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Use chuck in a sentence

Chuck Definition

throw carelessly; throw away; pat or squeeze fondly or playfully, especially under the chin.
informal terms for a meal

Sentence Examples

He chucked away the cigarette he had only just lit.

"For my own part, I'd soon chuck him overboard."

My rifle was hot, too, and I chucked it away.

"Let's chuck him in first and see."

"I chucked it for the business game, the market."

Then we chuck you down inside.

"We'd have to chuck your hats out of the window."

It'll be much better for you to chuck it altogether.

I took jolly good care to blow it out before I chucked it away.

He yelled into the intercom, and one was chucked overboard ahead.

Look here: chuck away your silly week-end novel, and talk to a chap.

He chucked appreciatively at the midget screwdrivers and things Tom was making.

It hit a chuck hole, and the pen knife slipped, slicing deeply into her finger.

For the road crew I checked in equipment and for the cook I chucked out rotten beef.

I'll chuck it and try something else: something that will give a scope to all my faculties.

No man who camped with a chuck wagon has written anything remotely comparable to Charles M.

His throat constricted and his mind slammed on the brakes, chucking him from his exhilarating joyride.

Besides, they might chuck me in the infantry, and I have a horror of having things drop on me from overhead.

We were in the orchard behind the schoolyard, chucking rotten apples at the tree-trunks to watch them splatter.

Next thing a bag was over his head and one over the driver’s, and they were tied up and chucked into the truck.

If I chucked her suddenly into her playpen, though, and went to talk to the customer, she would howl with indignation.

After a day or two of thorough laboratory analysis of the air they'd be able to chuck their spacesuits if all went well.

As a climax to the gathering, there was to be guitar music around a camp fire and the serving of "treats" from a chuck wagon.

Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck, Till thou applaud the deed.