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Contingent Definition

a gathering of persons representative of some larger group;
possible but not certain to occur;

Sentence Examples

The fleet, with the exception of some of the Ionic contingents, fought with courage.

A Massachusetts contingent re-enforced them there, and they prepared to advance.

One contingent included a group from Netscape, the Mountain View, California startup then nearing the end game of its three-year battle with Microsoft for control of the web-browser market.

Stallman points to a member of the golf shirt-wearing contingent.

The composition of that contingent was such as to have a special political significance.

"I'll make an offer contingent on the inspection," she said.

The great mass of the people still held aloof, and neither town nor country sent their contingents to his aid.

It was only from oversight that he allowed his contingent to be the last to pass through.

"We have therefore been sent to beg her Majesty to make up the contingent to the amount originally requested."

He fixed a contingent of men and arms which each tribe was to supply, and failure brought instantaneous punishment.

So evident was this, that in October Henry again advanced, with the contingents of no fewer than twenty-two counties.

The proposed raising of the contingent of recruits by 15, 000 men once more brought up the question of the common army.

Soon afterwards the government decided to call out the reserves and to bring a contingent of Indian troops to the Mediterranean.

The allies brought large contingents and took high pay from the king, but they showed neither energy nor enthusiasm in his cause.

Morgan's plan had been to lie and act as little as possible, and to decide at the time which of three contingent courses to adopt.

On the other hand, the Queen's contingent, now dwindled to about half their original number, had been notoriously unpaid for nearly six months.

But mark that the promise comes after a command, and is contingent, for all its blessedness and power, upon our obedience to the prescribed duty.

Countless contingent difficulties had to be provided for, many of which must necessarily arise, though the exact nature of them could not be anticipated.

With the vessels of his former destroyer group either crippled, destroyed outright, or reassigned to new contingents, his next command remained uncertain.

In December the fleet was ready for sea, together with the contingent furnished by the liberality and patriotism of the merchants and citizens of the great ports.

"No matter," says the principle of contingent relations, "the theorem is true, and the proof is valid whether the elements used in the proof are real or imaginary."

As the States had supplies in their magazines enough to move 12, 000 men, he proposed to draw upon those, reimbursing the States for what was thus consumed by his contingent.

Heading Rhode Island's contingent to join Washington before Boston at the first shock of Revolutionary arms, he was soon made brigadier, the initial step in his rapid promotion.

And, therefore, finding on reflection any particular concrete factor contingent, we abstract the position from that which occupies it, and so reach the speculative notion of the pure Ego.

"I inquired at Shrewsbury, last night, sir; but I heard that no more parties were expected, the contingents from all the counties having joined the king, at Worcester, on the day ordered."

"If this order is not executed within twenty-four hours, the municipality will designate to the commandant of the post the rich egoists who may have refused to furnish their contingent, etc."

They were under an obligation to furnish a contingent to the Roman army for foreign service, but were allowed to maintain garrisons of their own, and their magistrates had the right to call out a militia.

The activities of the group of men that followed Monge were directed toward this end, and we now begin to hear of the great unifying notions of duality, homology, continuity, contingent relations, and the like.