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Use circumvent in a sentence

Definition of circumvent:

  • (verb) surround so as to force to give up
  • (verb) beat through cleverness and wit
  • (verb) avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (duties, questions, or issues) evade their responsibilities"; "he evaded the questions skillfully"

Sentence Examples:

Morality is a duenna to be circumvented.

The cosmic creature felt himself circumvented, bewildered.

We have learned how to circumvent German discipline.

He wished to expose and circumvent German machinations over here.

Korean methods of circumventing them are delightful, and delightfully simple.

He knew the pangs of an author circumvented by a plagiarist.

It has not outflanked you, nor circumvented you at any point.

There is a double pleasure in circumventing the legislation of your London wiseacres!

He is put to his wits' end in checkmating and circumventing him.

Every trapper has his pet method of circumventing this foxy trick.

The other day I had the pleasure of circumventing a couple of lapwings.

Her childishness would be as hard to circumvent as shrewdness might have been.

He goes about it systematically, and becomes expert in circumventing and slaying our songsters.

After several attempts on my part to circumvent the minnow, it suddenly disappeared.

You must help us to circumvent the machinations of the rebel agents in Canada.

These notaries now advise as to the best way the law may be circumvented.

What foul coalition circumvented you, and whose pestilential breath is now whispering in your ear?

To reach it you have to circumvent rivers and climb up and down steep braes.

He relinquished thought of further investigation and considered, instead, how to circumvent the thieves.

And, actuated by the highest gifts of the enlightenment, we were seeking to circumvent her.

No wonder that provident parents circumvent such a common law by a settlement before marriage!

What irks man is that a woman pretends that she must be circumvented by wiles.

With tired horses and many burghers on foot we could not hope to circumvent the enemy.

The extra height had been added to the structure to circumvent the villainy of a cowbird.

She succeeded by her wisdom and diplomacy in circumventing the subtle machinations of rival powers.

The scheme thus sagaciously conceived, his adversary, with all his efforts, was unable to circumvent.

He would rather be circumvented by his own countrymen than pay an additional frank to a Frenchman.

His cautious intellect should devise the schemes for circumventing the wiles and stratagems of the enemy.

He was yet destined to experience a bitter proof how difficult it is to circumvent a vigilant adversary.

And so he fashioned forth a program that, like the program of the Hebrew prophets, circumvented death.

Still the Boston manager is mighty foxy, too, and you have to keep your eyes open to circumvent him.

Baited, circumvented, driven mad like the snared lion, Valor had to sink extinguished under vindictive Chicane.

The Cardinal then hinted, that Wharton had vanished on some occult mission, to circumvent the Italian investiture.

The siege, therefore, was of brief duration, and they were shortly circumvented by a simple strategical ruse.

By putting out the light did he seek to hide himself, or mean only to circumvent my incautious steps?

Bushwhacking thus for a league, we circumvented the peril, and came upon the river flowing fair and free.

As I went upstairs to greet Madeleine, I laughed to myself to think how Fate had circumvented the plotter.

Suddenly the sight of a slat sunbonnet, hanging on a nail beside her, suggested a means of circumventing him.

The Austrian ambassador at the Papal Court was unwearied in his endeavors to circumvent the peaceful mission of Joseph.

And if Mason had circumvented him; as was alleged, of course there was a very good reason for detraction.

The prime minister was inexpressibly afflicted, and reduced to despair at having been thus circumvented in his designs.

He ordered an unaccustomed "highball" as he pondered over some means of circumventing the social treason of his dethroned "friend."

Earthquakes have riven the mountain, splitting its sides and opening deep crevasses, which must be leapt or circumvented.

This provision stood clear in the document; but judicial ingenuity had circumvented it in the age of Jacksonian Democracy.

That mysterious stepmother of ours was really riled by my experiments and determined to circumvent every agricultural ambition.

The Austrian Government and the German newspapers are troubling themselves in vain as to how to circumvent the Italian propaganda.

If she was biding her time or hoping to circumvent her father she must have had a prevision of success.

He perceives that natural laws, however harsh they seem, are never so harsh as our amateurish attempts to circumvent them.

All Thames trout are wary, and it is probably their outrageous artfulness which adds to the rapture of circumventing them.

I'll answer to my country which you outrage by your machinations, for the methods which I employ to circumvent them.

Educated by the Jesuits, he early learned their methods, and his great ability enabled him to circumvent their wiles.

The fiend men they had fought against were dead and the rising race they could circumvent by subtler means.

I carefully circumvented this with my faithful putter and holed out in my smallest score of the round so far.

Perhaps because it was deemed the hardest to circumvent, the use of conjuration against the life of the queen was most feared.

The troublesome three laboriously invented processes by which, supported by surpassing acrobatics, they were able to circumvent our overhanging bars.

And no doubt it is easy thus to circumvent a child with catchwords, but it may be questioned how far it is effectual.

You are desired to surround and circumvent it; you are desired obliquely to steal an iniquitous judgment, which you dare not boldly ravish.

An old miner, however, circumventing the overseers, rushed into the shed; but he quietly reappeared, he had gone for his sabots.

We feel that in his place we could circumvent the sleuths and overcome what would be to the ordinary person insuperable obstacles.

In fact, he allowed himself to be circumvented by a few intriguers, who endeavored to derive advantage from the influence of his name.

Murder, theft, backbiting, undermining, circumventing, are vicious because they are not positive acts, but prevent them in the perpetrator and the victim.

In business the subtle art of his absorbing rapacity circumvented any attempt to lessen his profits by the shaving of a copper.

It is an attempt to deny, circumvent or otherwise escape from the consequences of the interlacing of the roots of things with one another.

Caspian looked ready to burst with rage at being "circumvented," and to sink into the floor with shame of his unsuitably clad companions.

His young memory must have been full of scares and of guileful expedients, each party and individual about him trying to circumvent the other.

He may dodge a stymie or circumvent an inconvenient piece of the green over which, without the cut, the ball would have to travel.

The four examples just given of literally circumventing an uninventive enemy illustrate in the simplest form the influence of invention on military history.

That in itself did not mean much, but it gave able and shrewd Prussian patriots the opportunity to circumvent and hoodwink Bonaparte's policy.

Lucas's glances at chauffeurs who hindered his swiftness were masterpieces of high disdain, and he would accelerate, after circumventing them, with positive ferocity.

The Russian people live, not because they have found good in Bolshevism, but because they have found means to circumvent Bolshevism and set it aside.

To him the crow is an unmitigated nuisance, all the more maddening because it is clever enough to circumvent every means devised for its ruin.

It was a war measure taken without regard to the civil law to circumvent further machinations of German conspirators, who had now become alien enemies.

Especially would it have cheapened the feline philosophies; for not simply how to know but how to circumvent the universe would have been their desire.

The speed at which the cab was traveling rendered his handwriting somewhat illegible, but he thought he saw a means of circumventing that difficulty.

By taking, however, the precaution of asking at a not too adjacent cottage for permission to ascend the hill, one may circumvent the Scottish prosecutor.

When they left, wrapping about themselves with conscious sumptuousness new evening cloaks that Jerry had recently evolved, she could not circumvent a sigh.

To be spied on was so natural to an Italian of that day that the victim's instinct was rather to circumvent the spy than to denounce him.

Plans to thwart them, to shortcut them, to circumvent, to cozen, to deny, to scorn and violate them, is folly such as man's conceit alone makes possible.

The animal ambled forward at a gentle pace, flicking its ears lazily to circumvent the flies, apparently at ease with its driver and with the world.

Velasquez, the darling object of whose latter years had been to circumvent, entrap or foil the conqueror, was sadly stricken by the defeat of his machinations.

This does not exhaust the resources at the command of the antiquary to circumvent those who would practice on his love for relics of the past.

For in their efforts to circumvent the high cost of living, the Friendly Terrace girls had begun making weekly or even semi-weekly visits to the country.

The Movement accordingly organized inexpensive mass marriages, collectively celebrated under official auspices; the purpose is not to increase the population, but to circumvent a wasteful custom.

Perhaps it was caused by either the originality or the audacity of the snow-bird hunter, in thus circumventing her express commands against the ordinary modes of communication.

The conversation that went about did not seem to engage this man, except as it turned on such engrossing topics as the necessity for circumventing child labor.

He had already made up his mind to do all he could to circumvent the plans of the plotters, and he was going to begin as soon as possible.

Having failed to gain the requisite tenth by means of the Assessed Taxes, he proposed to raise it by methods which even the shirkers could with difficulty circumvent.

It was soon after Mary had received news that the Spanish match was at an end, and she was ready for a new plan to circumvent Elizabeth.

I took him to my house for a swig of rum, and we had a long chat on the activities of the demon, and ways of circumventing his wiles.

The marriage of a daughter with an unwelcome swain was also often prohibited by will, "not to suffer her to be circumvented and cast away upon a swaggering gentleman."

However, instead of continuing toward that city, he circumvented the route and returned to the cemetery, during which time his doughty captors merrily dispersed to their homes.

She told untruths always, even upon the most trivial matters, as if she feared being circumvented, or giving any handle to others by whom she might be blamed.

Circumvented by the action of the noblemen, who greeted the Emperor first, the burghers retaliated by the destruction of the houses and goods of the more obnoxious nobles.

There she would have seen something more than gold staked, since the players debased themselves so low as to circumvent certain opulent dupes, who were the first invited.

He had little toleration for the man of inferior brain, and, although he did not underrate his power for mischief, he relied upon his own wit to circumvent him.

Nor was it to be expected that men who are adepts in sophistry and experts in quibbling could not find a way to circumvent the intent of the law.

He led his companion to the inner edge of the track, where a big rock abutted upon the acute angle which the path made in circumventing the forest-clad hill-side.

There is no power in the pencil actually to embody an abstraction, to impound the imagination, to circumvent the powers of the soul, which hold communion with the universe.

There were better and older trappers in the field after this old stayer's life, but it was given to me to circumvent his maneuvers and possess his fur.

If the procurer marries the girl to circumvent the law he cannot be prosecuted; if the girl makes one mistake in life, she cannot be protected from being procured.