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Use comeback in a sentence

Comeback Definition

a quick reply to a question or remark.
return by a celebrity to some previously successful activity.

Sentence Examples

Old Jim Lough is cautious and reliable, but he's set the date of the comeback too far off.

I reckon he's plannin' a comeback: but a man like him usually acts quicker.

Never before have I seen a dying man show such an inexplicable comeback.

O'Malley made no comeback.

"There'll be no comeback."

"There's a comeback for you!"

"They may stage a comeback any minute."

The major absorbed the jibe without comeback.

There must be no comeback where Clyde is concerned.

Now there's a classy comeback for you!

He winces some at that; but he still has a comeback.

The Art banished under compulsion had made a comeback.

"Nice comeback we staged... but too late to do us much good."

I doubt whether I shall see you when you comeback, so write a jolly lot of letters.

I didn't have any comeback about that, for there was certainly some truth in what he says.

Before he can get set for a comeback, they's a loud crash outside the door, followed by the well known dull thud.

At date of writing all are staging a good comeback with no care but a "wait-and-see" policy as to final treatment.

How glad I was that she wouldn't have a single thing to say to me for which I would not have a mighty tangible comeback!

No matter that the rolling must ultimately give going business a black eye through flattening out the bulk of the nation’s spenders, just so the comeback coincides with the intent.