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Comparative Definition

relating to or based on or involving comparison.
the comparative form of an adjective or adverb; "`faster' is the comparative of the adjective `fast'"

Sentence Examples

His data would have been useful for comparative purposes.

Degenerate into comparative feebleness.

I have a doctorate in comparative religion.

Suggestive data for comparative study is afforded in this connection by ancient Egypt.

Davis had cast comparative poverty behind her.

Adams performed them with much comparative ease.

That afternoon Ayrault brought out some statistical tables he had compiled from a great number of books, and also a diagram of the comparative sizes of the planets.

In a very subtle way, Master melted into comparative clemency.

As a matter of fact it was your comparative weakness that saved you.

Perhaps I was also, on account of comparative youth, more teachable.

Sound her on the comparative merits of their races out there and Ascot.

In literature, these comparative estimates have proved most prejudicial.

Centuries of comparative divine silence followed the planting of the vineyard.

The record is silent as to the comparative effectiveness of the two alternatives.

A flood of cheaper imports ensues and the comparative advantages of the country suffer.

Therefore, at first the people looked on at the conflict with comparative indifference.

Jitendra and I sauntered along the wide street, crowded now in the comparative coolness.

The railroad ran along the river, and left the town to its beauty and comparative quiet.

In this village and at my age this sum would raise me at once to comparative independence.

They only differ in the intensity of their revelation, and the comparative potency of their light.

You are blessed with men of learning, men who are well versed in the comparative study of religions.

These records render obscure periods faintly articulate, and are indispensable for comparative purposes.

"I should never have thought that any woman was capable of such a sacrifice for—for a comparative stranger."

The Director may make or accept loans of equipment for research and development and comparative testing purposes.

Machiavel seems to have been the first writer who discovered the secret of what may be called comparative history.

The time of comparative quiet that followed was utilized by the king in an attempt to win back some of his lost authority.

After a time, however, a few additional rooms were placed at their disposal and they were able to live in comparative comfort.

From the comparative dryness of the climate Essex does not excel in pasturage, and winter grazing receives the more attention.

To students of comparative folklore and mythology the myths and legends of Babylonia present many features of engrossing interest.

A striking Indian parallel is afforded by the legend of Shakuntala, which may be first referred to for the purpose of comparative study.

The fourteen years of comparative peace which he now enjoyed were devoted to perfecting the military organization of his enlarged kingdom.

"We can explore Saturn on foot," said Cortlandt, "and far more thoroughly than Jupiter, on account of its comparative freedom from monsters."

Any exactitude attaching to the conclusions of geometrical reasoning arises from the comparative simplicity of the data for the primary judgments.

This was to have consisted of a series of what she called comparative biography, and an ancient character was to have been paralleled by a modern one.

In either case, there have been long intervening periods of comparative rest, during which the sea corroded deeply, as it is still corroding, into the land.

The parable tells us nothing about the comparative acreage of the path and the rocky and thorny soils on the one hand, and of the fertile soil on the other.

Had he thrown away a life of quiet enjoyment and comparative ease, among his friends and kindred, for a new life in which he would be dissatisfied, miserable?

The necessary dependence of effects on causes, and the similarity of human interests and human passions, are confirmed by comparative parallels with the past.

"Cousin Mivers, does not the history of the world show you that a single individual can upset all theories as to the comparative wisdom of the few or the many?"

Henry could thus behead ministers and divorce wives with comparative impunity, because the individual appeared to be of little importance compared with the state.

These arrangements were intended to be as nearly permanent as practicable, so that all might have a period of comparative rest after the eight years of war and strife.

Five years of comparative peace had accumulated a fresh supply both of men and money; and the merchants of Athens embarked in the enterprise as in a trading expedition.

They had amassed wealth, and had adopted habits of comparative luxury, which, if it had not abated their disposition to fight, had diminished their capacity for fighting.

Herder’s services in laying the foundations of a comparative science of religion and mythology are even of greater value than his somewhat crude philological speculations.

These three years of stringent discipline none are exempt from, and very glad our young men are to pass from this severe school into the comparative liberty of the trades.

Its comparative smallness was a source of satisfaction to me at that time, rather than anything like jealousy of my senior brother commanders of the Cumberland and Tennessee.

She was now receiving a regular income from her estates; for it had been a time of comparative peace in Holland, and that country was increasing fast in wealth and prosperity.

The continuous series of small insurrections, speedily suppressed, which had accompanied his rise to power in later years, was by no means ended with his comparative security.

Throughout this volume comparative notes have been compiled in dealing with Mesopotamian beliefs with purpose to assist the reader towards the study of linking myths and legends.

This is probably to be in part ascribed to the fact that the comparative scarcity of stone and the unusual abundance of timber led to the extensive employment of the latter material.

For it must be understood that the comparative desirability of different parts of Boston for residence depended then, not on natural features, but on the character of the neighboring population.

Educated in comparative seclusion, her character and her person were unfamiliar to her future subjects, who were a little weary of the extravagances and eccentricities of her immediate predecessors.

How, I ask once more, can you adjust satisfactorily the comparative wages or remuneration of the multitude of avocations, so unlike and so incommensurable, which are necessary for the service of society?

His leisure was devoted to the study of comparative anatomy, to procure subjects for which he obtained the refusal of animals dying in the Tower menagerie and in various traveling zoological collections.

In 1801 Adelung’s Mithridates appeared, containing specimens of all the known languages of the world; a work as classical to the comparative philologist as Blackstone’s Commentaries are to the English lawyer.

Within a very few years the sale of the History was sufficient to gain for the author a larger revenue than had ever before been known in his country to flow from literature, and to place him in comparative affluence.

"Has some prodigious philosopher devised a new system of calculus satisfactory to all for determining the exact and comparative value of all sorts of service, whether by brawn or brain, by hand or voice, by ear or eye?"

Controversies have been keenly agitated about the principles of morals, which resolve entirely into verbal disputes, or at most into questions of arrangement and classification, of little comparative moment to the points at issue.

The last years of his life were spent in comparative poverty and isolation, as even the Esterházy-Forchtenstein estates were unequal to the burden of supporting his fabulous extravagance and had to be placed in the hands of curators.

There can be no doubt that the first effect of the Conquest was that the upper strata of the agricultural classes lost the comparative independence which they had hitherto enjoyed, and were in many cases depressed to the level of their inferiors.

Everything possible is indeed done by the just distribution of burdens, and by all manner of special attractions and incentives to relieve our labor of irksomeness, and, except in a comparative sense, it is not usually irksome, and is often inspiring.

To judge from the comparative quantities found in the different departments, it may be assumed that they are the work of people who have entered France from the west, and have gradually worked their way by the rivers and valleys further up the country.

We read in every page of history of invasions of hostile armies, of towns and villages destroyed and countries wasted and populations perishing of misery; the simplest war brings a train of horrors behind it; but we bear them with comparative equanimity.

Comparative notes are provided in dealing with the customs, religious beliefs, and myths and legends of the Mesopotamian peoples to assist the student towards the elucidation and partial restoration of certain literary fragments from the cuneiform tablets.

The growth of the languages of civilized peoples in their later stages may be learned from the study of recorded literature; xxiv and by comparative methods many interesting facts may be discovered pertaining to periods anterior to the development of writing.

Thus do the two extremes of theology and science meet upon a common ground of dreamy emptiness, and we who confess our comparative ignorance are comforted by the thought that some other things have been 'hid from the wise and prudent and revealed unto babes. '