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Caveat Definition

a warning against certain acts.
(law) a formal notice filed with a court or officer to suspend a proceeding until filer is given a hearing

Sentence Examples

He can hardly speak of it without some sort of caveat or precaution.

A little dulness, a few clouds in the sky, might have acted as a caveat against Wretchedville.

This rule is called the rule of Caveat Emptor: "Let the purchaser beware."

Stallman verifies the snake candidacy with a few caveats.

There is no copyright on an idea, no caveat can be filed on feeling, and at the last there is no such thing as originality, except as a matter of form.

The issuance had been delayed at Morse's request, as he desired to first secure foreign patents, his own American rights being protected by the caveat he had filed.

Now, bearing this caveat in mind, we have next to observe that when once the nebula began to condense, new relations among its constituent parts would, for this reason, begin to be established.

There is nothing in copyright law corresponding to the caveat in patent law.

Does the rule of Caveat Emptor apply if the seller expressly warrants the goods sold?

I therefore entered a caveat there; and continued working at my model in the evenings.

Hugh, who was always at war with child marriages, issued a special caveat in this case.

A concluding Caveat, that ought to be noted by every Reader of the foregoing Argument.

Every man up to sixty must be mobilized but here we would utter the most emphatic caveat.

The Professor makes his point luminous by a cryptogram he has invented and for which he has filed a caveat.

One caveat: Teachers might want to peruse particular newsgroups before setting their students loose in them.

He seems to have been the first prominent man in the United States to abandon that legal wheeze, "Caveat emptor."

It was officially, the organ of Utilitarianism; but articles were frequently inserted requiring the editorial caveat.

This caveat duly lodged, he descended to the deck of his sloop, where he found the cabin boy shaking as with an ague.

In October, 1837, Professor Morse filed a caveat to secure his invention, but his patent was not obtained until 1840.

In the meanwhile it should hardly be necessary to enter a caveat against the popular idea that we are now "in broad daylight".

Thus Gray did not have a completed invention, and he later failed to perfect a telephone along the lines described in his caveat.

Even his chirruping is musical as he flies overhead, or makes his caveat from a tree or a telegraph wire against your ill-bred espionage.

Those physicians who did know how much typhus fever there was in these purlieus had to enter a caveat against the incredulity of the rest.

The maxim of caveat emptor is said to owe its origin to the fact that in early times sales of goods took place principally in market overt.

In 1837 he filed his caveat in the Patent Office in Washington, and asked Congress for aid to build an experimental line from that city to Baltimore.