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Cliché Definition

an overused phrase or expression, that usually does not imply its original meaning.

Sentence Examples

"There is a real cliché to finish with."

The cliché is immediately perceptible.

Some of the cliché examples are: "easy as pie" , "play your cards right", "by hook or by crook".

It should be understood, also, that the expression which exists as a cliché in one style, can occur as a renewed image in another.

A word whose customary feeling-tone is too unquestioningly accepted becomes a plushy bit of furniture, a cliché.

Another old cliché gone to the dust bin.

That phrase is such a cliché.

"You might fall back on the old cliché, sir: 'Wait and see.'"

Bad verbalism is rhetoric, or the use of cliché unconsciously, or a mere playing with phrases.

Cliché defines the form or the letter, commonplace the substance or the sense.

He never allowed a cliché to pass him, never indulgently or wearily went on, leaving behind him a phrase which "almost" expressed his meaning.

Cliché refers to the words, commonplace to the ideas.

Still the cliché of the past not mattering belied reality.

He was, as Pettit had said, a new type, not of the familiar cliché.

"Company coming," she said, before he could think of anything to prevent the mistaken cliché.

All this appears in the very style, so much so that, were it not for the cliché, I would quote Buffon.

I had always imagined that Cliché was a suburb of Paris, until I discovered it to be a street in Oxford.

I don't want to go back into my life, I don't want to trot out the old 'more sinned against than sinning' cliché.

The newspapers found in her interpretation the development of a soul, and one remembered, reading them, that a cliché is a valuable thing in a hurry.

This charge, although a cliché of Tory satires, is here made indirect and witty, as are the staple charges against the Duke and Duchess of Marlborough.

One of the conventional phrases (which has become conventional because it is accurate) with which changes have been greeted is the cliché, "we view with alarm."

That is the secret of all the delicious absurdities of what the French called the Vie de Bohème until the outsider who did not understand made a tiresome cliché of it.

A third, full of promise, Good Words for the Young, was cut off in its prime, or rather died of a lingering disease, caused by that terrible microbe the foreign cliché.

It is difficult to think of more than a few scores in which the inspiration is so persistent and so fresh - in which there is so little that is cliché, perfunctory, derivative.

Here, as elsewhere, the foreign cliché appears, or possibly the subjects were engraved specially, and were not, as was so often the case, merely replicas of German and French engravings.

It would be possible to point out his method of conveying a whole situation and half a character by three words of a quoted phrase; his constant aliveness, his mingling of very subtle observation with the unexpectedness of a backhanded cliché.

To-day the photograph from life is as popular with many editors as the cliché from German and French originals was in the seventies; but a public which tired of foreign electros may soon grow weary of the inevitable photograph, and so the warning is worth setting down.