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Crossbones Definition

two crossed bones (or a representation of two crossed bones) used as a symbol danger or death

Sentence Examples

Upon the desk are an axe, a whip, a skull, and crossbones.

The flag was black, and in the centre were a white skull and crossbones!

"The only flag they owed any allegiance to was the skull and crossbones."

It is comparable with the skull and crossbones on the back of the death's-head moth.

The man’s right nostril was pierced, and a skull and crossbones branded on his chest.

All went well for two years; and then a notice with skull and crossbones was placed on the gate.

The crossbones, dread emblem of death, decorate her skirt, and a writhing snake crowns her head.

"This is one of the rude efforts to imitate the skull and crossbones of which we find many examples."

Strange old stones they were, of gray slate, etched with forbidding symbols of skulls and crossbones.

He came from the left, across my front; a tall man, with skull and crossbones badge, and on a pale horse.

They've raised the flag of the skull and crossbones and want to make all the rest of the world walk the plank.

The gruesome skulls and crossbones, carved over its gateway, are a dismal reminder of the horrors of that time.

The sign referred to was a skull and crossbones, very neatly, but rather unskilfully, drawn at the top of the paper.

He describes her room with its darkened windows, skulls and crossbones, and lamp lit in front of a mysterious shrine.

I saw, as I glanced at them, what they will look like when they are old men: the skull and crossbones half peeped out.

The vial was empty, but it bore the hideous skull and crossbones, together with the significant legend: "Laudanum—poison."

It was a tall, thin domino who accosted her, entirely black, and with a skull and crossbones embroidered in white upon the breast.

At the bottom of the list he sketched a tombstone bearing a skull and crossbones, and by way of epitaph: "Here lies a drunken dog."

It was formed of patches of diamond shape and most incongruous colours, with a death's head in the centre and crossbones underneath.

Skulls and crossbones, sometimes skeletons or skeleton-like figures, are not uncommon among the sepulchral embellishments of an earlier period.

Strictly speaking, death's heads and crossbones are allegorical, but these must be excepted for their very abundance and their lack of novelty.

The cloak worn by this deity in the third picture shows the crossbones, which would seem to have been an emblem of death among the Maya as among us.

On the outside of Jim’s door some wag once painted a skull and crossbones, one night when Jim was away on a hunt for some of the aforesaid hard cider.

He gave the signal for action, when the enemy struck their red flag and hoisted a black one, on which was a death's-head with a powder-horn and crossbones.

The processions and peacock screamings went on, but there was an end of skulls and little coffins and crossbones knocked together like cymbals as they marched.

You fly the skull and crossbones of Daniel Levy, and it's one of the points that distinguish you from the ruck of money-lenders and put you in a class by yourself.

Three big ships were standing off the coast, and even at that distance they could see that the "Jolly Roger" of a pirate, the skull and crossbones, flew from the masthead of the biggest vessel.

The Pennsylvania Journal dropped its usual heading, and in place of it put an arch with a skull and crossbones underneath, and this motto, "Expiring in the hopes of a resurrection to life again."

Those who were unwilling to lead a quiet life turned regular pirates, mostly hoisting black flags, with some hideous device, such as skulls and crossbones, and attacked all nations indiscriminately.

They were often decorated gruesomely with skull and crossbones, scythes, coffins, and hour-glasses, all-seeing eyes with rakish squints, bow-legged skeletons, and miserable little rosetted winding-sheets.

And to give this a more terrifying and supernatural character, a human skull, representing a death’s head, with a pair of tibia for crossbones underneath, is fixed centrally and prominently against the wall.

Then came some men with silver death's-heads and crossbones on their caps; then hundreds and hundreds of mounted fellows with needle-guns and sabres; then three regiments of infantry, marching in superb time.

We seem to love for their own sake the emblems of time and the great change; and even around country churches you will find a wonderful exhibition of skulls, and crossbones, and noseless angels, and trumpets pealing for the Judgment Day.  

However, the vast number of gravestones carved in relief are, on the whole, creditable, especially if we consider the difficulty which met the workmen in having to avoid giving to their crossbones and other ornaments the appearance of horns growing out of their skulls.

She might have put up the crossbones and skull as a sign at the entrance to her burrow, or even placed there the well-known Dantean legend, "All hope abandon, ye who enter here," neither of which would have been more suggestive than the telltale litter piled up before her door.