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The story is so obscure that it is difficult to form any clear opinion as to its general credibility.

He was the daring criminal—daring beyond all bounds of credibility.

The credibility of miracles is to my mind simply a question of evidence.

John, answering objections raised against the credibility of the miracle.

"There are crimes too detestable for credibility; and this would be such a one."

I expect no credibility.

Lately, it began to lend credibility to countries and to manage crisis situations.

Once you see it, you must remember its worth, its credibility and its readability.

The credibility of the confidences in question each reader must decide for himself.

I mention the above facts merely to show my credibility as a witness on this subject.

It is a constant battle between funds and readability, between wealth and credibility.

These are unlikely phrases to associate with a mere assessment of the credibility of witnesses.

Having run by priests and the Society of Pilar, its credibility and respect always remained consistent.

The jury are the exclusive judges of the evidence, of its weight, and of the credibility of the witnesses.

Lately, it lends credibility to countries and manages crisis situations (though still not very skilfully).

A possibility so bizarre and so terrible that it seemed almost beyond the pale of credibility flashed to my mind.

We recognize the credibility and promise of all these principles, but wonder at the difficulty of their application.

In judging the effectiveness of a remedy or the credibility of a statement, one of the most important weapons was analogy.

How about that truth upon which we fall back as guaranteeing the credibility of other statements—how about our major premise?

Of these early industries we know little but the stray notices of Pausanias, often ambiguous, always of doubtful credibility.

The credibility of a statement also depends not only on the amount of its evidence, but also on its own inherent probability.

The opinion of A contains heresies condemned in the Vatican Council regarding the preambles of faith and the motives of credibility.

These differences are mainly due to differences of opinion among moderns as to the credibility of the ancient accounts of this period.

It is not enough, however, to account for the ultimate major premises, for the unconditioned grounds upon which credibility is assigned.

But what doubts you might raise against the credibility of the psychoanalytic reporter you will see plainly enough upon a later occasion.

There was one Judas among the twelve apostles, but does that invalidate the credibility of the eleven others, who were not liars and cheats?

And the cases gained greatly in credibility by the Turk's obviously true recitation of maturer ideas than his own in the language of seniors.

Science has very generally denied the credibility of tradition, yet tradition has almost invariably proved truer than contemporary scholarship.

To act otherwise is to raise an altogether false issue, the question of evidence is argued when what is really at issue is that of credibility.

By careful observance of the injunction to study constantly the credibility of a writer one may become what may be termed a discriminating student.

They listened with a keen understanding and a rational knowledge of the possibility that what he said was true; but credibility they could not give him.

A thousand rifle-bullets pattering in succession on glass balls jerked in the air would have been past credibility if it had not been witnessed by crowds.

He leaned forward, smiling quietly, his voice impressively subdued, and launched the bolt that was to annihilate the credibility of the story she had told.

You will point out to me that I am again making an assumption, the second in this short discourse, and that I am greatly reducing the credibility of my claim.

Afterwards, the case was reopened, and "evidence was given calculated to throw the gravest doubts on the credibility of the informers" against these five women.

I must, then, give you my authority, and state to you frankly the ground upon which rests the credibility of the strange story which I am, about to lay before you.

But there were incidents in the past which this moment blurred away into the region of dreamland, and which he shrank from the effort of reinvesting with credibility.

Motet has ably illustrated, are but manifest and simple examples of this applicability of normal, criminal, and pathological psychology to the credibility of witnesses.

As a lawyer, I have always been especially interested in the study of the credibility of witnesses, the weight of evidence; and in deducing logical conclusions therefrom.

All other exceptions known to the secular law—minority, heresy, perjury, infamy, complicity, conviction for crime—were disregarded, although they might affect his credibility.

Now, we do not wish to question the general credibility of the Table Talk, nor the authenticity of this particular remark of Luther about his stumbling upon the Bible by accident.

By these and other tests the student should constantly be on the watch to form his opinion of the credibility and reliability of a writer or experimenter whose work he is studying.

The apparent contradiction may affect theories as to the characteristics of inspired books, but it has nothing to do with the credibility of the narratives, or with their value for us.

What was conceivable as happening, in view of the baseness and lewdness of the pair, was noised abroad as having already taken place, and reports possessing some credibility were believed as true.

Her warning lost all credibility in his eyes; he rebelled against receiving it from a man whom he hated, and felt inclined, as Werner had done, to believe that it had been given with some unworthy aim.

Setting aside all minor matters, I shall relate only those of the greatest importance, which are well worthy of commemoration, and those which I have personally seen, or heard of from men of credibility.

It has the faults of his too ready credibility; and his desire to discuss all possible phases of the question, even those which are now manifestly absurd, has led him into what prove to be useless digressions.