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Use chewy in a sentence

Chewy Definition

requiring chewing.

Sentence Examples

It's so chewy.

A chewy chocolate cookie with few calories.

The taste is good beyond words, and the consistency is pleasingly "chewy" without being tenacious to the point of teeth pulling!

Tender tiny mushrooms as a staple, instead of the tough and chewy provender they were used to, in time would cause them to have toothaches.

If her husband’s route lies along the richer streets she will have by way of tidbit for dessert a piece of chewy velvet, sugared and buttered to a tenderness.

Some people like the vegetable nougatine soft, others like it "chewy," and still others want it to be hard.

A chewy candy.

I like my roast to still be slightly "chewy" even though it's well done.

It's kind of chewy with good flavor.

The cookies that are soft and chewy.

A thin, crispy and chewy cookie.

How to make flan chewy?