makes use of medicines, at another of the knife, and at another of the cauterizing instrument, he mixed threats with entreaties, friendly messages with fearful denunciations.

Such a wound should always be squeezed or sucked until it has bled freely, and then be cauterized by a red-hot iron or touched with an applicator that has been dipped in sulfuric acid or nitric acid.

In obedience to his orders, an attendant followed him, bearing a brazier full of hot cinders, on which lay several irons, at a white heat, used by the doctors for cauterizing, in desperate cases of cholera.

The effect of bromide and ergot was then unknown, and the doctor made such good use of his cauterizing- iron that on one occasion, at least, Sumner declared that he could not endure it any longer.

Then in his rage he went to the chief of the police, who made me eat stick till I fainted: and whilst I was yet senseless, they fetched a barber, who gelded me and cauterized the parts.

The surgeon that has a difficult case will not only make preparations and adjustments before he begins to probe, lacerate, or cauterize, but will sometimes administer an opiate; to stupefy that sensibility which he apprehends is too keen.

Hippocrates and Hippocratic writers treated hemorrhage by application of cold, pressure, styptics, and sometimes by actual cauterizing; but they knew nothing of the simple method of stopping a hemorrhage by a ligature tied around the bleeding vessel.

He found that his cowardice was not a sick spot which could be cauterized or cut out, but rather that it was like some humor of the blood, or something ingrained in the very structure of his nervous tissue.

While he was making preparations for cauterizing the wounds, some old men requested him to treat the unfortunate people according to the directions of a peasant in the neighborhood, who had obtained great reputation for the cure of hydrophobia.

They were discussing some public question, when a smell of burnt flesh rose in the chamber, and it was discovered that the minister's leg was being cauterized with red-hot iron while he was calmly debating the affairs of State!

Sometimes they make use of reeds for cauterizing, which they heat over the fire, till they are ready to flame, and then apply them upon a piece of thin wet leather to the place aggrieved, which makes the heat more piercing.

It is a common method of cure to cauterize the veins in the temples, which indeed are generally turgid in this kind of disorder; but that they may be more inflated and show themselves better, the neck must first be tied pretty strait.

Kneeling in front of her, Beryl turned up the wick of the lantern, and with a small brush attached to a silver wire, finally succeeded in cauterizing and removing a portion of the poisonous growth that was rapidly narrowing the avenue of breath.

The honest man should never attempt to conceal it from himself or justify it; he should either courageously renounce love, a thing that does not concern him, or expose the sore and ask the armed hand of the surgeon to cut and cauterize it.

It is ridiculous to talk of the injustice of cauterizing the thumb when the pain is in the hip, or scarifying the region of the stomach for a tumor inside the liver, or of oiling the ends of the horns of cattle, if there is softening of the hoofs.

Of course, I felt sure that the poor fellow was gone, because I knew nothing of scorpions then, except by reputation, and the place of the stings was so near the heart that I didn't care to try to cut them out or cauterize or anything of that sort.

If anyone does laugh, let him not blame man who has done what he was able to do, whose intentions were sound; may he not instantly cauterize the fault in my writings, but if he utterly despises them, let him lay aside the war of words, rewrite what was badly done, and offer his own examples of correct writing.