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Use crusted in a sentence

Crusted Definition

having a hardened crust as a covering

Sentence Examples

Potatoes must be dug before the ground is crusted with frost.

The leg wound was nasty and crusted over.

I don't reckon it's frozen hard, only crusted.

On no account allow it to become crusted over.

Both were crusted to the shoulders in thick mud.

"I'm not hard, really—only a bit crusted, I think."

At dawn all the bog world is crusted with this dew.

Never allow weeds to grow or ground to become crusted.

He had stepped on an airhole lightly crusted over with snow.

It left behind a crusted trail over which the dogs moved fast.

A table was laden with unwashed dishes, unsavory pots, crusted pans.

The plane taxied over the crusted snow, and took off into the south.

Lynde's she took her way across the crusted fields to Orchard Slope.

The boatman's face was crusted with salt and his eyes were twinkling.

He was aware, also, of the dirt, which scabbed and crusted everything.

Picking up a stone, he knocked away the dirt with which it was crusted.

Never let the soil become crusted, even if there is not a weed in sight.

Meg was rubbing the poor limp hand that was crusted with dirt in her own.

The sand medium becomes crusted, with subsequent interference with aeration.

"Your eyes are all crusted over—I'll need to soak them to soften the crusts."

They are covered with a gummy, grayish-yellow deposit or they may be crusted.

Kit's skin was burned, and crusted by salt and sand where the spray had dried.

The corporal set a brown crusted pie on the counter and poised a knife over it.

Sometimes he would rescue it, crusted as it was with sand and mud and scouring dust.

The moonlight, floating through the casement, crusted the floor with a band of pearl.

He had always known she would have preferred a smaller heart if crusted with diamonds.

"The snow has crusted over, and we won't find it such hard going as it was last night."

It is considerably worn inside, and food has spilled over and crusted part of the outside.

In phantom packs the wolves howled by, trailing the swift moose across the crusted barrens.

The earth is crusted with snow, and the wind from the northwest is piercing our very bones.

Blocks were cut from the surface of the hard crusted snow and packed closely about the body.

A man stood on the threshold, a huge figure crusted with snow, beard and eyebrows ice-matted.

The winter sun shone palely on his brown back still crusted with the earth of his chill home.

His smarting skin was crusted by salt, his clothes had dried stiff, and his muscles were sore.

They could see a brass ring, crusted with verdigris, fastened to a partly-exposed piece of wood.

Bullets sung past their ears, spotted tiny holes in the crusted snow, clipped branches off trees.

The strong breath of winter crusted the snow and fitted crystal shells over the rivers and lakes.

Not a sign of life in the torn-up crusted earth; not a movement between the two long lines of wire.

Luckily for us, the snowbanks were so heavily crusted that they held us up without breaking through.

Neck and neck, they ran over the crusted snow, while the three free dogs romped and raced beside them.

"We saw a deer running very quickly on top of the crusted snow and then stand and watch its backtrail."

Jean broke up the crusted snow with the heel of her overshoe; then buried her feet in the powdery mound.

The early oils crusted on the lamp wicks, their smell was unendurable, and they were given to exploding.

In baking beware opening the oven door until the paste has risen fully and becomes slightly crusted over.

His lips, too, were purple, and his sunken eyes glowed feverishly from a face crusted with dirt and brine.

The sand, so crusted on the surface that it broke into rattling flakes at every step, held undisputed sway.

There was an inlaid ivory door, set in lintel and posts crusted with looking-glass—all apparently old work.

He confessed to her that his ideas were getting modified; a great confession for so crusted a conservative as he.

Hard crusted snow covered the ground, but it was better than walking on the ice and for this Bowser was thankful.

A house is never a home until we have crusted it with the spoils of a hundred lives besides those of our own past.

The earth by this time has become crusted over and must be opened up again; the hauling, too, takes place once more.

As there had been no wind, and the cold had crusted the snow, the tracks left by the two ponies were easily followed.

Two of the men were talking at the gate, one of them carrying a spade in hands still crusted with the soil of graves.

A week later he came puffing across the crusted prairie, not in leggings this time, but in broad-soled Canadian felts.

The deep and soggy snow was crusted over, just thick enough to make walking a genuine difficulty for both dog and Boy.

He taught her to walk on snowshoes, lightly over the surface of the crusted snow, through which otherwise she floundered.

The crusted snow gave way under the heavy tread, the steps of the little porch creaked under the weight of strong bodies.

A coating of ice crusted the beach where the tide rose and fell, and this crackled and snapped as the waves broke upon it.

A Clover-leaf wagon stood in front of a store, the wheels crusted by dry mud, and the team fidgeted amidst a swarm of flies.

There were about three feet of snow on the ground, crusted over from a thaw which had occurred during the first of the month.

And perhaps that, all crusted round with things formal and lifeless, was the living thing at the heart of the world's conservatism.

If you want to keep moisture out of the soil, there is no way of doing it more effectually than by allowing it to become crusted over.

On the fourth night it turned cold, and in the morning the snow was crusted over sufficiently to support a man's weight on the rackets.

The snow was crusted hard, the sky overcast with clouds, and a wind was blowing hard out of the south, and increasing in velocity hourly.

The emerald-green moss clings thickly to the westward or windward side of the crusted trunks, and at their foot what a riot of vegetation!

As she was studying the course, reflecting that the crusted snow would be very fast, Francine came out of the lodge and stood watching her.

Drifted with snow as it was, and that snow crusted, the idea of coasting all the way to the railroad station did not seem so wild a thought.

Away they ran and out upon the lake; now upon the wind-swept ice, now upon the crusted snow; running when they could, sliding when they must.

For answer Kendal caught up a tube of Indian red, squeezed it on the crusted palette, loaded a brush with it, and dashed it across the sketch.

Then the ice-storm had crusted it over, and now it was a beautiful bit of bright color in the midst of the white-and-green-and-blue Christmas.

The soybean does not come up through a crusted surface as well as most other plants, and planting should not be made immediately before a rain.

The snow was piled high on our packs, our rifles were crusted with ice, the leather of our hob-nailed boots was frozen stiff over our lamed feet.

The cottage was of rough grey granite, with a roof crusted with yellow stonecrop that looked as though it had been spilled molten over the slates.

His face was purple and its hue was deepened because it was set off against the snow which crusted his garments after his descent through the drifts.

It was a wonderful though a highly artificial structure, composed of fine old crusted dogmas which no one could prove, but very few dared to dispute.

The height at which many of the tree trunks had been severed showed that the cutting must have been done in winter when the snow was deep and crusted.

We are therefore to consider the ancient world as a society of men in whom natural humanity existed but had been, as it were, crusted or frosted over.

Interiors crusted with the color of gems and mosaics and rich inlay; the Italian renaissance has it; splashed from a palette that knew no stint—no economy.

Out across the narrow space between the closing-in mob and the closed-in foreigners the marchers passed, their feet sinking ankle-deep into the crusted snow.

That night the buckets of water were crusted with ice a full half inch thick, and upon the tops of the mountains which towered so high above us snow had fallen.

Chimney, white with crusted salt; topmasts struck; storm-sails set; rigging all knotted, tangled, wet, and drooping: a gloomier picture it would be hard to look upon.

The two little girls hastened out hand in hand and hurried through Lover's Lane and across the crusted field beyond, for the snow was too deep to go by the shorter wood way.

The windows, grimed and crusted with fifty millennia of dust, filtered in a dim twilight; even the breach in the wall, in the morning shade, lighted only a small patch of floor.

All about us the snow was crusted in shallow terraces, with tracings like ripple-marks at the edges, curly waves that were the actual impression of the stinging lash in the wind.

Shocking in its gigantic size, more so in the concentrated venom of its gaze, it was the flabby, scaly and crusted whiteness of the thing that filled his being with a deadly nausea.

All healthy and vigorous-minded young men are radical of bias; hot-headed, precipitate and intolerant of crusted orthodoxy, keen to demolish old institutions and established methods.

The flaming, golden light flinging violet shadows, vivid as stains of ink along the crusted slopes, dazzled her, caused her to forget the icy wind or, at any rate, to patiently endure it.

I had left my snow-shoes behind me in the hut, and at each step my feet broke through the crusted snow, so that I floundered and fell like a drunken man to choruses of taunts and laughter.

The leaves are all dead on the ground, Save those that the oak is keeping To ravel them one by one And let them go scraping and creeping Out over the crusted snow, When others are sleeping.

Foster leaned quietly against the bridge and did not turn his head, but saw Daly sitting beside the driver; the half-dried mud that was thickly crusted about the car indicated a long journey.

We could see the white crusted salt on the lake, and the pinkish-brown of Lala Baba hill, from which I had watched, three days before, the storming of Chocolate Hill, like a scene in a theater.