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Definition of chasm:

  • (noun) a deep opening in the earth's surface

Sentence Examples:

The guardian demons of the chasm, enraged at finding themselves imposed upon by a stranger, tried to seize the pigeon, intending to devour it.

The country here consists of a tableland of calcareous rock rent at intervals by those great chasms which are characteristic of a limestone formation.

That language, as compared with Anglo-Saxon, came so much nearer to Latin as to reduce the chasm between the learned tongue and the vernacular.

Down in the bottom of the mightiest chasm of this tortured section of the earth sits an isolated peak shaped like an angular haycock.

Crimson appeared in a valley and ran and spread along the cliffs and rocks and over chasms, suffusing the whole westward scene.

It is not pleasant to slide a horse on his haunches down into one of these chasms without knowing where one is to bring up.

They issued from the wood, and followed a narrow path, hewn through the rock, above a chasm in which a torrent ran seething.

The unbridgeable chasm of want of experience would cut off knowledge from everything but its "content," the ideas it has of its objects.

In the Gaelic speech that gap is still called the Chasm of Misfortune, and the rock is yet known as the Bowmen's Crag.

During the war of independence it is said that a Chilean pursued by the enemy, leaped across this chasm and saved his life.

He himself was teetering on the brink of the chasm as the crawler, tiny head darting frantically, soundlessly around, slid over and disappeared.

Our goal was a covered shed overlooking a crater, not in a very active state, but puffing sulfurous smoke from numerous chinks and chasms.

Of course to see the beautiful schoolmistress who saved the man from drowning; and then to see the chasm across which he was swept.

The road was soon reduced to a mass of pulp, bordering yawning chasms, whose circumvention by chairs was a source of difficulty and delay.

In the rottenness of their brotherhood he told of his visit, of the manner of his reception, and of the incident at the chasm.

The unbridgeable chasm between Ideal and Life could not be spanned, and the baffled idealist met this hopelessness with the shrug of irony.

Only once in fact across the intervening chasm of crankiness did the Senior Surgeon hurl a smile that was even remotely self-conscious or conciliatory.

He could not evoke, and never had the faintest desire to evoke, a Past that was divided from the Present by an unbridgeable chasm.

Through the opening he could see the Indians gesticulating wildly on the other side of the chasm, as they gazed down into the gorge.

In fact, he had scarcely reached the middle when the tottering fabric seemed to give way and come toppling down into the chasm below.

We stumbled on the skeleton of a chamois, which had probably met its death by falling into a chasm, and been disgorged lower down.

Altars fumed from various points of the chasm above and the Syrian priests were seen in their robes performing the empty rites of idolatry.

As he looked in the twilight of the chasm, he saw something move, and instantly after, to his unbounded amazement, discerned two Blackfoot Indians!

Then he leaned forward and gazed down the gorge, and as he did so he descried three Indians looking up the side of the chasm.

Yet as he wended his way up the long chasm wherein he had first awakened to life, it was with a feeling of shuddering repulsion.

Another turn of the chasm, and the way, which had hitherto been level and pebbly, now led up over steep and slippery slabs.

The chasm rapidly deepens and narrows below Elbow Falls, and becomes a wild gorge of intricate mightiness at a point called the Oven.

The fact that the racial genius could perpetuate its germ, even across this chasm of desolation, is one of the astounding evidences of its strength.

Whatever they may become, however, they now profess views in regard to property which separate them by an unbridgeable chasm from the Socialists.

The fire cast up a red glare among the gray crags and impending trees; leaving chasms of deep gloom, that resembled entrances to caverns.

The great trunk lay destitute of lesser branches to the tip on the far side of the chasm like great characters that discard mannerisms.

The chasm that furrowed between and, topographically, held these two warring communities apart, sunk its rock-lined bed sheer two hundred feet below.

Having invoked and blessed that unknown enchantress, whose steps had led me to this abode of mystery and knowledge, I plunged into the chasm.

Bones of the mountains were melting in great heat and running into rails and beams to bridge the pathless fields and the river chasms.

Only once, in fact, across the intervening chasm of crankiness did the Senior Surgeon hurl a smile that was even remotely self-conscious or conciliatory.

For an instant Frank groped blindly, his feet swinging out into the awful chasm, and then he found the ledge which he had mentioned.

It was like the first gentle whispering of an approaching wind, the soughing of a breath among the pines at the top of the chasm.

We find more than once chasms, with these words: "the beginning of this letter is wanting in the Italian translation; the original paper being torn."

There is a wide chasm between imprudence and rashness in this transaction, and a Stoical sale of the hand, while the heart is kept back.

With a frightful crash the floes were set in motion, and the tremendous pressure of the atmosphere closed once more the chasm in the ice.

With the deftness of expert practice, he loosened the noose and the body dropped like a plummet through the air, disappearing into the chasm below.

Sometimes the cliffs gave back to make room for a tiny, red-roofed village; again they were riven by great fissures or pitted with yawning chasms.

A minute later it plunges down the hillside, along rocky precipices, over deep chasms, and then wearily plods up the zigzag course of another hillside.

Several times they were on the verge of collapse into the yawning chasm, but on each occasion the coolness and intrepidity of Crane saved them.

One object of special interest in the park is the National Bridge, a petrified trunk which spans a chasm thirty feet wide and twenty feet deep.

Higher and higher came the clouds, rolling and seething among the grim crags along the chasm; and soon we were caught in its embrace.

The weather-stained precipices of this magnificent chasm rise sheer from the ocean, inaccessible save to the gulls and cormorants that haunt their rocky ledges.

Once above the long series of viaducts that keep the road on an even plane of ascent over gullies and chasms, the way ceases to be so steep.

He glanced down into the narrow chasm of the alley below, its darkness riven here and there by shafts of light from the windows.

The paths still wind on, threading the perplexed windings, other labyrinths, other lawns, deep dells of wood, and lofty rocks and terrific chasms.

The earthquake that had rumbled so long in premonitory throes suddenly yawned in an ugly chasm, that swallowed up the petty differences of each side.

The chasm at this point was about eight feet deep and six wide; the bottom of a dull white color, with water percolating over it.

Where the rock is homogeneous, as it is in the inner chasm of the dark gneiss, the widening process seems to have gone on much more slowly.

What chance did one man stand, trying to pick up the thin, tenuous thread of his destiny in this trackless chasm that was outer space?

In this remarkable genesis we have a bridge that spans the chasm between the man and the anthropoid ape as no other bridge spans it.

To a warm, unclouded morning, a wet dark day succeeded; and, except between the chasms of flying clouds, the sun wholly withheld its light.

Ashley had cleared the chasm and alighted on the opposite edge, but it was shelving and slippery, and his feet slid from under him.

The solid red and yellow rocks which lined the sides of the great chasm projected above the opposite brink in jagged and appalling cliffs.

Here the freshening air sweeps down, and the low gurgle of living water purling out from cool, dark chasms mingles with the shepherd's flute.

The uncongenial surroundings among which she finds herself serve to accent her lack of loveliness of character, and to widen the chasm between them.

His assurances on the previous evening had not tranquilized her, and she had still a terrible misgiving that a chasm was widening between them.

His tail was unutterably dislocated by his last blow; so, leaping across the chasm he had made, he went home to rear his family thoughtfully.

The English edition of Philistinism is not a whit pleasanter than the German, and the chasm between the public and ourselves is equally wide everywhere.

The voyager passing down this stream experiences an indescribable sensation on looking upwards to the sky from a deep chasm hemmed in by lofty parapets.

And here was the shoulder of Spanish Head, and here was the belly of the Chasms, ringing with the cry of ten thousand sea fowl!

He had the gift of restoring things to their normal relations, of carrying one over the chasms of life through the closed tunnel of an incurious cheerfulness.

Why didn't I tell the good wife that the ponies put the crimp in my pocketbook instead of crawling into this chasm of prevarication and trouble?

There is a wide chasm, however, to be bridged over between that hypothesis, and its general acceptance, either by science, or by reflective yet unscientific inquirers.

The forests, chasms and valleys quaked, the flowers whispered sweetly to each other and turned their little heads toward the vivifying waves of light.

Said Ballard; and he meant the imprecation, and not the pile of masonry which his predecessors had heaped up in the rocky chasm at his feet.

She followed the next gulch, which was a perfect labyrinth of caves and pockets, and after leaping two chasms she reached her favorite spot.

Off their desolate shore Ulysses cast anchor, and leaping from his ship, descried the awful chasm that leads to the realms of the dead.

We were completely stunned by the cataclysm, but in a moment Harry had recovered and run to the edge of the chasm opposite thus suddenly formed.

The spectacle was that of the eighth chasm of the Inferno as to color and flame, and, as to mirth, a development of the Homeric heaven.

Down into the chasm, down further than Ward dared think about, and through corridors and labyrinthine passages that glowed with a strange phosphorescent effulgence.

We felt almost spellbound as we approached this awful chasm, and as if we were being impelled by some invisible force towards the edge of the precipice.

It is very probable that many a landslip took place in those days, and that large portions of sedimentary soil were cast into huge and mighty chasms.

And Lucy might hope to cross that yawning chasm in vain, for that which lurked within it, pushing its sides asunder, was a lie unconfessed.

The fierce burst open that followed, and the awful chasm, showed what gigantic strength vanity can command, and how savagely abuse it to maltreat nature.

The trail had been made by lumbermen or prospectors, who had provided a bridge by chopping a big fir so that it fell across the chasm.

A mass of boulders of all sizes, from a barn to a cobblestone, completely filled a chasm at the base of a semicircular wall of castellated clay cliffs.

The stoicism with which they ate and drank and bore a part in the conversation while a chasm had opened beneath their feet was almost incredible.

It is only when one looks out from the bottom of this vast chasm at the huge walls on every side that he begins to realize its awfulness.

Ever and anon would come, as with a lightning flash, the vision of all his cherished projects disappearing down the dark chasm of insolvency and ruin.

And there was even here, in the chasm of the road, a swing and dance to the flakes that bespoke the force of the wind above.

At the base of the fall, the chasms are closed, but the ridges in part remain forming protuberances, which run like vast wrinkles across the glacier.

On that fatal night she told me that on certain rare occasions, when the moon shines straight down the chasm, the wail will become an agonized shriek.

There is also, at no great distance from this mountain, a region containing numerous funnel-shaped chasms, emitting hot water, or steam, or sulfurous vapors, or boiling mud.

Up there where the youthful Rhine rushes down through deep rocky chasms the petrified Alp stands to this day, a silent warning from by-gone days.

McKay, and taking one of the lanterns he commenced to explore that side of the chasm which lay opposite to the tunnel leading to the buccaneers' armory.

A hireling of Hawley's had blown up the bridge in front of the Comet, and Matt had been obliged to cross the chasm on a narrow stringer.

About two o'clock in the afternoon we saw three clusters of houses on a tableland which juts into a chasm cut by a tributary of the great river.

Before we had got halfway up we passed large patches of snow and near the top there is a chasm some hundred feet deep completely glutted with it.

The ice trembled beneath my feet, and the next moment it was disunited by a vast chasm, which opened itself within a few yards of me.

It was as though the very soil moved, rising in mountains or yawning in chasms about the feet of those who had so long securely battened on it.

Gaining the summit of one ridge only to learn that above it towered another, the face of nature fearfully corrugated into a perplexing alternation of ridges and chasms.

The schoolmistress took one long look; and as the wave retired, rushed after it to the very brink of the chasm, and flung herself on her knees.

As to the puma, the Indians found it dead at the bottom of the chasm, completely wrapped in the blanket, and with most of its bones broken.

They crossed the chasm by the rope bridge in safety, and finally reached the summit, where the governor extinguished his light, and stopped to reconnoiter.

Parallel to its length, the ridge was split into chasms and fissures; between which rose the thin lofty walls, terminated with slender minarets and columns.