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Use concede in a sentence

Concede Definition

admit (to a wrongdoing);
give over; surrender or relinquish to the physical control of another
acknowledge defeat;

Sentence Examples

I can scarcely concede anything more important.

This was substantially conceded even by the opponents.

I must concede that I understand their lack of enthusiasm.

"The enemy will never concede it."

Conceded from a sense of justice.

"Doesn't look too bad," she conceded.

I hasten to concede.

"Fine, I’ll concede that."

Twenty moves later he conceded.

We shall all doubtless concede.

It was very puzzling, Trigger conceded.

Every privilege which had been asked for was conceded.

The constitutional rights would all have been conceded.

It is generally conceded that they have accomplished nothing.

It is conceded that life is a dark and wretched failure for the great mass of mankind.

For they cannot and will not concede to us even the least point in one of these articles.

If, as is universally conceded, the water rises into the tile from below, this is unnecessary.

This is conceded by all to be one of the finest combinations for regulating blood and liver known.

The franchise was slightly extended, in a grudging way, but no new religious privileges were at this time conceded.

There is no authority to dispute the generally conceded fact that the "scratching" instrument was the first one used.

Coming again after many hours to the branching of paths, he tried to rest both mind and body, conceding the inevitable.

When only the eight ball remained, she eyed the six-inch shot and smilingly asked, "Want to concede the game?"    

“The animal, too,” they say, “has intelligence and perception”: all that they concede is that man’s intelligence is greater.

As anyone who worked on the desk would concede, finding errors on paper, when under pressure, can be the most difficult task.

One great truth must however be conceded to the opponents of the physiognomy of writing; general rules only can be laid down.

If all men are equal, no reason exists why, in this contract, any special advantage should be conceded to one more than to another.

Such content-based decisions, even the plaintiffs concede, are subject to rational basis review and not a stricter form of First Amendment scrutiny.

Party government turns on the majorities at the polling-places, and it was difficult afterward to recall a privilege which once conceded appeared to be a right.

"Every town or city is conceded the right to retain, for its own public works, a certain proportion of the quota of labor its citizens contribute to the nation."

As no one has any reason for denying that separate portions of the brain may manifest distinct functions of the mind, we shall assume it as a conceded proposition.

The new strikes, he said, had postponed indefinitely the completion of the contract, as neither masters nor workmen would concede the point at issue without a long struggle.

I concede that my experience has not been great, but I have witnessed enough to enable me to understand how it is that shooting has almost entirely displaced it as a pastime.

"But even setting that consideration aside, I do not see why it so surprises you that those who cannot work are conceded the full right to live on the produce of those who can."

They frequently gain their end, however, as exceptionally tender-hearted men often so dread tears that they immediately concede the point at issue on the appearance of this danger-signal.

When the former saw that her sister would by no means concede all the estates to her without contest, she was greatly concerned, and thought that, if possible, she would get to court before her.

Thereupon Edward, to the deep humiliation of the people, sued for another cessation of hostilities, and obtained it by conceding all that Robert asked, save the formal acknowledgment of his kingly title.

We should like to acknowledge and imitate so eminently large-hearted a style by conceding also that the story told by Curate Percy about the canoe, the weir, and the young wife seems to be substantially true.

It may fairly be said that the question in debate was entirely conceded in this remarkable paper, which was addressed by the States-General, the Prince-Stadholder, and the council of state to the government of Utrecht.

Now, if foreknowledge and omnipotence are conceded, it naturally follows as an irrefutable consequence that we have not been made by ourselves, nor that we live or do anything by ourselves, but through His omnipotence.

The primate contended very vigorously for the right to be tried before his peers, and since the king could get no subsidies from his parliament till he acknowledged the justice of this claim, he was forced to concede it.

As to the barons, the king took the important constitutional step of conceding that he would not ask them to serve abroad as a feudal obligation, but would pay them for their services, if they would oblige him by joining his banner.

As soon as it became clear to the mass of the nation that the dissenters were in a decided minority, there would be no reason to fear the utmost they could do even if the present liberty of worship and teaching were conceded to them.

As a result the king was dependent more or less on the lords, who were prepared to support him if their own demands were conceded, or to form private confederations or "bands" against him if they felt that they themselves were aggrieved.