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Condescending Definition

(used of behavior or attitude) characteristic of those who treat/talk others with inferiority.

Sentence Examples

His manner was so superior and condescending.

Hannah covered her mortification under a calm and condescending exterior.

A condescending and patronizing spirit

Can I be more preparatively condescending?

We want no condescending saviors.

He radiated condescending kindness.

His words sounded shallow and condescending.

He ceased to be careless and condescending to them.

Toby was condescending under chaff.

King Harald was very condescending, and full of fun.

Who can measure the depth of such condescending love?

She didn't, she told herself, want condescending sympathy.

His manner was graciously condescending, but never once familiar.

Scrub and Fairfeather became very condescending after this speech.

They were merely annoyed, upset, vaguely hostile and condescending.

"I wonder why you are condescending to be so gracious to me to-night, Myra."

How they must have laughed at him behind his back, with condescending pity!...

He graced her with a brief, condescending glance, then went back to undressing.

He was polite, in a condescending sort of way, and spoke to me as if I had been a child.

"Ah, now!" he exclaimed, holding out a condescending finger, "Petit Monsieur back again!"

Pola’s manner was prettily condescending and she made no move to join Sidney on the beach.

King Hakon was of a remarkably cheerful disposition, clever in words, and very condescending.

If Tom is in a good temper, he goes upstairs to humor you, with a condescending tread and a tired sigh.

If his manner was a trifle impatient and condescending, this only served to enhance his impressiveness.

He was a stout man, expensively dressed, and had a surly, condescending way of speaking to his companion.

They are so belittling, so condescending, so nay-saying and deterring, the other times and their masterpieces!

He gave a kind and condescending little smile, because they did not know, because they were so coarse of fiber.

"We like you," Caroline had continued in rather a condescending manner, "and we have told our mother about you."

Speak to them the language of truth and soberness, and away with the lullaby strains of condescending endearment!

Osterbridge Hawsey permitted a sad condescending smile to cross his face and he shook his finger at Claggett Chew.

With a pleasant nod and a condescending let-us-say-no-more-about-it wave of the hand he passed on to other matters.

After a while, condescending, he eases down the steps and lies on a sunny, dusty spot in the middle of the sidewalk.

All her usual composure, her quiet self-possession, her aloof and slightly condescending sweetness—had deserted her.

He noticed Robert and Mary and, knowing that they were strangers, he put on his most condescending and insinuating air.

This little lady's answer to such an objection is usually accompanied by a shrug and a mildly condescending expression.

That was very condescending and was doubtless inspired by the formidable battleline from the coast to Nancy, before their noses.

No commendation, you'll say, of the generosity of those spirits which can turn to its own disquiet so much condescending goodness.

… Oh, yes, you use it, fast enough, whenever you go back to Cambridge and play the condescending metropolitan in Combination Room.

The truth is, that Frances was fascinated by the condescending kindness of the two great personages to whom she had been presented.

I differ from Bellamy's condescending converts because I feel that he is close to an entirely practical and possible scheme of life.

You would think I paid him a hundred dollars a lesson, instead of his condescending to sacrifice his valuable time to me for nothing.

“For your single, brief belief,” he smiled with the grandeur of a condescending Emperor, “shall give my vanished Kingdom back to me.”

"And Arcot," continued Morey, releasing Wade from his condescending stare, "is Jove, hurling the rockfusing, destroying thunderbolts!"

"Glad to find you here in Bridgeton, Mr. Smedley," Randolph again said, his voice like oil and his manner confident and condescending.

In vain do the grandees show their condescending spirit, "welcoming with equal kindness and gentleness all who are presented to them."

He did the patriarch the honor to borrow money of him, and even carried this condescending friendship so far as to forget to pay the interest.

Hilson became more amiable than ever with the Baron, while she was pouting and sulky with Charlie, scarcely condescending to notice him at all.

Egbert's polished manners, his stories of life abroad, his easy condescending geniality, had from the first made a great impression upon George.

All his life, William had accepted Joan's adoration and homage with condescending indifference, but he did not like to imagine a possible rival.

“She did awfully well in that little girl play you had,” said Clara Ellis, condescending to show a little real interest in the question at issue.

“You certainly are in a fine humor after keeping your poor pals waiting for you for an hour and a half and then not even condescending to appear.”

Won't they talk to-night in the billiard-room—his world, where he had been first—all those men to whom he had been so superciliously condescending.

The attendant is so well bred, well groomed, so condescending and obliging you feel yourself a criminal if you escape him without making a purchase.

Whereas erstwhile he had been smug and condescending, complacent, lethargic and ponderous, he now became drawn, nervous, apprehensive and obsequious.

The condescending young gentleman at the soda-fountain affably told her that the Heberworth Building was just round the corner, on Forty-fifth Street.

Tonet was uncorking bottles of gin and pointing them out to special friends with lavish and condescending urgency as if he were doing the honors himself.

And with a condescending smile he passed on between ranks of sentries standing stiffly at attention, to inspect another portion of his miserable menagerie.

It is difficult to imagine the young foreigner of “German-silver aristocracy” condescending with success to Lincoln or Emerson or to Mark Twain or Whitman.

Ouida treated the former with the coldest and most condescending inattention, and devoted every smile in her possession to an intimate worship of the latter.

When I had finally stowed away the baggage and opened the door for her she got in with the barest of condescending nods for my efforts and sat staring ahead.

He was about to glance at the obituaries; to glance at them in a careless, condescending way, just to see the sort of thing that journalists had written of him.

Now he was quite prepared to be condescending and jovial once again: "Of course, of course," he said pleasantly, as he once more bent his tall figure to the fire.

She had thanked him profusely for condescending to come at all, and he had asked gruffly by way of graceful acknowledgment, "How long have you got to stick in bed?"

She was not like Marjorie Fleming, that immortal little girl, who was wont to be angry when offensively condescending grown-ups addressed her as a babe in intellect.

He thought to himself, and his heart was filled with a feeling of condescending tenderness for his kind, soft-hearted father, mixed with a sense of secret superiority.

The condescending guest returned to her distinguished circle laden with presents, and frankly owned that she had been given a royal time at the queer shop-house in St.

My father, you know, my dear, has not (any more than my brother) a kind opinion of our sex; although there is not a more condescending wife in the world than my mother.

His voice had a note of hushed exaltation about it, as if "she," whoever she might be, had, in condescending to rise, conferred a priceless boon upon a waiting universe.

She looked in the direction of the sound and beheld the gorgeous figure of the King bending—yet haughty and condescending even in adoration—over handsome Madame de Ludres.

And she had so much wanted to feel the importance of marching into chapel with the class next higher up, and of smiling back at her old mates with condescending tolerance.

Their one motive for condescending to grace the office with their presence at all is to earn pin-money or, perhaps, to support themselves in some fashion until they marry.

These elements were extremely condescending toward us "Sectarians," for we expressed the social demands of the workers and the peasants most pointedly and uncompromisingly.

The ex-sergeant, whose spirit of meekness in proposing himself had been in extraordinary contrast to the condescending truculence of other candidates, had been thankfully retained.

Then he required Eliza to tempt him with savory highly-spiced food, or to devise some dainty surprise which would stimulate his jaded fancy and woo him to a condescending patronage.

Therefore, he could well afford to be a little condescending to the young girl who still clung to his hands as if to her only hope of happiness and looked up adoringly into his smiling eyes.

Whether owing to her, or to my aunt, or to both, that a new trial was to be made upon me, I cannot tell, but this morning her Shorey delivered into my hand the following condescending letter.

Tim was courteous and kind, but from the height of his five-and-twenty years a trifle condescending, and indeed he was wishing within himself that "Mum wouldn't fill the house with such kids."

“My dear Captain”—he was retracting his leathery cheeks into a condescending, shark-like smile—“we were not morally obliged to tell you of a possible shortage before you signed the charter-party."

"Personal service, such as waiting on tables, was considered menial, and held in such contempt, in my day, that persons of culture and refinement would suffer hardship before condescending to it."

That he should look me up in my advancement and prosperity, doubtless to beg some favor, seemed plausible enough, and therefore with an air of condescending patronage, I asked what I could do for him.

The majority of the quoted passages are culled from poets who wrote before the rise of the woman’s movement, and the tone of the passages taken as a whole is distinctly supercilious and condescending.

She laughed, but would not yield; she treated his proposition like a spoiled child’s demand for the moon, and, after condescending to tease like a boy, he woke suddenly to the fact of being ridiculous.

After thus drinking to his heart's content, and in his dainty fashion condescending to take a little food, the winged horse began to caper to and fro, and dance, as it were, out of mere idleness and sport.

This is the only commentary I ever heard him make upon any one in Our Square, which in turn completely ignored him until the development of his love affair stimulated our condescending and contemptuous interest.

The South, however, has been "interpreted" so often, either with condescending pity or nauseous sentimentality, that it is the aim of this book to speak simply and carefully amid a babel of unauthentic utterance.

Yet, when identical events happen in the decrepit countries of Eastern, Central, or Southern Europe – they are subjected to heaps of excoriating scorn, to vitriolic diatribes, to condescending preaching, or to sanctions.

They left the lot gate open, no need to close it now, and old Prince followed with subdued mien at their heels; their troubles were his troubles, and, besides, he had rather liked the mule in a condescending sort of way.

Perhaps a curious and condescending fondness for me for a while sprang up in her—as far as that was possible, for, apart from her instinctive heartlessness, she never really accustomed herself to my physical shortcomings.

At these condescending words, I bounded about on the tiles, moving with that agility which distinguishes us; I fell on my paws in that flexible fashion which no other animal knows how to imitate in order to show that I was no child.

The two men, each actuated by different motives, which, however, tended to the same end, had arranged the match between the last Beekman and the first Maynard; and that each secretly fancied himself condescending to the other did not stand in the way.

The form of the commander is before us, bound hand and foot, condescending to no supplication to the mutineers, but calling in vain for assistance from those who would gladly have helped him, but who were overpowered by numbers, or disabled by sickness.

To Him who is "greater than Solomon" —to Him who is "above the sun" —to Him whom it is the divine purpose of the book to highly exalt above all—would I commit this feeblest effort to show that purpose, and, as His condescending grace permits, further it.

In the end he drove the sublime emperor from his capital and into the Outer Lands; with true refinement the annalists of the period explain that the condescending monarch made a journey of inspection among the barbarian tribes on the confines of his Empire.

The sexual protagonists are no longer at the surface but within the most secret recesses of the organism, and they appear to science under the name of Hormones or Internal Secretions, always at work within and never themselves condescending to appear at all.

The subject of the little lady from Belait was a favourite theme of conversation when domestics congregated in the region of the kitchen to gossip and smoke, and criticism was condescending and tolerant because of her good looks, which made their inevitable appeal.

It is still pleasanter to find Synesius telling his friends about the very thin wine and very thick honey of Cyrenaica; making love ( "camouflaged," as they say to-day, under philosophy) to Hypatia, and condescending to mention dogs, horses and hunting now and then.

Yet, while he failed to comprehend these tortuous feline mysteries, he was never contemptuous or condescending; and he presided over the safety of his furry black friend somewhat as a father, loving but intuitive, might superintend the vagaries of a wayward and talented child.

Kant is a comforting exception amid the many teachers of constitutional law who are almost unanimously Macchiavellian in their attitude, and who regard his point of view with contemptuous and condescending leniency because he was an unworldly philosopher, a theorist in politics.

Hereupon he addressed himself to the children, delivering, with tears and deep emotion, a condescending sermon about pious children of the Old and New Testaments, together with some modern examples which he had himself experienced, and finally enjoined upon parents their duties.

They tell also how the holiday season passed with every manner of festivity, and how Dom Manuel got on splendidly with his Princess, and how it appeared to onlookers that for both of them, even for the vaguely condescending boy, love-making proved a very marvelous and dear pursuit.

It struck me that they felt toward us much the same as we would feel toward an army of Russians or Japanese in America: we would rejoice over their coming to our aid, but we would feel rather condescending toward them and surely would not relish the thought of our daughters mingling with them as social equals.