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Use chide in a sentence

Definition of chide:

  • (verb) censure severely or angrily | express severe disapproval

Sentence Examples:

He did not chide or repine.

"You're a base flatterer," she chided.

Chided the physician, with upraised finger.

He is too kingly to chide or bicker.

Husbands are in heaven whose wives chide not.

Home-keeping wives should not the toilers chide.

Chided Emma consolingly from her place near the window.

I told her as much, while chiding her faithlessness.

They chided personal foibles, and only indirectly social abuses.

Again he chided himself for his inquisitiveness and walked on.

"You should conquer that habit of inattentiveness," chided her aunt.

I'll take such a chiding as kindly as Russian wives do beating.

Roosevelt, instead of feeling contrite at this chiding, redoubled his energy.

It was delightful to be rallied so familiarly, to be chided so saucily.

"You should have paid more attention to your course in practical seamanship," he chided.

The unseasonable laughter of some must be checked by chiding and threats.

She was teased unmercifully and chided and scoffed at upon every occasion.

"You've been doing something behind my back, you sly minx," he chided.

"You are a very ungenerous, suspicious, naughty old woman," said Lucy, chiding her.

And now the good churchman changed his note from comfort to gentle chiding.

The same sergeant was chided a short time before for shooting an unarmed man.

"You shouldn't tempt our Southern boastfulness, General," Isabel replied, with an air of meek chiding.

Sharp chided him loudly for "lazing it away" in bed until after sunrise.

Such was the flatterer's to Philip, who chided him: Sir, don't I keep you?

She chides the weakness of sitting still to mope and be macerated by passion.

Smile at old Fortune's adverse tide, Smile when the scoffers sneer and chide.

He was quite horrified, and, chiding her affectionately, helped her up with many kisses.

Cecile heard her utter a French exclamation, then chide pretty sharply the uproarious birds.

This is one of my foibles: and it is something for you to chide me for.

Which his mother perceiving would not seldom chide him therefor and chastise him.

He himself worked steadily, and he chided the incompetent, the shirkers, and the lazy.

He could not chide her for it, nor arraign her with one bitter thought.

The servants went slipshod about their duties, and their mistress did not chide them.

"Now there's a woman's thinking for you," he chided her fondly, joshing her a little.

The cannoneers, muffled in great coats, hung on the caisson seats and chided the drivers.

Charging it up to an overwrought imagination and chiding himself for a silly chump he moved on.

When the king heard of the occurrence he was very wroth, and chided the scald.

The wife burst into tears and then bitterly chided her sister for her meddlesome ways.

He has been chided by some because he has a magnificent contralto voice and scarcely ever uses it.

Surely his petulant mind will not again urge him to chide the kings with scurrilous language.

You must not chide them as their master, but you may gibe with them as their companion.

Her voice again reached me, as she recommenced scolding the dog: even its chiding tones were sweet.

They were witnessing something being done in expert fashion, and there was no room for chiding wisecracks.

She had almost made up her mind to chide the lax duenna for her dereliction of duty.

And I should certainly chide you most horridly, only that I have just run away from mine.

The bairns may break their hearts to see such chiding betwixt the husband and the wife.

When scholars used Aramaic in his presence, he chided them for not speaking in Hebrew or in Greek.

And will they chide, if, in its prevention, we drench our fields in our own blood in preference?

I only chided him once, when I caught the little dark tinker unscrewing all my violin pegs.

"Now Henry," chided Uncle Andy, tamping more tobacco into his pipe, "come down off your Pegasus, boy!"

"You want to chain your bear up tighter, Tony," chided the hotel man as the Italian led Bruno away.

He says that Columbus chided the monarch for the faithlessness that had lost him such an empire.

If they contribute not bountifully, then the priest will chide and threaten that he will not preach

She urged the conspirators to do their work, and chided in the strongest terms their irresolution and pusillanimity.

In courtly wise he would hie him to the strangers; for this he was chided by his sister's son.

Presently the two youths began to chide and jangle, and were passing wroth the one with the other.

All the functions of human duty irritate and lash him forward, bemoaning and chiding, until they are performed.

We find that saint expostulating with himself in a time of trouble and darkness, and chiding his despondent temper.

As she lit his candle he chided her with the touch of testiness which had ceased to frighten her.

"It looks as if I were running after her," he murmured, chiding himself; and he struck into the pathless thicket.

The king sat down and provoked debate, upbraiding and chiding him for his disobedience and stubbornness of mind.

Lincoln did not laud his freedom from failing, so they were patient as children with him, even in his chiding.

For these he had chided himself, as for an over-polite revulsion from the necessary blatancy of a broadly advertised enterprise.

Could work on "The Blessing" seem otherwise than ridiculous for one accustomed to chide presidents, monarchs, bosses, bankers, railway magnates?

Suppose he should have to peer hopelessly about the vestibule, in a shameful and suspicious manner, until some flunky came out to chide?

It purled and murmured a little too, but no where could it be said either to tinkle or gurgle, to chide or brawl.

She had indeed met this man several times, and had listened without chiding to his protestations of admiration and love.

It was humanly impossible for a man to chide his daughter and flout her rescuer within an hour of finding them.

In spite of my chiding him Paddy could not contain his delight, and danced about the room like an overgrown monkey.

You have reason to chide me and to reproach me for having rented a house without surety or means of paying the rent.

She disappeared, and as the playful, chiding tone, the merrily deprecatory glance remained in my mind, I realized a strange impression.

His voice was faintly chiding, implying by its tone that anybody but a dolt would have obtained the information long ago.

Came his voice, slightly distrait it is true, but containing sufficient of the lover's chiding tenderness to fill her with delight.

"You mustn't think because you've found sins in the party that you've been picked out for the atonement, boy," he chided, jocosely.

Sometimes he even chided the artists for an Italian impetuosity, which might be out of keeping with the charm of his melodies.

Let us examine ourselves at the end of every act of worship, and chide ourselves for any carnality we perceive in them.

The messenger prevaricates and delays, but, on being chided and commanded to speak out, says, "Hear me, then, with patience."

She had sometimes come before when he had worked at night, to chide him for neglecting sleep, to bring bouillon or chocolate.

In one of these the poet chides the zephyr for having stolen its sweetness while playing with the beloved's loose tresses.

I desired the earl to chide the insolence of his varlet, and instead of so doing he met my remarks with scorn.

She loved her husband, but his foolish foibles vexed her, and his lack of application prompted her to chide him.

When he chided her for this seeming heartlessness, she but smiled at him; nor would tell him what she knew.

"That will do now; that will do now," he chided, with an air of having indulged a foolishly doting woman long enough.

He talked at them with a cheerful scorn, a deprecating impertinence, as though they were children; he chided them with patient imprecations.

I followed the retreating horseman, who, I saw, beckoned me forward, and occasionally seemed to chide my tardiness and want of speed.

It was the voice of authority commanding the urchin on the curb; of seasoned seniority chiding the heedlessness of the stripling of twenty-two.

How all my schoolfellows would envy me, and how bitterly they would chide themselves for being too cowardly to accompany me!

Orderlies were dispatched to the front and to the rear, and the air-blasting bugle was sounded on ahead, as if to chide the teamsters.

When she was cold, she had always seen him unhappy; when she had chided his warmth, he had always remained her adorer.

"That's what you get for meddling with other peoples' affairs," chided Phil, laughing immoderately as he observed the rueful countenance of his friend.

It also chided the major for interfering between Indians, at a risk of disturbing the friendly relations between the English and their Iroquois neighbors.

My fingers are not skilled to use mattock, hoe, and trowel; my nature, too, does not calmly brook chiding, and refuses altogether to abide blows.

The ordinary, medium-sized fruit could be purchased, he knew, at one-fifth of that sum, and his conscience, no doubt, was chiding him for extortion.

Housekeeping is nearly always economically conducted, and your animadversions amount just to this: because women are generally prudent, they are to be chided for all shortcomings.

Spike was turning angrily to chide his Mexican friend for deranging his aim, when the report of an answering musket came back like an echo.

"That child is not canny," she muttered, while aloud she chided her for idleness and untidiness in having thrown her cap on the floor.

Harlequin trotted off to his mistress, and got prettily chided for his forwardness, of which chiding he made little or no account, and very properly.

The prioress chide her in a laughing manner for her curiosity, and drew her into the garden, to give Amanda an opportunity of examining the contents.

She never chided him for not replying ... she never complained ... but every line was flavored with the self-justification of all essential falseness.

They at first hesitated to strike, but Medea chiding their irresolution, they turned away their faces and, giving random blows, smote him with their weapons.