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Use chronic in a sentence

Chronic Definition

being long-lasting and recurrent or characterized by long suffering.

Sentence Examples

Ulcers are acute and chronic.

Chronic cases are difficult to cure.

They both fell ill of a chronic, high fever.

In chronic cases the symptoms are not so severe.

One day he came to me and complained of a chronic ailment.

It is considered a chronic trouble, but tends to final recovery.

The chronic form is a very common condition and it is difficult to treat.

In chronic cases recovery is possible, but it will be after a long tedious time.

Electricity and pain destroying (anodynes) remedies are indicated in chronic cases.

A mild, weak, hot solution of salt water is good in chronic, slow healing, indolent ulcers.

Chronic deafness is hard to cure; so often some of the deeper parts of the ear are diseased.

For the acute kind the remedy should be soothing, and more or less stimulating for the chronic forms.

Chronic indigestion, for it often goes on for months and even years unchecked, because it is not recognized.

Morphine given hypodermically will relieve the pain, but it is a dangerous medicine to use in a chronic case.

In the chronic stage, the skin becomes thick and covered with fine dry scales, usually in the face (Eczema Erythematosum).

There you will find a chronic congestion of the brain that has already lasted many months and threatens to last much longer.

Peritonitis may accompany acute infections or accompany chronic nephritis, rheumatism, pleurisy, tuberculosis and septicemia.

First as an acute attack which lasts for a few days only; second, as chronic disturbances which may last for weeks and months.

It is chronic here and there is cough, fever, wasting and an expectoration of mucus and pus, sometimes of a very bad odor (fetid).

Certain infections such as measles, whooping-cough, chronic heart, kidney and liver diseases and inflammation of the air tract are predisposing factors.