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Use cuddle in a sentence

Cuddle Definition

a close and affectionate (and often prolonged) embrace
move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position

Sentence Examples

I have grown out of cuddling.

"Why don't we just cuddle, OK?"

She cuddled him, cooing to him.

Tina cuddled snugly in his arms.

You've cuddled up to the idea that I'm a very astute character who automatically knows about things like this, and it's been a comfort to you.

Fanny cuddled the hand to her cheek.

She cuddled Dolly down against the pillows.

She cuddled down cozily like a drowsy baby.

Full and warm, she was ready to cuddle down.

He nosed her up as he cuddled his flap mike.

Your wee warm body’s good to cuddle after...

Sara whispered, cuddling still closer to him.

Mimi cuddled against the fireman, and relaxed.

I'll not stand by and watch you cuddling that cub!

She stopped crying when she was cuddled or patted.

His knees were all cuddled up into the curve of his arms.

He goes down the back stairs and cuddles behind the furnace.

Susan cuddled her head down on Grandfather’s broad shoulder.

It was cuddled in the ravine as if it had gone to sleep there.

Safe in the care of dear mother bear Cuddle up tight and be still.

Sometimes he would stop eating and cuddle down on Mary's shoulder.

"I wonder if it would be all right for me to cuddle her," he mused.

She held out her arms for her son and cuddled him against her breast.

So why should little Solomon have sat sociably cuddled down beside her?

All the little birds were cuddled together in their nests under the eaves.

He did not know whether it would have been all right to cuddle her or not.

Lucia had merely pushed it to before they had cuddled down in the cushions.

So cuddle up tight for the shadows of night Are creeping o’er meadow and lea.

Constance cuddled her closer, drawing her head into the hollow of her shoulder.

Finally, Tony found a haystack, and the boy and dog cuddled down for the night.

He gave her an amused glance as she cuddled his arm in hers and walked him off.

Enid Barr drew a deep, quivering breath and cuddled Sally’s hand against her cheek.

For a little while she cuddled him there, to "bait him to it," as the woodsmen say.

"You poor motherless little thing," breathed Cordelia, cuddling the baby in her arms.

Also, his father carried something small and dark that cuddled against his left side.

On my hands and knees I crawled under the bed, and cuddled myself in the dark corner.

The hills cuddle in banks of snowy clouds, and above all a pure clear blue sky sweeps.

They sat down at a bench in the rain away from the crowd that was cuddled in the arch.

With a cluck of contentment, he cuddled close to Klyda’s face and curled up for a nap.

She could not turn to cuddle down for fear of waking Madge who had dozed off against her.

She longed to be with them to be kissed and cuddled, and her blue eyes filled with tears.

She put a wet arm about his neck and cuddled her dark, damp curls against his russet mop.

I drifted off and found Lil and her young pals, and we toked a little and cuddled a little.

They cuddled close, their arms around each other, and pressed their faces close to the pane.

After a time, when her pots were simmering, she came to cuddle up in the window beside Lennon.

That other grandchild did not have a grandmother's loving arms into which she could cuddle down.

Why do we kiss and cuddle little children, if not because they are still so delightfully foolish.

Polly Haddon dropped to her knees and put her arms around the three of them, cuddling them hungrily.

Beautiful, seductive Nita Selim, almost cuddling under his arm within three minutes of meeting him—dead!

Then impulsively the child cuddled close to the girl-teacher and looked up with love shining in her eyes.

Nonie gave one long, happy sigh, then, cuddling down under the covers, dropped off into dreamless slumber.

Walter ran forward a few feet and dropped prone on the ground, cuddling the stock of his rifle to his cheek.

She was red-haired by courtesy of the local beauty parlor, cuddling up in a flashy little leopard fur number.

Closer he cuddled to the man’s knee, looking up into the prison-pale face with growing eagerness and interest.

He had jumped from a rock onto the back of a small whale who was fast asleep and cuddled up between two rocks.

Still, I took Lil’s big, scarred hand in mine as soon as she was in reach, then cuddled her to me protectively.

"Now she goes to sleepy-town, sleepy-town, sleepy-town; Cuddled in her little gown, here she goes to sleepy-town."

And with what delight Estella and Christina and the rest cuddle and feed the pretty, chubby, hungry little stranger!

Furthermore, such cuddling gives little evidence of the deeper caring—no matter how ardent the demonstration may be.

Then there’s nothing else to do But cuddle down and rest— Just as little birdies cuddle In their little nest.

Quickly the child ran to her father's side and cuddled close to him, while he tenderly placed a strong arm about her.

All night, through summer heat or summer rain, they slept in the piano-box shack, cuddled into one loving triple heap.

With the rifle cuddled to his shoulder he watched a slim figure come into sight on the lawn, running towards the ridge.

If a woman tries to do something sensible with her life, instead of cuddling and kissing you all day, she's cold and cruel.

They looked so beautiful with their little bulgy bodies cuddled close against each other, that he loved them at first sight.

Ellen's breath came regularly from parted lips—she looked adorable cuddled there, with her red cheeks, like an apple in snow.

"It's something to have you here, anyway," as she cuddled deeper into the wide couch-swing behind the ferns on the wide railing.

The great wolf-dog crept close and, throwing his arm about the animal's neck, the boy cuddled close against the warm shaggy coat.

She tugged at her mother’s arm and cuddled her head against the loving shoulder, just as she had always done in her great moments.

The old patriarch resembled the spoiled child who screams, stamps, cuffs, laughs, kisses, and cuddles within one quarter of an hour.

We saw each other around the office, but there were usually a lot of other people around, which kind of put a crimp in our cuddling.

Her mother had taken Sally’s little lax, cold hands and was cuddling them against her cheeks, bringing a fingertip to her lips occasionally.

If they are pushed too strenuously to produce, a sense of inadequacy may result, especially when they still want to be cuddled and cared for.

She has cuddled herself into an armchair, and, indeed, looks as if a life-long residence in this room is the plan she has laid out for herself.