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Use dandy in a sentence

Definition of dandy:

  • (noun) a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance
  • (noun) a sailing vessel with two masts; a small mizzen is aft of the rudderpost
  • (adjective) very good

Sentence Examples:

A man who is uncommon is either a dandy or a buffoon.

He was rough and unpolished, but he dressed like a dandy.

You see catbirds are something far better than intelligent, musical dandies.

"Never let the dandies call you a prig," said the statesman.

"I hope he isn't a dandy," thought Val, with a moment's misgiving.

By George, that last shot was a dandy for a tenderfoot!

The Egyptian dandies were also not without the highly prized canes.

The table makes a dandy smokestack too, when it's propped up.

He disliked the dandy with a strong predisposition to like the man.

No dandy could have been better turned out than the big Dutchman.

Unlike many of his notorious predecessors and compeers, Blackbeard was no dandy.

That makes me think, I've saved a couple of dandy lariats for you.

Storekeepers, bankers, dandies, chauffeurs, postmen, gardeners, hotel proprietors became merely Frenchmen.

Sure, you saw her coquetting with the young dandy just now.

I know a deep hole where we can get some dandy fat chubs.

As a consequence, the hats of the dandies were doffed to no passers-by.

He was a compound of the dandy, the sophist, and the agitator.

She had, no doubt, been under the thrall of this overdressed dandy.

No Parisian or London dandy set the style for his lovely coat.

And that is the man they call a dandy and a fop!

Quite dignified; wears fine clothes, a diamond ring and a dandy solitaire stud.

Not by dandies and coxcombs: my little girl over there adores her.

Well, looks like that German ain't such a dandy rider after all!

Dandies in white linen, swinging their canes, were beginning their seductive strolls.

And Paul, Phil has done a dandy job with that potash stuff.

The wrinkled-eyed old dandy contemplated her with a ruminative and abstracted stare.

And this sidelight on the character of the dandy gives pause to criticism.

In the afternoon ladies, richly dressed, dandies, and loafers crowded the sidewalks.

How should such a Russian bear be to such a polished western European dandy?

It was as though some tatterdemalion had thrust himself into a gathering of dandies.

"A dandy meeting," was the reply, given enthusiastically, and with boyish vim.

Tim wrote up a dandy story, too, from the data Joan could give him.

He was, however, a prodigious dandy, and wore a lace frill and embroidered waistcoat.

"You're 'fey,' child," she said, as she helped her out of the dandy.

Oh, I could tell you a dandy story of days and nights of lonesomeness.

Not that a dandy is always a gentleman; but an habitual sloven cannot be.

She is a dandy, you see; that is, she carries a small mizzen mast.

Probably it implies some similar reflection to the statement that a dandy is over-dressed.

A French fop or dandy of the time of the Directory; hence, any fop.

Pen, we have seen, was rather a dandy about shirts and haberdashery in general.

They've got three dandy pitchers, and two outfielders who are crackerjacks at batting.

A Georgian dandy is a great sight, and you see them everywhere in the Caucasus.

He was a thin, emaciated-looking dandy, but had all the bearing of a gentleman.

By gad, you've kept your promise for a heart-breaker, you curly-headed, brown-eyed forest dandy!

Is the front appearance that of a dandy while the backyard looks like a slattern?

The dandies went about with uncut hair, unwashed hands, and they practiced fist-fights.

The pink and white tints had long fled from the Parisian dandy's complexion.

Some dandies, with an expression of sullenness on their countenances, were swinging on their heels.

There used to be a dandy lot of cowhands around here, but they're all gone.

Hopping over these interstices we landed, and were carried up the hill in a dandy.

Your label is a dandy, but couldn't you economize in lithographs and buy better pigs?

Yonder were the dandy dragoons, stiff, silent, slim, faultlessly appointed, solemnly puffing cigars.

He was a thin, emaciated-looking dandy, but had all the bearing of the gentleman.

"If we don't have some dandy adventures before we get back call me a doodle bug."

He was a young dandy, and his habiliments, even to his gloves, were entirely yellow.

Our boat was fitted with two masts, a mainmast and a mizzen or dandy mast.

He cracked out a dandy hit well along toward the bleachers out in right field.

We've a dandy team this year, folks, and the boys sure would like some "rooters."

"You have a boy named Sheldon, who is a dandy at running a motor-boat, haven't you?"

I am sick to death of the inanities of the dandies and fops of the town.

I wouldn't gamble a pea-shuck he hasn't quite a dandy bunch of notches on his gun.

You let her gad about, love idleness, be freely courted by dandies; I am quite satisfied.

If the mizzen be stepped abaft the stern-post the vessel becomes a "dandy" or "yawl."

He wore the painstakingly cultivated expression of bored disillusionment your young Brazilian dandy considers aristocratic.

It is the unknown makes strange associates, attracts men to ugly women, slatterns to dandies.

He was quite a dandy with well-pressed trousers, varnished boots, gold-headed cane and single eyeglass.

And a dandy, with a monocle, was, indeed, casting very supercilious glances at the painter.

First, touching Dandies, let us consider, with some scientific strictness, what a Dandy specially is.

Yellow Tommy, the dandy, was preening himself, swinging on the top of a gorse bush.

The other canoeists followed Joe's example, and, setting their "dandies," greatly lessened their labor.

The young lady burst into a ringing laugh, and the mortified dandy reddened with mortification.

He exclaimed expansively, "with fancy towers made out of laths, and a dandy wind vane on it?"

Here's the Mate Paints you to frazzles before everyone; Paints you a dandy clipper while you wait.

You were fine and dandy to me, and I am sorry I was such a rotter at first.

The Venetian dandy, when dressed to his own satisfaction, is the worst-dressed man in the world.

Tall, handsome, and faultlessly clad, he was one of the most celebrated dandies of his day.

Although he affected the dress of the dandies of his time, he was temperate and abstemious.

Cried the girl, laughing; and she quenched the dandy's last words with a deafening crash.

He was livelier than ever, dressed like a dandy, and talked to me condescendingly and always reproachfully.

The servant poured out the tea and took it by mistake to the dandy with the pince-nez.

Four other Coolies man my dandy, and these men are going all the way with me.

To look like an English jockey or postilion, was long the object of fashionable ambition with Parisian dandies.

The young dandies are there with their bamboo sticks, tailor-made clothes and smoking their abominable cigarettes.

Muffs must be remembered, as every dandy carried a muff in winter, some big, others grotesquely small.

Pleasanter it is to turn from the birds of night to the fops and dandies by day.

She stole to the keyhole and thought she recognized the habiliments of her neighbor the dandy.

That sort of affectation is if possible even more disgusting than the painfully elaborate frippery of the dandy.

A dandy or empty swell who makes much ado about pugilism, because he thinks it knowing and stylish.

There were introductions all around, much smart badinage among town dandies, for most of them were here.

Would the foppish young dandy, the handsome, light-hearted gallant, ever gladden the eyes of honest John again?

Better this than dawdling about at the heels of a dandy, or sitting on a wheelbarrow in a mews!

Snow-shoeing will be dandy, and say, we can just about ski down on the crusts, going down.

A score of modern dandies and sentimentalists could ill supply the place of this one honest man.

I was a superb dandy, with the poses of a Sybarite and the smiles of a young sultan.

Now he is a thief, a cowardly braggart, a dandy, and Lazaro has nothing but scorn for him.

These dandies in their cerulean suits can do no mischief now, and I love them for their vivacity.

Your cowboy dandy frequently wears wrought steel spurs, inlaid with silver and gold; price, anything you please.

It is a dandy; the goobers on it are as thick as beads on a strand, and already as big as your thumb.

I can see what looks like an inviting place in the water where we can use those dandy pontoons to advantage.

For the whole tribe of American dandies, with their disfiguring mustaches and imperials, she had a most hearty contempt.