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Use counterproductive in a sentence

Counterproductive Definition

tending to hinder the achievement of a goal.
achieving the opposite to what was desired.

Sentence Examples

It would be counterproductive not to protest against this behavior.

"You are overdoing that which is not very counterproductive."

"Redesigning again would rather be counterproductive."

The nuclear program is "counterproductive and dangerous" for the region.

Pair programming sometimes can be counterproductive?

Some people suggest that micromanaging is counterproductive.

"Now we know what strategies do not work and are even counterproductive."

And pruning the leaf area of indeterminates is counterproductive: to grow hugely, the roots need food from a full complement of leaves.

The government made 'counterproductive' moves by selling country resources to other countries.

The repression was counterproductive.

Adding a lot of stuff in resume can be counterproductive.